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590 The Decision of the Supreme Transcending Powers

"He asked us to come and see him?"

Battle Sage Vega's usually calm face was filled shock as if she could not believe the words relayed by the spy.

Even if Li Yunmu's strength was outstanding, it was still impossible for him to become an enemy with the former supreme transcending experts. Moreover, there wasn't only one but four of them gathered here during troubled times. They had all put aside the matters at hand and come to await the time when Li Yunmu left seclusion.

They hadn't thought that after Li Yunmu went out, he wouldn't give any face to them as if their existence wasn't worth his attention.


Sword Sage slammed the table in anger and gloomily bellowed, "Who does he thinks he is? How dare he say such words! If he wasn't the only descender who had returned, this old man would have slaughtered him by now!"

Compared to the other experts who had a guilty consciousness in regards to Li Yunmu, Sword Sage, who had a fiery temper, felt no such thing. After all, at the impregnable pass in the Seventh Dimension, he had wanted to rush to help Li Yunmu but was stopped by Battle Sage Vega.

He hadn't even thought of abandoning Li Yunmu, but he couldn't match experts like Battle Sage Vega and Battle God in terms of considering the big picture. Because of that, after the others had made their decision, he didn't squabble with them.

Battle God tightly clenched his fist without expression and stated, "Li Yunmu now indeed has the strength to act arrogantly. Don't forget that God Undercurrent, whom even we were unable to defeat, couldn't receive a single strike from him. In Li Yunmu's eyes, we probably aren't regarded as a big deal."

"We aren't any bigshots…" Battle Sage Vega shook her head with a bitter smile. "It is true."

Li Yunmu had already seen a person like Zhang Xianhu of the twenty-third parallel plane who was stronger than Battle God. After planes merged, the number of tyrannical people would only continue to increase, so what worth did the title supreme transcending expert held anymore?

If those people hadn't completely abandoned Li Yunmu in the battle in the Seventh Dimension, he probably wouldn't have left them with no face. As long as all the powers would have agreed to let Lucky Wind City possess an independent authority, then obtaining treasures for which they yearned for in their dreams wouldn't have been difficult!

But after Li Yunmu had displayed his tyrannical strength, who would dare to mention this topic? After all, as long as he existed in the world, no one would dare to say anything about Lucky Wind City's independence!

Someone's feeling powerful and want to pit their troop against Lucky Wind City? It seems like their strongest members are itching to receive a few strikes from Li Yumu!

However, two months had already passed, and apart from Li Yunmu, no other descender had returned. This fact made the quasi deities think of the worst case scenario—apart from Li Yunmu, no other descender had survived!

When faced with such a situation, Li Yunmu was their only chance to shed the title of quasi deities and enter the deity realm.

Originally, everyone had thought that as long as Li Yunmu opened his mouth to state his conditions, they would fulfill them even if they had to bleed a little. After all, the transcending powers had accumulated a lot of resources and treasures, but weren't they useful only to the younger generation? They wouldn't assist them in a breakthrough in the slightest!

But they hadn't expected that Li Yunmu's first condition wouldn't be related to any materials or resources. Instead, he wanted the four supreme transcending experts pay a formal visit to him!

Even if Battle Sage and the others understood that they weren't the most powerful existences, they had been the overlords of the fifty-fifth plane in the old days, so how could they take the initiative to pay a visit to Li Yunmu? What face would remain to them after such an action?

Blade Master who had been silent licked his lips and coldly said, "If I could say something: we maybe shouldn't have acted, but since we did, we must finish him. Everyone should return to summon their troops and bring them to besiege Lucky Wind City as well as the surrounding areas, then we'll use his family, friends, and followers to threaten him!"

"This method should work. Although Li Yunmu is formidable, there isn't anyone who could be considered as first rate expert working under him!"

Battle God also nodded in agreement.

"Alas!" Battle Sage Vega sighed and lightly nodded as well. "Given today's events, we can only take this path."

All the quasi deities of the fifty-fifth earth clearly understood that Li Yunmu had definitely received the method to become a true deity. Otherwise, there was no way to explain is tyrannical strength; even an Ancient God level existence couldn't take a single attack from him!

Although Li Yunmu had to recuperate for a relatively long time, anyone with eyes could see that it was the only explanation. Because of this reason, the supreme transcending experts dared to plan an attack on Li Yunmu; otherwise, why would anyone think to make an enemy out of him?

It wasn't that the supreme transcending experts couldn't be forced to relinquish their face, but that one had to possess enough strength and foundation for that. If a person only has a precious treasure and wants to force supreme transcending experts to lower their heads, that person would definitely not live for long!

If the supreme transcending experts were addressed with pleasant words, they were protectors, but the truth was that they needed to be in control and thought of themselves as the true overlords. The appearance of other powers who were more or less comparable to them threatened their positions and caused them to become increasingly more crazy!

Battle Sage Vega might be stronger mentally compared to others, but this didn't mean that she would relinquish such an opportunity.

Sword Sage watched the three supreme transcending experts whose faces were filled with killing intent and suddenly shook his head. "I won't participate," he said in a deep voice.

He was unable to point out the exact reason, but he felt deep within his heart that the current plan formulated by Battle God and the others would push them into an abyss of despair whose bottom could not be seen. Even numerous generation won't be able to climb out of it.

Sword Sage had cultivated for many years and reportedly had a fiery temperament because of cultivating an extremely dominating sword intent. If his sword intent collided with blade intent, then probably even Blade Master wouldn't be able to compare with him on whose manner was more overbearing!

But a person with such a fiery temper and hegemonic sword intent chose to withdraw in front of Li Yunmu's existence.

This was considered sword's intuition without which Sword Sage wouldn't have been able to reach his level and would have probably perished a long time ago.

If it could be said that when God Undercurrent decided to kill Frontline God and shifted the blame onto Li Yunmu was a calamity from which he could only narrowly escape with his life, then right then, it wasn't clear who would be the facing a catastrophe!