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595 Absolute Defense


Suddenly, Li Yunmu, who was trying to find the tracks of Battle God, felt a wave of ineffable power burst forth from his body.

It was extremely unfamiliar to him and wasn't related to any of the cultivation methods he cultivated. Even the most recently obtained Fiend Origin was far from being comparable to this energy in terms of strength. Instantly, Li Yunmu felt his flux energy strength swell greatly!

If it was said that previously Li Yunmu's flux energy strength could match late sage flux experts, then presently, he possessed the power of half a step in deity realm, which was unrivalled!

[That blade! Obtain it! You must obtain it!]

The anxious system in Li Yunmu's mind sounded like a man who had eaten an aphrodisiac and noticed a beautiful woman.

Although the system no longer intended to continue pretending to have an indifferent attitude in front of Li Yunmu, it had never shown such huge fluctuation in its mood. It even took the initiative to pour its own power into him to increase his strength temporarily!

The blade taken out by the Blade Master had instantly trapped a powerful existence like Zhang Xianhu, so it was naturally far from ordinary.

But Li Yunmu's evaluation of that blade's worth was only so-so. Now that he had Little Qing, it could be said that he possessed a walking armory. Moreover, it would mature with time. As long as Little Qing became more formidable, the weapons it would morph into would also become more powerful!

Therefore, although Li Yunmu gasped in surprise over the power of the black blade, it didn't arise any interest in him.

But upon noticing the system's anxious attitude, he could make a rough guess about its origins. After all, although he had obtained many items manufactured in the Dark Age, few of them had obtained a high assessment from the system.

A black blade type weapon which wasn't the main weapon of Blade Master yet could cause the system to become excited to this degree could only have one origin—the time before the Dark Age!

Regarding the civilization before the Dark Age, the majority of people weren't clear about it, let alone someone like Li Yunmu. After all, the many civilizations of that era weren't connected to each other, so their inheritances hadn't survived. Although humanity's growth hadn't decreased, the civilizations of that era had almost completely vanished!

For instance, the civilization which was closest to the Dark Age had reached the peak in science and technology. Relying on all sorts of advanced instruments and machines, humans could overcome the inconveniences of the innate limitations of their body and complete all sorts of unfathomable feats!

But the technological civilization was had no knowledge about the previous cold weapons civilization. The inheritances of almost all the famed martial arts were lost, with only a few remaining in some novels.

Before the cold weapons civilization was the bronze civilization, stone age, and even the ancient cultivation which was mostly a myth. Moreover, all sorts of things found by the science and technology civilization only proved that the legend was just that, a legend.

But if the cultivation civilization was only a legend, how did people like Li Yunmu who could walk in the air, move mountains, and turn the oceans do this as well as all sorts of other strange things? Yet if in the future the civilization again focused on science and technology civilization, wouldn't everything change again?

People like Li Yunmu who were made of blood and flesh would become known as characters fabricated in the legends!


Li Yunmu' brows jumped lightly, and he turned around.

Battle God had surprisingly managed to reach his back, and the crescent moon halberd in his hand, which was continuously receiving his flux energy, had stored enough for its next attack!

But in reality, Battle God's luck on that day couldn't be considered good. If it was before Li Yunmu had received the systems' energy, he would have only been able to respond the instant when Battle God attacked.

But after receiving the system's energy, he discovered Battle God when he was only halfway through getting close.

"Hah!" Battle God bellowed, and without the slightest hesitation, he thrusted the crescent moon halberd in his hand!

His rich combat experience told him that even if Li Yunmu was confident in his defense, he would still have to clench his teeth to resist such a strike. Furthermore, since he had already been discovered, he definitely couldn't stay in one place!

He could gambled and hope that Li Yunmu planned to receive his strike and so continue storing the energy in his crescent moon halberd until he was sure that he could insta kill Li Yunmu!

But by that time, Li Yunmu might have already fled far into the distance!

Therefore, Battle God didn't choose to gamble. The instant Li Yunmu turned around, the crescent moon halberd ruthlessly struck toward him. Terrifying flux energy congealed at the tip and quickly rushed towards Li Yunmu's chest.

Although the thrust didn't contain Battle God's full strength, it had sufficient power to kill Li Yunmu, so he didn't dare to take it directly with his body. The cyan-coloured heavenly flames ignited over his whole body as the Azure Dragon Expert Armor covered him!

When Battle God noticed that Li Yunmu didn't intend to evade, a sneer appeared on his face, and he coldly said, "If you only have this little bit of strength, you will die here. Just by relying on the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, you cannot resist my attack, or else I wouldn't be worthy of my name, Battle God!"


A disdainful laugh came from Li Yunmu's mouth.

Soon after, the flux energy in his body congealed into a golden bell which sometimes appeared see-through and sometimes took material form. A golden dragon which seemingly couldn't contain its rage was wandering within it, apparently wanting to break the golden bell restricting it!

When Li Yunmu used Azure Dragon Expert Armor, the new property born from Admiralty Cover, Perfect Defense, was also instantly unleashed. Terrifying pressure rushed from his body to oppress Battle God, and for an instant, an illusion of Li Yunmu using a butcher blade to slaughter chickens could be seen!

The tip of the halberd pushed through the golden bell, able to penetrate it slightly, but then Battle God discovered that his crescent moon halberd was unable to go farther. Without any other option, he could only put on a bold face and explode the energy congealed at the tip of the blade!

Terrifying flux energy exploded forth, but it wasn't able to injure Li Yunmu. Even the illusionary golden bell didn't dissipate. This was because before Battle God's energy had completely unleashed, the golden dragon had pounced on it and devoured it!