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596 Blade Master“s Blade

When he saw the constantly moving golden dragon in the golden bell which appeared to have devoured something delicious, Battle God felt like he had gone stupid.

As the master of the War God Shrine of the Central Continent and as one of the six supreme transcending masters who wasn't shaken even by thunder, he had seen countless opponents and cultivation methods. Yet he had never seen a defense cultivation method which was as strange and as monstrous as the one which Li Yunmu cultivated!

Even with 40% of power from a peak quasi deity level expert, the golden bell could only be slightly penetrated?

Battle God wasn't so stupid as to believe that Li Yunmu was only a greenhorn with an outstanding cultivation method. Since he was a person who had returned from the Origin World, it could be said that the strength of his flesh would be unmatchable from that alone, let alone now that he had reinforced it with Azure Dragon Expert Armour!


A high pitched dragon's roar suddenly rose from Li Yunmu's cyan dragon-headed blade.

The next instant, he raised the weapon with both hands and sent out golden blade energies. There were so many of them they filled up Battle God's whole field of vision. Given his level, however, he could naturally ignore the gaudy blade energies and instantly discern which was the truly dangerous one.

It wasn't unexpected that the five-clawed divine dragon was spiraling around it. Although it didn't add to the offense of the energy attack, Battle God had just faced it when he traded blows with Li Yunmu. From it, he well understood how the golden dragon transformed the blade energy attack into one that was extremely hard to defend against!

Only when Li Yunmu slice down with his blade did Battle God completely understand the meaning behind the youth's previous sneer. At that moment, he realized that he was mistaken when he thought that Li Yunmu had taken out Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit to resist his 40% power attack!

The truth was very far away from that. Li Yunmu hadn't cared about his attack and had summoned Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit only to reinforce his own power and launch his counterattack!

Battle God's terror stemmed from the fact that because of his previous attack, 40% of his strength had been lost, and he was still in the process of recovering it. In addition to the fact that he couldn't stop Li Yunmu from summoning Azure Dragon Deity Battlesuit, it could be said that the initiative of the battle was all in Li Yunmu's hands!

He had to resist just one strike!

"Just one attack and nothing more? You look down on me too much!"

Battle God narrowed his eyes and lifted the crescent moon halberd. Inexhaustible flux energy like a powerful tsunami then rushed toward the golden dragon blade attack unleashed by Li Yunmu.


When the golden dragon blade energy and the powerful tide of flux energy collided, an enormous explosion occurred.

Yet in a single breath's time, the powerful current of flux energy coming from Battle God was obliterated by Li Yunmu's golden dragon blade. The next second, that blade energy slammed heavily against Battle God's body.

He circulated his flux energy to try and resist the terrifying momentum of the attack as bitterness appeared on his face.

When Li Yunmu had descended to the Origin World with the assistance of Battle Sage Vega, he hadn't been weak, but he had been nothing more than an ant in the eyes of Battle God. Then, in the Seventh Dimension, he might have stunned Battle God, but he hadn't been worthy of taking a full strength attack.

Now that they had met again after Li Yunmu had barely recuperated from his injuries, Battle God was unable to wait to kill his way through Lucky Wind City. The potential of the figure silently attacking him from up in the air was extremely formidable!

Even if Battle God hadn't said anything, he had still been somewhat terrified in his heart. He was afraid that if he gave Li Yunmu more time, the youth would become so strong that they could no longer stand on the same level!

But he hadn't expected that when they met again, he would surprisingly be unable to do anything about Li Yunmu's blade energy while the youth would easily resist an attack with close to 40% of his power!

But outside of anyone's expectations, when Li Yunmu's blade energy struck Battle God, he didn't feel any pain of being torn apart.

He only felt like someone had heavily kicked his stomach. Although a wave of pain rushed through his stomach, he didn't sustain any serious injuries. He was simply sent flying by the terrifying force of impact!

Li Yunmu, who was clad in Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit, had used a full strength attack in order to force him to retreat?

Once this thought appeared in Battle God's mind, his pair of black and white eyes suddenly narrowed. He then understood that from the beginning, he hadn't been Li Yunmu's target!

Sure enough, Li Yunmu rushed forward with extreme speed in the direction of Zhang Xianhu's location!

"Get lost!" he roared violently.

The terrifying sound waves filled with flux energy and fiendish energy almost caused the space to distort. Twenty-something battle sages who were trying to obstruct Li Yunmu's path were forced to retreat. All of them spit out arrows of blood!

With the system reinforcing Li Yunmu, his roar's might was this terrifying!

His aim was to rescue Zhang Xianhu who had been fighting against Blade Master. However, at this moment, the latter was empty. Zhang Xianhu's combat strength was extremely terrifying, so Blade Master had used his most formidable deadly move!

It was the mysterious weapon which was considered as a must-acquire by the system. Yet even people like Battle God didn't have means to take it!

At that moment, even Zhang Xianhu could slaughter Blade Master if he broke through the blade's blockade, let alone Li Yunmu. Blade Master right then was no different from a fowl or a chicken.

Even with Li Yunmu's intentions being crystal clear, the troops led by the three supreme transcending experts felt a wave of powerlessness wash over their bodies. After all, Li Yunmu's one roar had forced the twenty-something battle sages to retreat. Of the people present on the scene, probably only Battle Sage Vega could stop him!

However, her condition wasn't very good. Although Dennis didn't have any means to endanger her life, his terrifying speed and regeneration gave her no time to catch her breath. She was forced into a high speed combat!

Battle God was too far away and Battle Sage Vega was powerless to help… so who could provide assistance?

"System, how should I collect that blade?"

The corners of Li Yunmu's mouth were raised slightly as if the general picture was already clear.

In the reality, the outcome could easily be guessed. At the very least, Li Yunmu didn't think that anyone could stop him after the reinforcement of the system. Even if God Undercurrent was resurrected, Li Yunmu would have the guts to fight him!

Naturally whether he won or not, that couldn't be said. 

[Use hands, what else? I have exhausted all my strength, so what comes next depends on you,] the system answered in a somewhat tired voice .

After an instant though, it dropped another heavy bomb in his mind. [If I can successfully devour that black blade, it will be extremely beneficial for both you and me. Moreover…I will also give you a chance to obtain the Great Devouring Technique!]