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601 Throwing Dirt on Li Yunmu

"Blade Master, because you're an old powerhouse of Earth, I respect you."

While saying that, Li Yunmu looked indifferently at the group of fluxers restricting Little Qing, and killing intent suddenly exploded from him.

With a single glance from him, the group of battle sages and domain sages didn't try to act tough and one after another loosened their restrictions on Little Qing.

Upon recovering her freedom, Little Qing transformed into a cyan light and rushed toward Li Yunmu without the slightest hesitation. Her thirty meter long body continuously shrank and gradually twisted into another shape.


A sharp and melodious blade sound could be heard, and a cyan divine blade formed completely. It was the first time it happened on Earth.

Comparing physical strength with Battle God and blade techniques with Blade Master?

What sort of arrogance was this!?

But at that moment, no one dared to say even half a word to Li Yunmu. After all, his combat strength was above all the supreme transcending experts of Earth!

Blade Master anxiously glanced at the other battlefield, but Dennis and his eleven Battle Angels had firmly locked Battle Sage Vega and Battle An Jing in battle. If they didn't possess valiant combat prowess and strength surpassing that of the Battle Angels, they probably would have lost their lives long ago!

After taking a look at the helpless Battle Sages and Domain Sages as well, Blade Master sighed faintly.

Although the battle was really influential, not many people participated in it. Only the three supreme transcending experts and Li Yunmu were fighting hand to hand. The Battle Angels and Zhang Xianhu had showed up as well, but that was it.

The battles between top experts were always like this, just like when they launched an expedition against God Undercurrent. At that time, the enemy hadn't cared about the losses. As long as he could firmly restrain the six supreme transcending experts, he was as good as invincible!

Regardless of how enormous their influence or how terrifying their wealth, as long as any ancient clan's top experts perished and the future generations weren't able to reach their heights, that clan would quickly decline. After all, any power's foundation was its top experts!

Li Yunmu made a group of more than twenty battle sages to retreat with a roar. As for other low level existences, any of them who came forward were killed. Therefore, in a battle between two powers, as long as one side's top experts were victorious, everything would be settled!

War God Shrine was already finished, so next it was time for Bladewood!

"You want battle? I will grant you your wish."

Blade Master shook his head slightly, and with a single thought from him, the black blade controlling Zhang Xianhu withdrew and changed into a blade made of ordinary material.

The next second, flashy blade runes appeared one after another on Blade Master's skin, and his presence began to rise quickly.

The instant Battle God left the battlefield and Li Yunmu clearly displayed his divine power, there was no longer anyone who was optimistic about the chances of the three transcending powers. Even if Blade Master and Battle Sage Vega had other trump cards in their hands, it was unlikely that they would change anything.

Regardless of how many trump cards they had, so what?

If Li Yunmu who cultivated divine power advanced toward them without caring for consequences, how likely would they be to win?

With all said and done, Li Yunmu was at a different level compared to the so-called supreme transcending experts. Even if his cultivation wasn't at the very top, he could still crush the battle sages of Earth!

Li Yunmu lifted the cyan blade in his hand and gloomily said, "If you all hadn't found trouble with me, I wouldn't have found trouble with you either. Unfortunately, you were more greedy than I had imagined."

Blade Master whose blade runes were emitting bright light spoke coldly as well. "The winner takes it all. Li Yunmu, the difference between you and me isn't that great. If you aren't greedy, then do you dare publicly reveal the method to reach deity realm?"

The instant Blade Master's words were spoken, all the pairs of eyes on the battlefield fell on Li Yunmu.

Originally, they were frightened by Li Yunmu's power and didn't dare to covet after his knowledge. After all, even when three transcending powers joined hands, they were stopped outside Lucky Wind City, unable to advance forward.

But Blade Master's words moved the hearts of most of the battle sages. Although they occupied the top ranks of the fifty-fifth earth, but given the present situation, they could not control themselves.

Among the experts in the limelight, almost all of them were from the parallel planes. Twelve humanoid figures with bat wings were restraining Battle Sage Vega and Battle Sage An Jing, and there was also the unheard of Zhang Xianhu who had forced Blade Master into a sorry state!

If even the supreme transcending experts who sat at the top were tempted this much, what could be said about the ordinary battle and domain sages?

Even if they followed their cultivation path to the end, they would only obtain a supreme transcending expert's combat prowess and nothing more. When stunning experts from all sides came out of their hidden cultivation, what would these so-called supreme transcending experts be worth?

One after another, burning hot gazes fell upon Li Yunmu. With his keen senses, he immediately he was being pricked by needles. This sort of sensation made him extremely uncomfortable.

Li Yunmu turned his gaze onto each of the people below. Yet the battle and domain sages lowered their heads. None of them dared to meet eyes with Li Yunmu, let alone open their mouth and say what they were thinking.

After Li Yunmu surveyed his surroundings, a hint of pity appeared in his eyes, and he said with a slight smile, "Greed is the original sin. You all need to look at yourselves in the mirror. You want to obtain the method to turn into a deity, but none of you even dare to open your mouth."

Li Yunmu then stepped forward. Almost like strolling in a park, he advanced toward Blade Master.

"Unfortunately, you won't meet my gaze. As the troops of the so-called transcending powers, you are only sinister dogs. No, in my eyes, you all are even inferior to dogs. The supreme transcending experts wanted something from me, so they at least opened their mouths to talk, but what about you? Do you dare?"

Whilst clearly knowing that Blade Master was only inciting people, wanting the battle sages with wavering emotions to firm their hearts and attack together, Li Yunmu still opened his mouth to mock everyone present on the scene.

This wasn't the smartest move, but it was the most suitable choice for him.

Even if Li Yunmu was more powerful, it would have been impossible for him to slaughter everyone. Blade Master's move to throw mud at Li Yunmu while facing death could be considered as relatively successful.