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604 Marquis Huan’s Descendan

Zhang Xianhu slightly raised his eyes and indifferently said, "Li Yunmu, I have no interest in your favor. I only want that black blade; otherwise, a war between us is unavoidable."

Li Yunmu did not show any reaction toward Zhang Xianhu's attitude.

There was no free lunch in the world. Just like the vampires, Zhang Xianhu had to have a reason to run over to assist him against the three transcending powers.

Vampires wanted the corpses of powerhouses, and Zhang Xianhu wanted the black blade. From the beginning, he knew that it was in Blade Master's hands and that Blade Master had certainly refined it. Therefore, Zhang Xianhu had chosen him as his opponent, so as to have a genuine reason to not get Li Yunmu involved!

But he hadn't expected that Blade Master would be ready to renounce his life just to imprison him in the unique blade curtain. This had then given Li Yunmu the chance to interfere!

Li Yunmu slightly raised the corners of his mouth and said with a gloomy expression, "Regardless of whatever your aim is, it doesn't change the fact you assisted me. I will allow you to make the first move. What do you think?"

The system had an unprecedented thirst toward the black blade. It was the first time it had went as far as to infuse him with its energy.

Although Li Yunmu didn't know the reason why Zhang Xianhu had conspired to obtain the blade, he couldn't yield here!

Regardless of what use for the black blade Zhang Xianhu and the system had, it was completely unrelated to Li Yunmu. But when the system promised that he could exchange it for Great Devouring Technique, the black blade became directly involved with his interests!

The red energy slowly congealed behind Zhang Xianhu. In a few breaths, it took the form of a muscular Chinese man!

It had the height close to eight feet, bare upper body, round eyes, well-formed forehead, and was holding a red viper halberd in his hand.

Just a glance at the muscular man's projection made Li Yunmu heart throb loudly as if his guts were about to spill out.

"What tricks do the Chinese have up their sleeves?"

Li Yunmu knitted his brows slightly.

[That bloodline power… This Zhang Xianhu's ancestor definitely isn't an ordinary character, so his people… Forget it, right now isn't the time to teach you about these characters. Just think of this power as analogous to a power used by a sage to protect their descendants. It can take the initiative to attack and nothing more.]

Some vague emotions could be heard in the system's voice, giving the impression that even it was startled by Zhang Xianhu's methods.

The rough explanation caused the suspicion in Li Yunmu's heart to grow even stronger. Who were those people? What gigantic secret was the system trying to conceal that even his present strength was not enough to learn about it?

After the muscular man's projection appeared behind Zhang Xianhu, his complexion became even paler.

After spitting out a breath of impure air, Zhang Xianhu concentrated his gaze on Li Yunmu and said in a heavy voice, "That blade is related to the power of fate of my people. According to what I know, you aren't the successor?"

Power of fate, successor.

Hearing these two strange words from Zhang Xianhu's mouth, Li Yunmu's breathing became ragged. Although Zhang Xianhu hadn't declared his position directly, Li Yunmu could sense that he definitely wasn't going to yield!

Suddenly, a stream of numbers appeared in Li Yunmu's right eye. After a moment, the system squeezed a large amount of data into his brain.

"Shu Han's Marquis Huan Zhang Fei's descendant? So this blade should be Xin Village's Marquis Blade?"

His flat and dull voice caused Zhang Xianhu's eyebrows to jump. He looked at Li Yunmu in a daze, as if someone else stood in his place. The ancient presence surrounding him was even more terrifying than that of some old ancestor.

At that moment, Li Yunmu began to feel like the truth about the world world wasn't as he had heard from others. There seemed to be a terrifying truth hidden below the surface of his world.

And the system's large database contained countless resources, battle skills, and cultivation methods; Li Yunmu had only scratched the tip of the iceberg.


After the bewilderment at the beginning, Zhang Xianhu nodded firmly. "Since you know that the black blade is the Xin Village's Marquis Blade and that I am the descendant of Marquis Huan, then you…"

"Hmph!" Li Yunmu snorted coldly and said, "You should be clear that since I know your identity yet you still have to ask for the blade, that my decision is not in your favor."


Zhang Xianhu's complexion suddenly sank, and the red energy covering his body increased sharply as if to devour Li Yunmu!

However, at this time, the projection of the muscular man behind him took action and stretched his hand to grab Zhang Xianhu's shoulder. After a moment, all the red energy dissipated completely.

At the same time, the muscular projection cupped its hands toward Li Yunmu, and the vibrations created from the dispersal of the red energy surprisingly caused a voice to echo in the area.

"This youngster wasn't sensible and offended senior!"

Shortly after, the muscular man's projection grabbed Zhang Xianhu, and without waiting for the system's reply, it transformed into a scarlet beam that fled into the distance!

The terrifying speed at which it fled was that of an ordinary man who had encountered a vicious animal!

[Go, take that blade and collect it into your heavenly world.]

The system's indifferent voice echoed slowly, as if it wasn't an ancient being that had scared the red energy figure just a moment ago but an insignificant ant.

After Zhang Xianhu was dragged away by the projection of muscular man, Blade Master, who was on the verge of death, lowered his head and completely submitted.

Li Yunmu walked through the air. When passing by Battle Sage Vega and Battle Sage An Jing, he didn't even so much as look at them on his way to Blade Master.

His hand rose, and a blade sliced down, opening a fountain of blood in Blade Master's neck.

Li Yunmu had never shown mercy to his enemies. Even if the Blade Master was weakened to the point that he would die at any second, Li Yunmu had to personally send him to his death!

Who knew whether an existence like Blade Master still had some methods to escape? If he succeeded in leaving, he would certainly grow stronger and in the future might come back to take revenge!

After killing Blade Master in one strike, Li Yunmu made a grab for the blade, and an enormous suction force came from his hand, pulling the black blade into his hand.

The moment Xin Village's Marquis Blade entered his heavenly world, Li Yunmu discovered that it vanished as if it had been completely absorbed by the system.
"As for you both..."

Li Yunmu's gaze fell upon Battle Sage Vega and Battle Sage An Jing.