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599 Shadows“ Punch

Battle God, who had transformed into a crazed devil, suddenly raised the corners of his lips into a sinister smile before even seeing the result of the clash. The next moment, the crescent moon halberd in his hand transformed into a ray of light and rushed toward Li Yunmu.

Although the clash of the blade energies hadn't caused any heaven-shaking disasters, the formidable illumination produced by the collision of the two terrifying powers blinded Li Yunmu for a short period of time.

As for Battle God, he didn't need reason or senses given his current state. He only had one thought, and it was to kill everyone!

What was there to say about loss of sight when even if he lost all his senses, he would use his full power to attack the last known location of the enemy!

Li Yunmu, however, wasn't as decisive as Battle God. He had apprehensions, and after losing he lost his sight, he didn't dare to casually attack for the fear of falling into Battle God's pace!

Li Yunmu could have never guessed that Battle God who had transformed into a crazed devil would surprisingly be mad enough to lose hold of his own weapon just to inflict a serious injury on him!


Suddenly, all the hair on Li Yunmu's body stood up, and without any hesitation, he unleashed his perfect defense for the second time!

The crescent moon halberd suddenly appeared in the empty sky and pierced towards the image of the golden bell floating at Li Yunmu's side. After this, it lost all its power and kinetic energy, which resulted in it falling to the ground!

By the time Li Yunmu stopped Battle God's halberd, most of his sight had restored. At least he could vaguely see Battle God's location, and he raised his hand and wiped away the cold sweat which covered his forehead.

If not for the heightened combat instincts cultivated by him through constant battle, Battle God's halberd probably would have penetrated his tyrannical flesh!


The moment Battle God discovered that Li Yunmu hadn't died, he howled furiously and pounced on him empty-handed!

Li Yunmu was also furious to the extreme. He raised the cyan-coloured dragon-headed blade and without the slightest thought of mercy gripped its hilt with both hands before turning in Battle God's direction. If Battle God still had his reason, he would definitely not try to forcefully rush into such a situation.

Even if Li Yunmu couldn't use the defense with explosive offense which had stopped his attacks the previous two times, Battle God would just be getting injured in exchange for injuring Li Yunmu. As for the comparison between fist and blade, it was quite obvious which would cause more damage!

But Battle God at that moment didn't possess the intellect to process such facts. The only thought in his mind was to rush forth and ruthlessly tear apart Li Yunmu's brain!

The cyan-coloured dragon-headed battle blade easily drew a long bloody line through Battle God's chest when Li Yunmu's strength exploded forth. Even if he couldn't make it really deep, he could still ensure that the wound on Battle God's chest wouldn't heal quickly!

The two conflicting energy engaged in a fierce struggle on Battle God's chest. If it had been anyone else in his place—even Li Yunmu—they wouldn't think about continuing this battle of attrition under this sort of suffering. They would rather retreat temporarily and wait for a better opportunity before attacking again!

But Li Yunmu underestimated Battle God who had transformed into crazed devil!


A muffled sound of physical bodies colliding echoed, and Li Yunmu's lanky body was blown away.

A ruthless palm print slowly appeared on his face, and blood flowed out from his nose and the corner of mouth. Clearly, Battle God was not only unafraid of death, but also didn't think about the burden on his body. Each of his attacks was extremely lethal!

Yet as long as Li Yunmu could endure them, Battle God would tire himself to death without anyone's help!

"You madman!" Li Yunmu furiously cursed and prepared to adjust his body to take the initiative to attack Battle God.

However, Battle God didn't give him the time. The crazed man appeared by Li Yunmu's side and ruthlessly punched him again!


On this collision, there was an extra sound of something being torn open!

As the master of Azure Dragon Expert Armoor, Li Yunmu could clearly sense that his helmet had surprisingly shattered from Battle God's two punches. But with Li Yunmu's flux energy, this degree of damage could be quickly restored.

But this also clearly illustrated the might of Battle God's punch. It has to be known that the main attribute of Azure Dragon Expert Armor was defense!

This showed why when the four Barbarian Kings had offered him Hegemonic Supreme Battlesuit in exchange for Battle Barbarian Deity Suit, Battle God hadn't agreed. After all, his the strength of his flesh had already greatly surpassed the strength of barbarians.

Thus, Battle Barbarian Supreme Battlesuit which reinforced his strength was the most suitable for him!

Fortunately, Battle God didn't have the Battle Barbarian Supreme Battlesuit at that moment, or Li Yunmu wasn't certain he would have been able to resist the might of his punches.

But even so, Li Yunmu had become absent-minded for a short time because of the two punches. Even the cyan-colored dragon-headed blade silently fell to the ground. Soon, it changed back into its original body of the cyan-colored great snake!

The thirty meter long body was instantly restrained by a group of battle sages and domain sages. But at that moment, not one of them dared to try and kill Little Qing. While the winner and the loser of the battle in the sky hadn't been decided, they didn't dare predict the victory of their side!

Sow karma today and reap the rewards later!

The peak powerhouses restraining Little Qing took away Li Yunmu's weapon and provided great assistance to Battle God, but they didn't dare to kill Little Qing and thoroughly offend Li Yunmu whose combat strength was off the charts!

At that moment, regardless of whether it were the ordinary fluxers, who were paying close attention to the battles, or the supreme transcending experts, who were fighting with their full strength, none of them noticed the twenty-three mysterious quasi deities of Lucky Wind City slowly disappear one by one!

After the twenty-three shadows returned, Li Yunmu's consciousness cleared up, and he regained his damaged confidence!

His eyes shifted slightly and almost instantly locked on Battle God pouncing at him again. The reinforced strength of Azure Dragon Expert Armor rotated to the extreme, and with the power provided by the system, nearly seven thousand oxen power began to flow through his body!


In order to release the intense emotion from the terrifying power moving through him, Li Yunmu unleashed a terrifying punch with a loud howl!