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594 Cannot Exist Under the Same Sky

One step!

Two steps!

Three steps!


Eighth steps!

Li Yunmu didn't have the intention to let Battle God take the initiative. He instantly unleashed Chaotian Eight Steps, and explosive power born from his terrifying physical body wrapped around the dragon-headed blade.

Battle God hadn't become famous just because of his monstrous talent, but because of his combat prowess to which not even the fluxers on the same level as him could compare.

Even without his Battle Barbarian Supreme Battlesuit, his position as the most powerful person of Earth was secure.

Both Blade Master and Sword Sage might not have minded getting entangled with him for a time, but if they thought to win against him, that would be just lunatic's ravings!


The sound of collision echoed in the area when a cyan dragon-headed blade met with a crescent moon halberd.

Terrifying energy fluctuations spread from around Battle God and Li Yunmu in all directions. The space in their surroundings began to distort, making the scene appear extremely strange.

In reality, space wasn't some sort of stable energy. As long as a certain amount of power was unleashed, it could easily be distorted. Quasi deity level experts could even rip apart space tunnels and travel through the void.

Battle God had only raised his weapon to counter Li Yunmu's attack when the space in the surrounding hundred meters distorted. The power of the collision was simply unfathomable!


Battle God roared and swept the crescent moon halberd in his hand to push away the dragon-headed blade.

Although Battle God had guessed long ago that Li Yunmu's strength had reached a high point and wasn't much inferior to his own, it had been a guess and nothing more. That was why when he had confronted Li Yunmu in the Seventh Dimension, he had only had the intention of playing around.

As soon as their goals conflicted, however, Battle God came to seriously battle Li Yunmu. Only then did he realize that this chess piece which he could have killed a thousand times in the past surprisingly possessed the strength which wasn't one whit inferior to his own!

"Interesting, but don't tell me that of all the descenders, only you with the most ordinary background managed to survive."

As the figure holding the crescent moon halberd retreated two steps, his hand reached behind his back to take hold its red cape.

"Li Yunmu, you truly have concealed yourself very well, but unfortunately, you encountered me. Now die for me with your secrets!" Battle God stated while licking his lips.

He was an arrogant person, and the one known as Battle God in this world!

When he, who was unrivaled on the same level, encountered someone just as unrivaled, like Li Yunmu, there was no chance for coexistence between the. They were both extremely ruthless people.

When their blades collided, Battle God had already given up on all intentions of existing together with Li Yunmu under the same sky. His main goal right then became to kill the youth before him; other matters would only come after that. Although there was not a high chance, the other descenders might still return.

In the worst possible scenario, all the descenders had perished and no one would return successfully with the method to reach the deity realm. If that was really the case, they could live in their current state and nurture another group of descenders to wait for the next opportunity.

With the crescent moon halberd in his hand, Battle God stood in the air as his scarlet cape flapped violently in the wind. A moment later, he burst forth with his top speed. His footwork technique did not lose to Chaotian Eight Steps in the slightest and allowed him to disappear from Li Yunmu's awareness!

With the space distorting in his surroundings, Li Yunmu didn't dare to casually unleash his flawless awareness. It was unknown whether his perception could penetrate the unstable spatial positions, but even if it did, who knew what sort of world would it go through and who it might end up provoking.

One matter was almost certain to happen, however. If the distorted space was to suddenly close, the awareness which had penetrated through it would be eternally severed from Li Yunmu. This could then be classified as an injury of the soul and mind, which couldn't be healed just by cultivating the tyrannical flesh!

"You taking the initiative to attack? Good, good, good, this will be interesting!"

Li Yunmu tightly gripped the hilt of the cyan dragon-headed blade. His pair of crystal clear eyes surveyed his surroundings, and he unleashed his five senses to the max!

After the strength of his flesh had reached a new peak, if Battle God could still disappear from his vision because of extremely fast movement, his speed would be too terrifying!

Central Continent's Battle God wasn't famed for his speed!

A red light, which was the color of blood, suddenly exploded from the hands of Zhang Xianhu who had been trading blows with Blade Master. The next instant, Zhang Xianhu threw a punch which landed directly on Blade Master's chest.

Blade Master coughed out a mouthful of blood as he blown away by the attack.

If one absolutely insisted on asking for analogy, then Blade Master could be compared to an ordinary person from before the Dark Age who had been punched by a furious brown bear. He felt as if all the bones in his body had broken!

"That's all?"

Zhang Xianhu narrowed his eyes. He didn't seem to have any intention of chasing after his enemy and claiming full victory. 

As someone with rich combat experience, Zhang Xianhu naturally knew that he was more formidable than Blade Master, but only a little. If it was said that he could seriously injure Blade Master with a punch at full strength, it could be possible. But if it was said that he could make Blade Master lose all combat capability with one punch, then he himself wouldn't believe it!

"Hegemon Blade, one instant thousand years!" Blade Master, who had been flying away, suddenly bellowed. His left hand trembled slightly before throwing a long black object shrouded in fog!

Danger! Extreme danger!

Zhang Xianhu's battle instincts violently screamed at him in warning. As the long black object neared him, he saw that it surprisingly was an extremely unusually-looking long blade!

The instant it closed in on Zhang Xianhu, it exploded into countless cold lights which could cause anyone's heart to palpitate. In an instant, they formed a prison of blades sealing Zhang Xianhu inside.

Blade Master coughed out another mouthful of blood. The flux energy in his body trembled slightly, and he forcefully stopped himself. He then sat down cross-legged in midair with the help of flux energy and used his thoughts to operate the blade prison!