Shadow Hack
597 An Jing Appears
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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597 An Jing Appears

Li Yunmu focused on the blade curtain formed after the black blade had split up and subconsciously massaged his neck.

Zhang Xianhu was an existence whose body couldn't hold in his formidable power. His flesh was probably not inferior to that of Li Yunmu without Azure Dragon Expert Armor's reinforcement!

Yet if he was able to forcibly rush past the blade curtain by relying on his tyrannical flesh, he would have done that a long time ago.

When faced with such a terrifying power, Li Yunmu considered the system's words to use his hands as a harmless joke.

After pondering over it for a moment, he shifted his gaze to Blade Master and sneered. "Blade Master, your methods are quite troublesome, but while distracted by controlling this blade curtain, I wonder how many strikes of mine can you endure?"

After hearing Li Yunmu's sinister words, Blade Master, who had been focused on controlling the blade curtain, almost jumped out pf his skin and began to curse.

Whether for good or bad, you are an expert who could force Battle God to retreat, and now you want to attack a person who doesn't have the power to retaliate? Do you still have any care for your face?

"An Jing! Stop this youngster!"

While trading blows with Dennis, Battle Sage Vega clenched her teeth and summoned her other persona—Battle Sage An Jing!

The senior who had previously appeared as someone from the hidden Li Sect showed up at that moment, and everyone caught their breath. Even Blade Master and Battle God turned to Battle Sage Vega with incredulity in their eyes.

For the first time, the protector of the Central Continent and a person with neither desire nor greed had revealed her trump card in front of everyone!

The number of supreme transcending experts had increased by one!

The fluxers of the three factions couldn't help but raise their brows in joy, thinking in their hearts, Li Yunmu, a youngster like you wanted to fight against two experts, so see how easily is your wish fulfilled.

The summoning of Battle Sage An Jing had yet to complete when Battle Sage Vega closed and then opened her lily white hands. Two sickle type weapons immediately appeared within them.

With this, she revealed her trump card to contend for supremacy with other supreme transcending experts!

"Hmph." Li Yunmu raised his eyebrows in disdain and said with a gloomy expression, "Battle Sage An Jing, you won't be able to stop me. I don't think that with your strength, you can stop the twenty-three existences whose strength is only slightly lower than mine!"

With her whole body covered in pitch black Twin Star Supreme Battlesuit, Battle Sage An Jing sneered at him and indifferently said, "Li Yunmu, I am not Vega; she still has a merciful heart toward the weak. I don't have any such apprehensions, so if your followers attack me, I will slaughter the entire Lucky Wind City!"

If Battle Sage Vega was considered a sage in the old meaning of the word which meant a wise person, then Battle Sage An Jing was the complete opposite. She was a thoroughly vicious person.

They canceled each other's power when in one body, but if they were separated, every persona would display their true nature!

As Battle Sage An Jing finished speaking, Li Yunmu's twenty-three shadows entered caution mode and focused their gazes on the beautiful face of Battle Sage An Jing as if facing their mortal enemy!

Compared to other supreme transcending experts, Li Yunmu's strength could be seen as unrivalled. But there was one problem with that—he had a weakness!

Regardless of whether it was Battle God or Battle Sage Vega, all of them considered their subordinates and disciples as chess pieces. If everything was fine, they would put all of their resources to cultivate them, but if necessary, they would discard them without a second thought!

But Li Yunmu was different. He wasn't going to sacrifice everything for the method to reach the deity realm. He cared for his family, friends, and followers, so Battle Sage An Jing's threat struck at his weakness, making it difficult for him to breath!

When he had stepped onto the path of cultivation, his main reason for it was to allow his family to live their days happily. If everyone he cared about died, what meaning would his strength hold?

Li Yunmu didn't dare to even imagine the solitude!

If he hadn't cared about Lucky Wind City, he wouldn't have had any reason to separate the shadows from himself. With his strength increased twenty-three times, how formidable would he become?

If he had used his full strength from the beginning, the strike he had landed against Battle God would have more than just pushed him away. Even if he didn't dare to claim that he could have killed Battle God, but seriously injuring him to the point he would lose all his combat effectiveness for a period of time was almost a certainty.

At that moment, Dennis, who had been engaged in combat with Battle Sage Vega, took a step back and yelled, "Your distinguished self Li Yunmu, I say, you are our Fox Clan's best and irreplaceable friend, so if you have any problems, feel free to ask for help!"

After Dennis' words, the eleven battle angels who were originally defending the castle spread their wings and quickly encircled Battle Sage An Jing.

Vampires weren't afraid of being massacred. As long as their blood pool had enough strength, any vampire part of the clan could reborn. Therefore, Dennis didn't hesitate to help Li Yunmu kill Blade Master!

Leaving aside the fact that Blade Master's corpse would provide a large amount of energy to the blood pool, his death would pull open the curtain of war in which presently only the supreme experts were participating. The armies would instantly erupt in a large scale battle which would only finish when one side was completely obliterated!

Formidable flesh could quickly increase the strength of a clan. This was why the scene before Lucky Wind City was so beautiful to Dennis he could not put it into words. There was danger in battle, but it was a gamble taken for the future of Fox Clan!

The eleven Battle Angels crowded around Battle Sage An Jing, which caused Blade Master to sink into despair. He didn't dare to believe that Battle Sage Vega could split her body again to bring out another supreme transcending expert. And ordinary battle sage would be unable to break the defense of Li Yunmu's followers!

It was a hopeless situation!

The sensation of dread rose in the heart of the hegemonic Blade Master!

Due to its influence, the blade curtain which was originally very tight began to show faint cracks. Any person with good eyesight could see a tall and sturdy silhouette filled with scars sitting cross-legged behind it!

After seeing the figure completely covered in blood, many people subconsciously gulped down their saliva. The disparity in their combat strength terrified them. If they had been placed within such a blade curtain, they would have been instantly sliced into pieces. None of them would have been able to last for this long!

Li Yunmu grinned and nodded toward Dennis for his goodwill before moving toward Blade Master in large strides!

"Li Yunmu! Your followers are ferocious, but they won't be able to stop me!" Battle God bellowed furiously.

Upon hearing those words, Li Yunmu was forced to restrain his killing intent.
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