Shadow Hack
592 The Three Powers Arrive
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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592 The Three Powers Arrive

Battle God and Blade Master led a number of quasi deities into Li Yunmu's line of sight.

Battle God was clad in black iron barbarian lion armor and had a purple crown on his head with a cape as scarlet as blood tied at his back. In his thick and broad right hand, there was a crescent moon halberd emitting cold rays of light when illuminated by the sunlight.

If he hadn't been standing in the air, but had been sitting on top of a warhorse, he would have been able to pass as a general from the era of cold weapons before the Dark Age.

Compared to Battle God splendid attire, Blade Master's clothes were much more casual. He wore only shorts while his upper body was naked.

Several runes painted with white grease covered his body. They were the blade runes of Bladewood, and reportedly they were enchantments to make the blade intent more formidable.

Apart from these two supreme transcending experts, there were many other quasi deities, but none of them could make Li Yunmu feel suppressed.

"There's still another one. I wonder who?"

Li Yunmu squinted into the distance and unleashed his senses to their limit to find the third presence which could threaten him among the countless cultivators who had come to attack Lucky Wind City.

The system chose that moment to open its mouth. [The third presence belongs to Battle Sage Vega; you don't need to find her. When you all will be busy fighting, she will reveal herself.]

Battle Sage Vega?

Hearing the third name, Li Yunmu almost began to laugh involuntarily. He truly couldn't understand how he had offended this female battle sage, who was the protector of Central Continent, while he was away from Earth.

Soon after he returned, she had made the decision to use him as bait to pull God Undercurrent into revealing some flaws during the battle in the Seventh Dimension.

And now she had joined the group plotting against him and even allowed the majority of the upper echelons as well as elites of Vega Temple to participate in battle.

Regardless of whatever was said, he should be considered as Vega Temple's subordinate, so how was it appropriate for her to collude with others to capture him?


Li Yunmu didn't feel the least bit of fear regarding this word. After all, he still had the twenty-three shadows who had transformed into humans standing guard over Lucky Wind City.

What sort of existence could attack a city which had twenty-four supreme transcending experts, including Li Yunmu, guarding it?

There was also the problem of the present Lucky Wind City having several spell formations arranged around it based on the system's deductions, allowing its defenses to attain the level of a transcending power's main base.

It could said that apart from one weak area, Lucky Wind City could be considered as formidable as the so-called incomparable transcending powers!

"Everyone, why have you all come?"

Li Yunmu pressed his right hand at his dantian and roared at the people who were quickly closing upon him while using his flux energy.

His voice numbed the bodies of the weaker fluxers and beasts on the enemy side, and they almost fell down.

"Li Yunmu, we suspect that you have already betrayed humanity; otherwise, how could you explain the massacre of so many humans after returning to Earth!" Battle God stated calmly.

If Li Yunmu's voice was like a thunderclap for the allied forces, Battle God's voice was like a shot in their arm.

The fluxers whose legs had almost went soft because of Li Yunmu's voice gradually recovered their morale under the influence of Battle God's voice and restored the marching sequence.

The sneer on Li Yunmu's face became even more pronounced.

People who believed themselves to be infallible would naturally directly declare in front of everyone that they had come for the method to step into deity realm.

If they had genuinely wanted to hold Li Yunmu responsible for slaughtering the fluxers of other powers, he probably wouldn't have been able to return alive from the impregnable pass in the Seventh Dimension!

Naturally, there was another element behind Battle God choosing this reasoning—the bigshots who formed the top level of the power pyramid felt that Li Yunmu had already broken out of their control.

Their desire to rule was intense, however, so they wanted to beat Li Yunmu. The aim of their expedition wasn't to kill him, but to remind him who was in control!

"Because I felt…"Li Yunmu raised the corners of his mouth and stated, "Lucky Wind City had become too filthy so I had to clean it up."

This sentence was slightly venomous.

After all, it could be interpreted as him comparing the fluxers of other transcending powers to garbage!

Too arrogant!

This youngster was being too arrogant!

All three enemy powers were enraged by Li Yunmu's words!

"I am not targeting anyone, but rather saying that all of you are garbage!" Li Yunmu had chosen to launch another strike. "I want to ask something, do any of your three dare to face me independently?"

Battle God's complexion suddenly became gloomy, and he bellowed in a low voice, "Li Yunmu, your death is at hand, and you still dare to boast shamelessly? Don't tell me that you think you can fight us all by yourself? I advise you to tie your own hands and obediently wait for our investigation to finish!"


Before even finishing his speech, he heavily stomped in the air, and his body turned into a ray of light that rushed straight at Li Yunmu!

Battle God had once exchanged a blow with Li Yunmu. If the youth was the same as in the Seventh Dimension and had the confidence in his strength, he wouldn't care about how many people were in front of him or who they were!

Perhaps as soon as Blade Master and Battle God appeared, he would have attacked!

When confronted with an existence that would never take the initiative to give up the authority, Li Yunmu's attitude reflected weakness. This allowed Battle God, whose mind was previously in chaos, to breathe a sigh of relief, and he took the initiative to attack Li Yunmu!

Li Yunmu lightly touched his nose with his right hand and narrowed his eyes to the point they formed crescent moons. He then spoke while enunciating each word.

"Who told you that I am alone?"

Before he was even finished, his twenty-three shadows who had taken human persona rose into the air. Their terrifying might was on the verge of materializing into matter and forcibly interrupted Battle God's courageous charge.

"Twenty-three supreme transcending experts?"

Battle God stopped using the tips of his feet in the air and even panicked for an instant while holding the crescent moon halberd.

He wasn't clear about where Li Yunmu could have found such formidable helpers. After all, the twenty human figures with mysterious origin were on the level as Sword Sage in terms of combat strength and weren't too inferior to the three of them!

But the three supreme transcending experts still couldn't match the number of the people on Li Yunmu's side in terms of numbers. Even if the three powers managed to occupy Lucky Wind City, their strength would be greatly diminished. In truth, even a complete wipeout was a possibility!

"Continue… what…"

Li Yunmu's eyes flickered coldly. "Why stop? Come attack me!"
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