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600 Stolen Battle God

With Azure Dragon Expert Armor and the strength provided by the system, the strength of Li Yunmu's each punch was close to seven thousand oxen!

The intensity of the punch's power caused almost everyone to feel suffocated; however, even this wasn't his most powerful state. After all, each of his twenty-three shadows, which had the power nearing six thousand oxen after system's reinforcement, could fuse with him!

If one punch with the strength of seven thousand oxen and twenty-three punches of six thousand oxen were combined into one terrifying attack, how frightening would it be?

The flesh of Li Yunmu's right hand swelled, and his veins bulged out, looking like they were about to burst. It was clear that they were about to reach the maximum of what they could accommodate.

If the power they were carrying was increased by even an ox more, the hand would be unable to sustain this sort of power and would instantly shatter into pieces!

Li Yunmu's full strength, of course, wasn't limited to this. However, it surpassed the limit which his body could sustain. It was similar to the time when he had just obtained flame thunder energy and didn't dare to use casually at that time because of the weakness of his flesh!

The wind from his punch tore through space!

Where the wind passed, spatial tears were torn open, and like that, the terrifying pull caused by Battle God's pouncing figure was restricted!

This was absolute power! A power which couldn't be avoided!

Before choosing to receiving Li Yunmu's punch, Battle God still had to choose between being pulled or torn apart by the chaotic space.

Unfortunately, these two difficult questions were not the least bit difficult for Battle God since he had transformed into a crazed devil. His mind could only grasp a single concept—either he killed Li Yunmu first, or he would get killed himself!


A muffled sound of collision echoed. The next instant, Li Yunmu's fist smashed against something, and his attack containing irresistible momentum stopped with a grunting sound!

A close to three-meter tall shield slowly disintegrated from Li Yunmu's power. To have been able to obstruct Li Yunmu's punch, it was definitely not made of ordinary materials, even if its body seemed to have been made of copper.

By the time the large shield's fragments turned into powder from Li Yunmu's punch, Battle God had disappeared without a trace. Yet there was a somewhat rich medicinal smell in the air, which was extremely pungent.

When Li Yunmu had carefully studied Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique, his understanding of medicinal ingredients and herbs might not have reached the level of a great scholar level, but it had definitely reached great master level. In the time he adapted to the pungent smell, he made out the usage of several medicinal ingredients used!

After the Dark Age, humanity had begun to frequently use transfer channels. Although they could complete a long distance journey in a short time, they were extremely unstable. Therefore, many people would be attacked by chaotic spatial streams.

Once they got stuck to a wound, it wouldn't heal in a short time unless the spatial energy was eliminated!

Medicines to fight that had emerged with time, and in the pungent medicinal smell, an ingredient with that effect was present!

Without a conscious thought, a beautiful face floated into Li Yunmu's mind. At that moment, even the other two supreme transcending experts could not assist Battle God, let alone their people.

Yet in a moment, he had completely disappeared. It was clear that no supreme evasion technique was used, since at least Ghostly Evasion couldn't accomplish such a feat. Thus, the only explanation could be that the other party had used spatial evasion!

Entering space together with a supreme transcending expert was a burden which surpassed anyone's imagination, not to mention that Battle God had become a crazed devil. He would definitely not agree with the other party, so anyone who tried to get close to him would become his target!

"Underworld Serpent… Wew… So annoying!"

Li Yunmu shook his head with a bitter smile as his heart filled with helplessness of not having any say in the matter.

Battle God had been on the verge of defeat, forced into dire straits by Li Yunmu, but it wouldn't matter down the line. Underworld Serpent had methods to allow Battle God to break through his bottleneck and successfully become a true deity!

[It's not spatial evasion technique. They are still in the vicinity, but…] the system started to say, but then hesitated. [Let it be, I cannot be greedy. In any case, you will confront each other later anyway. We will talk when the time comes.]

Although with his keen senses, Li Yunmu could sense that the system had dug a hole for him, he had no other options.

Battle God being rescued by someone made some people happy while others grew worried. Among them, the one most anxious was the person restricting Zhang Xianhu—Blade Master. After all, even after transforming into crazed devil, Battle God hadn't been able to suppress Li Yunmu, while now he had completely vanished!

With his hands free, Li Yunmu would certainly get rid of him first!

Although Blade Master's heart was about to break, he didn't dare to relax his stranglehold on Zhang Xianhu. He was very clear that with his strength, if he didn't have his treasure obtained in a great serendipity, both Zhang Xianhu and Li Yunmu could easily kill him!

At that moment, even if he renounced his treasure and just fled, he might still not be able to escape from Li Yunmu!

His only way out was to stake all he had on strangling Zhang Xianhu so he could use his treasure to trap Li Yunmu as well. If the situation on Battle Sage Vega's side improved during that time, they might still be able to achieve victory in the day's battle!

Li Yunmu lightly snapped his fingers, and the projection of an intense sun arose behind him.

Whether it was because it was too close or the oppressive pressure coming from Li Yunmu was too great, the fluxers standing in the battlefield felt like the projection of the sun was more powerful than the genuine sun in the sky!

However, Li Yunmu still wasn't finished. With a crackle, a thunderbolt exploded on the intense sun, and a thunder dragon could be vaguely seen moving about its surface!

This youngster dealt with Battle God without using his trump card?

Battle Sage Vega, Battle Sage An Jin, and Blade Master felt their breaths stop. They did not dare to look at the projection of the intense sun behind Li Yunmu.

Given their experience, they could see that it was something which they all craved—divine power!

With the system's assistance, Li Yunmu's cultivation might have reached half step deity level, but he still couldn't utilize divine power. When facing an opponent like Battle God, he was clear in his heart that two battle gods couldn't exist in one world. Thus, one of them had to die!

As an expert in body tempering techniques, Li Yunmu had the highest respect for him and chose to fight him head on!
His plan had been to defeat Battle God in the field in which the supreme transcending expert prided himself!