Shadow Hack
593 I also Have Allies
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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593 I also Have Allies

"Battle? Is this entertaining?"

A incomparably thick voice echoed from far away, which instantly dissipated the killing intent coming from Battle God.

With a majestic presence, Zhang Xianhu came from the same direction as the last time. He was slowly strolling towards them without any nervousness or excitement as if whether it was Battle God or anyone else, all of them were fowls and chickens in his eyes!

"You seem quite interesting. I will be your opponent."

Zhang Xianhu pointed towards Blade Master with a faint smile on his face.

As an expert infatuated with combat, Zhang Xianhu took great pleasure in battling all sorts of experts. At that instant, Blade Master who had been standing silently on one side without saying anything had surprisingly become the target of his interest!

Another supreme transcending expert!

The three supreme transcending experts who had led everyone over were startled. They had never expected that Li Yunmu would have so many helpers, even if the twenty-three supreme transcending experts weren't formidable and actually weren't much different from ordinary quasi deities in the eyes of Battle God.

But this existence which had appeared out of nowhere and asked to fight Blade Master had strands of energy fluctuations coming out of his body. They were strong enough for fear to grip everyone's hearts!

Even Blade Master with his body covered in blade runes and standing in his best form had the sensation that his blade couldn't cut through the opponent standing in front of him!

It has to be known that even when facing God Undercurrent who hadn't completely recovered at that time, Blade Master had never had such a strange sensation. As a cultivator of the domineering blade path, how could he feel that he would lose without even battle?

This was… the biggest joke in the world!

Regardless of what the blade master was thinking, the fact was clear—just by looking at Zhang Xianhu, he felt his own powerlessness!

"Fortunately, we still have a trump card. As long as we can quickly end this battle, then..."

Blade Master lowered his head and secretly glanced at the multitudes of people underneath.

At that instant, Battle Sage Vega was hidden in the sea of people. Even someone as formidable as Battle God had no method to find her, so what could be said about Li Yunmu whose foundation as well as strength were quite inferior to theirs?

As long as Battle Sage Vega could quietly get close to Li Yunmu, or perhaps that mysterious expert, and unleash her most powerful technique, fixing the tone with a single hammer blow, she would instantly end this battle!

While Blade Master's head was filled his petty calculations, a strange fluctuation spread through the surrounding space. Shortly after, a casual voice echoed in the air and instantly smashed through all the schemes in Blade Master's mind!

"Your Distinguished Self Li Yunmu is the friend of our Fox Clan, so your enemies are also our enemies!"

A black ancient castle which belonged to the medieval period of Earth slowly appeared in everyone's sight. The blonde-haired Dennis was standing at the gate with his face full of killing intent. There were eleven battle angel-level existences behind him.

"Seems like your harvest during the past few days wasn't bad. Your allies…" Battle God said, seemingly abandoning all thoughts of attacking.

"Noisy!" Dennis flicked his golden hair back and gloomily said, "As the Battle God of the fifty-fifty earth, you're quite famous, but now that we meet, I see that you're surprisingly such an overly cautious existence!"

While speaking, Dennis raised his hand, and his pale white fingertips broke through countless invisible threads and pointed toward Battle Sage Vega who was mixed among the ordinary fluxers. He set her apart from the countless human figures.

Vampires were quite sensitive toward the presence of 'food', especially the formidable ones who were in the mood for 'feasting'. Even if Battle Sage Vega stayed quietly in the sea of people without making any movement, she was quite eye-catching to the vampires!

"Then you are my prey." Dennis licked his lips and laughed evilly. "Your blood would certainly be very delicious!"

Battle Sage Vega, who had been hidden among multitudes of people, felt her body shake from top to bottom. She didn't dare to raise her head and look at Dennis standing above the towering ancient castle.

When she had transformed into two and assumed the identities of Battle Sage Vega and Battle Sage An Jing, even the most powerful people like Battle God, Barbarian Kings, or the others who occupied the top of the power pyramid hadn't been able to see through her diversion. Thus, she hadn't expected that on that day she would be seen through by some expert of unknown origin!

After the the three transcending powers arrived at Lucky Wind City, in a few moments, these people who could order Li Yunmu around whenever they willed at one time discovered that this chess piece had matured far beyond that time. As a matter of fact, the power under his control was sufficient to make them feel threatened.

The most terrifying fact, however, was that the three supreme transcending experts had used the fastest speed to assemble their armies and march on Lucky Wind City. They hadn't even waited for their subordinate powers to return to their headquarters and gather their elites.

This was why they hadn't expected that Li Yunmu would put up such a stand so quickly, even inviting such terrifying helpers. The three supreme transcending experts hadn't even attacked and two of them were already restrained by Li Yunmu's helpers. In no time, the scales of victory had already tilted toward Li Yunmu's side.

Looking at the ashen complexion of the three supreme transcending experts, Li Yunmu clasped his hands behind his back and indifferently said, "You see, I said long ago that I won't be battling alone. I also have allies. It's not like only bigshots like you can have them!"


Battle God slightly stretched his body, and the sound of explosion echoed from his entire body.


Crescent Moon Halberd slightly shook, and a layer of strange energy fluctuations instantly rippled.

With the sharp tip of the halberd pointed toward Li Yunmu, Battle God stretched his neck right and left before calmly saying, "Li Yunmu, last time in the Seventh Dimension, when you exchanged blows with me, it wasn't anything more than warm up. What do you say, should we complete that battle today?"

A green light rushed out of the heavenly world, and the next instant, Li Yunmu was already holding a blade with a dragon head on the handle. With a faint smile, he said, "Good!"

Only because of life and death battles had Battle God been able to reach the height at which he resided. At that moment then, all the schemes and plots vanished from his mind, and only the instinct to battle existed in their place!It means to make the final decision or settle the situation in one shot.

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