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585 The Chinese Zhang Xianghu

"I am sorry but we refuse. This… what was it… Falling Angel Clan, I request that you immediately leave the human territories," an indifferent voice stated.

Both Dennis and Li Yunmu turned their heads at the same time, getting a good look at a strong person with muscular body strolling toward them.

It would have been fine if he had only been a strong person—after all, the world had never lacked people with tyrannical constitution—but Li Yunmu, who also cultivated his body, could sense a strange energy fluctuation in the opponent's body!

It was a terrifying energy which spread to the surface after his body' strength reached the pinnacle!

If the terrifying energy fluctuations hadn't extremely unstable, even Li Yunmu with his keen perception might have been unable to sense that such a terrifying existence was concealed in his surroundings!

If someone absolutely insisted on making a comparison in strength, then Li Yunmu would have a simple way to show it. Even after using his full strength to launch the bloody gale, Dennis could barely shake the projection of thunderous great sun visualized by Li Yunmu. But if it had been this outsider, then he probably would have destroyed it in one breath.

"I do not know this human powerhouse. You are..."

Li Yunmu slightly narrowed his eyes, and all the muscles in his body were stretched taut.

When looking at the man who appeared to be moving slowly but was actually covering several tens of feet with each step, Li Yunmu could determine that in terms of physical strength, he was probably more formidable than Battle God. After all, although Battle God was powerful, he still hadn't reached the stage when his body could not longer contain the flux energy inside it!

"I'm Chinese, and my name is Zhang Xianhu. I come from the twenty-third parallel plane." Zhang Xianhu rose into the sky and indifferently said, "Li Yunmu, I have heard your name in the Origin World. Seems like you are even more formidable than what I imagined."

When the formidable expert introduced himself, Li Yunmu sucked in a large breath of air. By then, almost no one remembered the previous divisions based on ethnicity and country.

The entire human population was divided into continents and into the larger human settlements if more detail was needed. For instance, Li Yunmu had previously claimed to be a person of Heavenly Cloud and was referred to like that by everyone else, but he definitely wasn't known as Chinese.

Similarly, there was the Bu Clan's Lu Bu. Until his personal strength and achievements reached a certain level, he wouldn't have the qualifications to use the titles left behind in the human legends.

For Zhang Xianhu to call himself Chinese, his strength had to be a thousand times more formidable than what Li Yunmu could see, or he had to be an extremely ancient existence, similar to the flux ancestor of his homeland.

"I don't know why your distinguished self has come to Lucky Wind City. How may I help you?" Li Yunmu inquired while clasping his hands behind his back.

"Obviously, I have come to pay a visit to my new neighbors. Yet I hadn't expected that this Zhang's new neighbor would surprisingly be the famous Li Yunmu from the Origin World! This is quite delightful!"

Before he had even finished speaking, a fanatical smile appeared on his face which had a tough as nails expression previously. His voice also grew deep.

"Good, good. I have actually wanted to test this existence which slaughtered an ancient god for a long time. I've wondered how it would feel like! But I hadn't expected that someone would be faster than me! Interesting!"

Li Yunmu massaged his forehead with his hand, instantly feeling an enormous pressure.

The person in front of him, who seemed to possess an extraordinary strength, was actually a complete battle maniac. Compared to other big shots, he was focused on the opponent before him and that was it. Only by eliminating that opponent would he gain an enormous sense of satisfaction!

In a chaotic world, such people were like fish in water. But in a peaceful world without any major events, they would either die tragic deaths or live very restricted life!

Zhang Xianhu, however, was born in an era extremely suitable to him!

Li Yunmu's plan was to wait until the quasi deities had recuperated their injuries and then came to find him to jointly choose the direction of their future. At that time, Li Yunmu would naturally fight to gain as many benefits as possible.

But before the olive branch from the other powerhouses of the fifty-fifth earth could come, he was sought out by the powerhouses of other planes. Moreover, the Lucky Wind City might have a large area by itself, but when compared to the whole world, it was only a small corner.

Among the newcomers, not all of them would be like Lucky Wind City, which had only close to thirty quasi deity level experts residing in it. Worse yet, the powers coming from the other planes might not be as amiable as the Fox Clan either. 

The fusion of the sixty-six parallel planes wasn't only a calamity or an opportunity. Just as the beginning of the Dark Age, it forced every person on Earth to struggle bitterly for survival, but it was also a chance to change the structure of the power pyramid!


Terrifying might exploded from Zhang Xianhu's body. Given his strength, just releasing his might was sufficient to create the sound of an explosion.

Li Yunmu's whole body went numb. This was followed by the sensation of needles sticking piercing his skin. After an instant though, Li Yunmu relaxed, since the target of the terrifying might wasn't him, but Dennis who was standing behind him!

As an undead creature, Dennis shouldn't have had any feelings, but when he was enveloped by Zhang Xianhu's might, he experienced dread which he hadn't felt for a long time.

"Are you still unclear about my words?" Zhang Xianhu suddenly raised his voice. "Immediately leave this human territory; otherwise, I will use force to expel you. Given your measly strength, I cannot guarantee that I won't kill anyone!"

All the hairs on Dennis' body stood up as if he was an angry cat, and the eight enormous bat wings behind his body began to tremble violently. He seemed to be itching to tear apart Zhang Xianhu.

However, after some consideration, he lightly shook his head. He then cupped his hands toward Li Yunmu and said with a faint smile, "For the face of your distinguished self, we won't bother with this muddleheaded person today. If we collide here, it will affect your distinguished self's subordinates."

After saying this, Dennis gave a vicious glare to Zhang Xianhu and coldy said, "Today's matter is only the beginning, and not the end. You have offend our Fox Clan, so wait to receive our wrath!"

"Aiyo, I am so scared!" Zhang Xianhu said in ridicule. "If you have any ability, then come and battle with me on the stage. Why are you chirping like an insect?"

Dennis snorted coldly. The enormous bat wings at his back lightly trembled, and he quickly returned to the castle. Moments later, the opened Black Curtain disappeared under the gazes of Li Yunmu and the others.