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582 New Neighbors

When Earth encountered its first snow of the year, two months had already passed since the fight in the Seventh Dimension. During that time, the system which was lying dormant in Li Yunmu's body didn't show any signs of waking up.

Twenty-three shadows had transformed into perfect human figures created by Li Yunmu and guarded Lucky Wind City. If even the six quasi deity level existences who were following Li Yunmu were also added, then at that moment, the little Lucky Wind City possessed incomparable defense!

But that moment, almost all the quasi deity level existences, including Li Yunmu, had their nerves stretched taut and didn't dare to relax.


A light laugh came from the horizon, and a slender figure slowly lowered itself to the ground.

With beautiful features which were well worth a second look as well as perfect height and flesh, this figure was perfect to the extent that no one could find any flaws. The energy circulating inside its body was also not the least bit inferior to that of a supreme transcending expert, so clearly, this person wasn't someone who could be easily dealt with!

At the back of this cultivator, there were eight enormous bat-like wings. They were fluttering continuously while emitting a formidable force. They also reminded everyone watching that the youthful senior was definitely not a human!

"My name is Dennis Fox, one of the thirteen battle angels of the Fallen Angel Clan. Today I have come to visit our new neighbours!"

The youth with bat wings took a step back with an expressionless face and spread his hands wide open as if implying that he truly didn't have any hostile intentions.

Experts like Li Yunmu could naturally sense the opponent's enmity and killing intent. Both of them dissipated the moment Dennis faced the existence of twenty-nine quasi deity level powerhouses.

The fusion of the sixty-six planes wasn't as heaven-shaking as all the top experts had imagined. Instead, it was like the spring rain. If Dennis hadn't taken the initiative to visit, Li Yunmu wouldn't have known that some Fallen Angel Clan had appeared in the vicinity of Lucky Wind City!

After pushing back his golden hair, Dennis raised the corner of his mouth and said in a cold tone, "Neighbour, you are very powerful, and your subordinate troops are also very powerful. Thus, you have the qualifications to obtain the friendship of my Fallen Angel Clan!"

"What do you think you are doing?"Li Yunmu asked without any intention of continuing to talk nonsense as he raised his head.

Given that the sixty-six planes had fused, it was impossible for only a Fallen Angel Clan to have landed in Lucky Wind City's vicinity. But most of the human or other races were watching things happen from sidelines. They didn't know what attitude should they take when confronting their new neighbours.


Dennis bound his long golden hair into a ponytail while speaking neither too fast nor too slow. "The soldiers of our Fallen Angel Clan are proficient in all sorts of battle arts. As long as you can supply us with enough food, you could obtain the protection of our elites even if you were an ordinary person!"

Dennis' words were quite sincere, but Li Yunmu did not know what was that so-called food Dennis had mentioned. Therefore, he didn't dare to casually agree. After all, the strength of the seemingly harmless existence before him was comparable to the supreme transcending experts of Earth!

If Dennis wasn't spouting lies, then his Fallen Angel Clan had thirteen transcending level experts. If this sort of power attacked Lucky Wind City, then although Li Yunmu had the confidence to prevail, he wouldn't be able to protect the people in the city!

Li Yunmu himself was strong enough to make the powers of Earth apprehensive, so the newly appeared Fallen Angel Clan gave him quite a headache. This sort of valiant race, how could they lack food?

A faint smile played on Dennis' lips. With hands which were completely white, he condensed a handprint in front of his chest and issued a low pitched roar, "Dark Heaven Curtain, open for me and allow our new neighbours to see the strength of our Fallen Angel Clan!"

The instant Dennis uttered those words, a black floating castle which Li Yunmu found familiar and yet strange at the same time appeared in the sky. The next instant, one after another, fair-haired and blue-eyed blonde men and women came atop of city's wall.

[This is a building which was passed down from Medieval times, before the Dark Age. If I haven't guessed wrong, then this Fallen Angel Clan should be a Blood Race from before the Earth's Dark Age. Their food should be the blood of other living beings.]

When Li Yunmu was looking at the castle, the system's faint voice echoed in his mind.

Clearly, the system had regained consciousness some time ago, but it hadn't found any matter worthy of its attention. Therefore, it didn't speak and kept recovering its strength at an extremely slow pace!


Li Yunmu suddenly felt a bomb of enormous explosion of information explode in his brain. All the information pertaining to the Blood Race before the Dark Era began to circulate in his mind. Swiftly, it was absorbed and digested by him.

After a short period of time, Li Yunmu raised the corner of his mouth to make a strange smile and indifferently said, "Daywalker Dennis, seems like you aren't very honest with me. Actually, should I call you Fox Prince?"

When Li Yunmu said these words, Dennis' breath stopped. However, as an undead creature, he didn't really breathe anyway.

Vampires had been exterminated in many parallel planes, and in others they had to conceal their identity and work under the banner of other races. That was why Dennis hadn't expected that an ordinary human would see through them at first glance.

"You want me to provide the blood of the people under my jurisdiction, in other words to start a war?"

Li Yunmu slowly placed his hands behind his back, and the Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body was fully unleashed. A bright red great sun projection appeared behind him.

After going through the information regarding the vampires, Li Yunmu had found the perfect method to deal with them. Although those who were at marquis rank or above weren't afraid of sunlight, it was unlikely that everyone in the nest of vampires before his eyes possessed the strength of marquis rank or above.

The marquis rank corresponded to flux sage realm among humans. Even within a race with extremely long lifespan, it was impossible that each and every one of them could reach this level. Even if the sixty-six parallel planes had merged, flux sages weren't that commonplace!

Although such people were like ants in Li Yunmu's eyes, only people like him would see it that way. In the eyes of the majority of fluxers, a flux sage was still an aloof and remote existence which formed the core strength of every power!