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586 Shocking Information

Forcing the vampires to retreat with a shout filled with mighty power wasn't anything extraordinary. After all, it was possible that they might have retreated to give face to Li Yunmu.

But when the terrifying pressure had flitted past Li Yunmu's body, he had felt the pricking sensation akin to needles being inserted into his body one after another. This was an automatic warning of the body when faced with a threat who reached a certain strength!

In other words, the terrifying pressure which exploded forth from the man's body in a split second showed that he possessed enough strength to injure Li Yunmu. And if that wasn't enough, he hadn't even used his full strength!

It was very difficult to imagine that a tyrannical existence like Zhang Xianhu might not have managed to succeeded in the Origin World while someone like Li Yunmu had surpassed him. Otherwise, such a terrifying existence might not have come to find him at that moment.

"Without my permission, you have forced my new neighbors to withdraw. Seems like you also want to discuss something with me without prying eyes?"

With hands clasped behind his back, Li Yunmu stretched his lip corners to the sides, forming a strange arc.

Zhang Xianhu lightly stroked his mouth with his thick hand and indifferently said, "Li Yunmu, have you thought why there are sixty-six projections of the Origin Word? Why do they exist and why have they suddenly merged together?"

When Li Yunmu heard it, there wasn't any visible change on his face, but his heart thumped crazily!

Battle Sage Vega, Battle God, and the other experts believed that the so-called heavenly transformation was the fusion of the sixty-six parallel planes. Due to it, the area, opportunities, and living beings of the sixty-six planes would be mix together in an enormous, world-shaking collision!

Before Li Yunmu had heard Zhang Xianhu's words, he had also believed this. After all, if the heavenly transformation didn't mean a change in the parallel planes, it would be very difficult to think of any other possibility!

"I think you would've heard from some remaining ancient record or possibly some peak existence's recount that our sixty-six parallel planes are actually prisons. In them, what sort of beings… do you think were imprisoned?"

The cornrers of Zhang Xianhu's mouth rose a little, forming a mocking smile.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Upon hearing the astonishing information, Li Yunmu clapped lightly with a faint smile without showing any drastic change in his expression.

Li Yunmu didn't have any great doubts regarding Zhang Xianhu's remarks because he had already made a similar guess a long time ago and only lacked conclusive proof.

The sixty-six projected parallel earths were sixty-six giant prisons. Whether it were the ordinary people living on Earth or fluxers fighting with the dimensional beasts in dimensional planes, all of them were prisoners in the giant prison, or perhaps they were the descendants of the first generation prisoners.

Where did the dimensional beasts who didn't disappear even when they were continuously killed come from? Why did they keep appearing continuously?

This question also had a good answer—everything on the sixty-six planes was a projection of the one true earth, so as long as the dimensional beasts on the true earth weren't eliminated completely, they would keep continuously appearing on every projected plane.

With this in mind, the existence of dimensional beasts could be explained. But then, the question arose about how the people of the true earth whose average strength far surpassed that of each plane were unable to eliminate the dimensional beasts which could be hunted down by ordinary fluxers.

But if seen from another angle, what exactly were those dimensional beasts? They were organisms thrown into the prison by the founders, but they weren't regulators or executioners, so they could only exist to suppress the strength of prisoners in each parallel plane!

Actually, Li Yunmu had previously thought that the people in each of the planes were actually watchmen and executives, but after some thought, he had discarded this theory.

If they were supposed to exist as watchmen and executives, why had the people of the true earth tried to push them deeper into the pitfall until they basically had no method of descending to the genuine earth? They also had no method to break through the battle sage realm and become a true deity!

Zhang Xianhu's brows jumped, and he said suspiciously, "Seems like you already know about it? Or should I say that you guessed it a long time ago? If it's the latter, your foresight is terrifying. Countless quasi deities couldn't see through these problems, but you surprisingly managed to?"

Zhang Xianhu had come from the twenty-third parallel plane, and none of the lifeforms in his plane could be considered weak. After all, ordinary people or half step fluxers didn't exist in his plane, since every person possessed flux energy from birth!

According to rumor, the most powerful parallel plane even had some monstrous talents who possessed nirvana realm strength at the time of birth. This was the strength accumulated within the bloodline of the fluxer. Formidable fluxers found it difficult to produce descendants in the future, but each of their children were extraordinary existences!

As for the rumors pertaining to the prison, there was no movement regarding them after they spread through the planes ranked at the front. They were probably suppressed by some terrifying existence, so Zhang Xianhu had only heard about this matter because of his extraordinary origins.

Based on that, there was no place to mention Li Yunmu who had come from an ordinary family. Even if he was a descendant of a supreme transcending expert of the fifty-fifth plane, it wouldn't have been much different from being born as a slave in the eyes of Zhang Xianhu. Therefore, it was completely impossible for Li Yunmu to know about this with his background!

Li Yunmu paused, then asked a deeply rhetorical question, "You found me to tell this? Why?"

"Oh?" Zhang Xianhu was slightly startled and only replied after a short while. "Li Yunmu, based on what I see, even if you don't show it on the outside, you are also an arrogant person to the bone. Yet you know that you are just a prisoner in the eyes of other people. What are you going to do?" he asked with a faint smile.

When Li Yunmu heard his words, a cold light which could cause anyone's heart to palpitate flitted across his eyes.
"I will tear open this prison and teach those people a lesson with blood. Since they are my enemies, they will be defeated and dispersed, regardless of how they view me!" he said in a harsh voice.

"Haha." Zhang Xianhu grinned, but soon after, his complexion turned gloomy. "You are my type of person. Since you already know our situation, we have to find an opportunity to give them a big gift, don't you think so too?"