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583 Only the Powerful Have the Authority

Upon feeling the red hot air hit his face, Dennis, who had been a daywalker for many years, felt like he had returned to the time when he just became a vampire. At that time, even a single ray of sunlight could make him vanish in a puff of a smoke. When he thought about it, he felt his body grow burning hot!

The opponent's combat strength was a huge problem, and the appearance of the projection of the red sun caused Dennis to lose all interest in a battle. He even became quite apprehensive at the idea of it. If the two sides battled, then the side whose troops' strength was inferior would be completely exterminated!


With a fierce howl, the eight enormous bat wings on Dennis' back flapped and raised a bloody squall filled with a fishy smell!

The instant the bloody gale collided with the great sun's projection, it shuddered once as if it was going to be extinguished. However, the next instant, the great sun's projection grew by ten folds; its heat and brightness reaching a new height. Right after, a bolt of light similar to a thunder dragon pushed out of the great sun's projection.

Under everyone's attentive gaze, it surprisingly rushed into Dennis' mouth and exploded, creating a hole as large as a copper pillar!

Dennis' facial features twisted, but the next instant the injury in his mouth began to heal. In a short few breaths, he recovered, but his face had become a little pale.

The bloody gale that had almost extinguished the great sun's projection was within Li Yunmu's expectations. For better or worse, the opponent was still at the level of supreme transcending experts. If Li Yunmu expected to suppress him by relying on a cultivation method, he would be overestimating his own strength.

But the thunder dragon which had scuttled out of the great sun's projection gave him quite a pleasant surprise. Sunshine and thunder were the best methods to restrict a sinister creature. By itself, the thunder dragon would have never been able to injure Dennis!

After seeing him get injured, eleven other vampires with different strengths but all at battle sage level rushed down from the wall. They also stood in the air and began to watch Li Yunmu attentively, their cold eyes clearly implying that they saw him only as a tasty prey!

Apart from the six battle sages, Li Yunmu also had his twenty-three shadows rush into the sky. In an instant, terrifying might formed a curtain on both sides, and the region in front of the two sides turned into the final buffer.

Terrifying killing intent kept roaming between Li Yunmu and the vampires. For a period of time though, no one dared to move recklessly.

The vampires were not only in a disadvantageous position in terms of combat strength and number of troops, but they also feared the projection of the great sun. But Li Yunmu also didn't make any moves, since only with the strength of the six quasi deities, he might not be able to support the great spell to defend the city. If the eyes of the vampires turned red, the ordinary people and low level fluxers in Lucky Wind City might suffer the consequences!

"Your distinguished self, we vampires don't have the least intent to battle you!"

Dennis lightly waved his hand, signalling for the vampires by his side to retreat first.

Dennis then intentionally or otherwise surveyed his surroundings and lightly smiled. "Haha, I'm convinced that your distinguished self also isn't an impulsive person. Although the present strength of us vampires is inferior to that of your distinguished self and your followers, but I believe that you have enough neighbours."

Li Yunmu slightly raised his brows. "Vampire, tell me your intention directly. Otherwise given that you rushed to attack just now and demanded my people, I will view it as your declaration of war and we will fight until death!" he stated codly.

A domineering aura spread from Li Yunmu.

When other powers watching from the sidelines sensed, they shivered not from the cold. As cultivators whose strength had reached a high level, they naturally weren't muddle-headed people. They didn't believe that Li Yunmu would stake his all against the vampires to the extent that both sides would suffer!

Those who had intentions of taking advantage after both sides had exhausted themselves were slightly disappointed. A portion of those who didn't have confidence in their strength quietly departed with their troops. Yet here were still some who were silently hoping for Li Yunmu and the vampires to truly fight.

There was also another group of people wearing strange smiles. They quickly caught up with the departing small powers. Since they couldn't acquire any spoils when there was no battle between Li Yunmu and the vampires, they had to attack themselves and eliminate the small powers. Otherwise, wouldn't their trip would have been a complete waste?

Like a gentleman of medieval period, Dennis placed his right hand in front of his chest and saluted Li Yunmu. He spoke with a smile. "Respected Sire, your strength is worthy of our respect. We, Vampires, are willing to become your faithful ally. As long as you can provide us with blood at fixed intervals, we will fight for you in the future!"

The thirst of vampires for blood far surpassed Li Yunmu's imagination, but he wasn't too surprised. After all, the blood didn't just take up the function of food for the vampires. What was even more important was that the strength of a vampire was based upon the blood they consumed!

The more formidable and fresher was the blood they absorbed, the more power they could gain from it. Their strength also increased quickly. For instance, if a newly born vampire drank Li Yunmu's blood and couldn't endure the power it held, its body would explode. But if the baby could endure the excruciating pain, then a newly born vampire would immediately jump to marquis rank!

Supplying blood at fixed dates wasn't very difficult for humans. Most of the human fluxers had began to temper their bodies, and Li Yunmu had used the stability of the last couple months to spread many inheritances through Lucky Wind City. It could be said that the ability of Lucky Wind City's fluxers to donate blood far surpassed the imagination of the vampires.

A bowl of blood of a flux sage level expert could easily obtain the loyalty of a count-ranked vampire. A freshly produced blood of a flux sage was sufficient to instantly organize a large squad of count-ranked vampires. This was a considerably terrifying power!

Leaving aside the formidable bodies and recovery power of the vampires, they still controlled the black magic passed on from before the Dark Age. Their bat wings could not only produce a bloody gale, but also allowed them to fly with speed and stability!

A human fluxer without a deep foundation would probably not battle a vampire at the same level as them!