Shadow Hack
598 Battle Devil Descends
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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598 Battle Devil Descends

Li Yunmu's eyebrows jumped, and he turned around with a wooden expression. "Battle God, could it be that you want to break your own principal and raise a hand against the weak? Don't tell me that I, Li Yunmu, have frightened you to this extent?" he asked in a gloomy voice.

Li Yunmu had no option but to get serious against Battle God's threat.

The eleven battle angels could trap Battle Sage An Jing, but they could definitely not trap Battle God. Also, there might not be much of a disparity between Li Yunmu's strength and that of his shadows, but without the system reinforcing them, they weren't strong enough. Although they wouldn't be instantly killed, they absolutely wouldn't be able to stop Battle God either!

A supreme transcending expert wishing to slaughter a city was a completely absurd thought.

Li Yunmu's shadows were like the battle angels surrounding Battle Sage An Jing. They could stop her, but if the opponent wanted to cause a massacre in Lucky Wind City even at the cost of serious injury, there would be no protecting the weak.

Not to mention that Battle God wasn't on the same level as Battle Sage An Jing. Li Yunmu was convinced that twenty-three shadows together with quasi deities reinforcing the spell formations could prevent Battle Sage An Jing from entering in an instant, but if it was Battle God in her place, Li Yunmu didn't had the least bit of confidence!

Battle God brandished the crescent moon halberd and spoke with a malevolent expression. "Li Yunmu, everything is because you encountered me! I will give you two choices now: either you turn around and face me, who is willing to engage in slaughter, or renounce the lives in Lucky Wind City and kill Blade Master!"

"Battle Devil descend!"

After a ruthless roar, Battle God, who was covered in battle armor, was almost instantly swallowed by black mist.

By the time it dispersed, Battle God appeared in front of everyone once more. He didn't seem that different, but his eyes which were originally black and white had turned scarlet!

Incredible viciousness and ruthlessness spread out from his body.

Li Yunmu's heart tightened slightly. From the time the black mist dispersed, he couldn't sense the slightest hint of reason in Battle God. There was only the viciousness which had almost materialized as well as boundless desire to massacre!

This situation could be said to be extremely familiar to Li Yunmu!

Back in the Seventh Dimension, when he had used the fiendish energy to shoot arrows, boundless negative emotions had filled his heart, incessantly corrupting his mind.

If not for the a powerful existence like God Undercurrent or the system taking the control of his body at the perfect time, he would have turned into a devil god. He would roam through the Seventh Dimension and engage in massacre to his heart's content!

Compared to Li Yunmu who couldn't avoid it, Battle God took the initiative to fall into this situation. Moreover, his target was Lucky Wind City!


Li Yunmu cursed in rage. He had no other option but to abandon Blade Master who was within his reach and turn around to face Battle God!

Joy spread through Blade Master's face, and the despair which had originally filled his heart slowly dissipated. He once again regained full control of the blade curtain. Endless blade reflections rushed at Zhang Xianhu who had just caught a few breaths!

A reasonable and calm-headed Battle God had no way to resist Li Yunmu, let alone speak of a Battle God who had sunken into madness and only desired to slaughter.

Blade Master's killing intent toward Zhang Xianhu rose by another level at that moment. After all, if he couldn't get rid of him in a short time, then how would he be able to resist Li Yunmu after he had settled with Battle God?

"You will regret this!" Zhang Xianhu stated coldly before he was once again covered by the blade curtain.

His intimidating tone and ice cold eyes brought dread to Blade Master who strode through the path of hegemony.

What sort of existence was Blade Master?

He was one of the paramount existences in the Fifty-Fifth Earth. Regardless of how many times the supreme transcending experts changed, Blade Master had been firmly settled as one of the six since the very start. He even possessed treasures which were coveted by the system.

But this sort of existence was first frightened by Li Yunmu almost to the point of leaving the battlefield, and shortly afterwards, he was again intimidated by Zhang Xianhu's threat!

The repeated changes in the situation of the battle forced almost all the powers hidden in the surroundings to retreat.

They didn't have any first rate experts like Zhang Xianhu or Li Yunmu, didn't possess countless resources like the three transcending powers, nor were unafraid of dying like the Fox Clan!

They had gathered only to see if they could take advantage of the situation and get something for themselves. But once they saw both sides take out their trump cards one after another, they realized how unrealistic their dream had been.

With more and more tricks being used by both sides, the majority of powers keenly sensed one fact—this beach's muddy waters shouldn't be disturbed!

Li Yunmu had been paying attention to the hidden powers in the surroundings from the start. Only after he sensed their intention to retreat did he shift his full focus on Battle God. After all, this was his home ground in which he couldn't tolerate any accidents.

Battle God was dragging the crescent moon halberd with his hand firmly grasping the hilt side of the spear as if it wasn't a halberd but a sharp battle blade which hadn't been revealed yet!

As a seasoned warrior, Battle God was proficient with all sorts of weapons to a frightening degree!

Two low pitched roars came from both Li Yunmu and Battle God.

Blade energy!

Battle God, who was in the crazy devil state, surprisingly used the crescent moon halberd send forth blade energy. It has to be known that because of the limitation of a weapon, if anyone else had used the crescent moon halberd in the same manner as Battle God, they could have only scattered halberd parts over the whole sky!

At that moment, by using the crescent moon halberd to release blade energy, Battle God showed that he had already broken through the limitation of the weapon. It was clear that under the crazed devil state, Battle God's combat instincts eached a completely new realm!

Heavenly Blade and Pull Blade Cho were used without holding anything back, but this time, Li Yunmu seemed to have completely exhausted his luck. Heavenly Blade didn't trigger the reinforcement of the golden dragon, and the blade energy wasn't as rich as the previous time!

But with the reinforcement of the system, Li Yunmu had the cultivation of the half step deity realm. In theoretical terms, he was still more formidable than Battle God. The blade energy from his attack could not be compared to the previous time!


The sound of a bubble bursting echoed, and the two blade energies canceled each other out without any heaven-shaking movement.

The instant the two incomparably terrifying blade energies collided, there wasn't even any deadlock—they just forcibly cancelled each other! Both fighters shared the same amount of limelight in this strike!

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