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580 Most Formidable Great Devouring Technique!

When Li Yunmu woke up, he had already returned to Lucky Wind City.

There were two yellow exclamation marks covering his line of sight. He attempted to mentally click on one of them, and a detailed introduction of a skill popped up.

Name: Admiralty Cover (Perfection)

Type: Body refining

Grade: SSS grade

Properties: Admiralty War, Perfect Defense.

Admiralty War: It can take the shape of Admiralty War's dragon inside the body, which can swallow all the dangerous energies entering host's body. When host attacks with his full strength, there is a chance that Admiralty War's dragon will attach itself to it, making it even more difficult to cancel out and defeat host's skill!

Perfect Defense: active skill. When host uses Perfect Defense, the defense of Admiralty Cover will reach its peak. Any attack equivalent to host's most powerful offense will be unable to cause injuries to host. Every time Perfect Defense is unleashed, it can resist one attack. It can used three times per day.

Point to note: Perfect Defense has an achilles' heel. If it is attacked, Perfect Defense will be instantly broken, and the attack will also triple in damage. The location of the achilles' heel can be adjusted by host. Every month, host will get one free chance to do so.

Li Yunmu didn't know what had transpired while he was unconscious, so he thought that because of absorbing a large amount of fiendish energy, some anomalies had arisen in Admiralty Cover as well.

When he read about the new property called Perfect Defense, he couldn't help the sight that escaped his lips. After all, the most formidable attack in his arsenal was Unique Shadow Heavenly Chop, which boiled down to one strike formed from the permanent sacrifice of all his shadows. Even God Undercurrent at his peak strength would be heavily injured by it!

Yet Perfect Defense could resist even such a strike?

This implied that any existence under Ancient God Realm couldn't kill Li Yunmu in an instant unless it managed to strike his achilles' heel!

Its location could also be moved around, and it was said in the marginal notes that he would get a free chance every month. This meant that even before a month passed, Li Yunmu could change its location after paying some price for it!

Attacking Li Yunmu's achilles' heel, how difficult would that be?

With excitement in his heart, Li Yunmu clicked on the second yellow exclamation mark.

Name: Great Devouring Technique.

Type: Cultivation method.

Grade: ???

Properties: Devouring all things.

Points to note:

1: This cultivation method is one of three thousand paths of dao. Everything can be devoured and changed into corresponding energy. If the method is cultivated to perfection, even other planes can be devoured and changed to strengthen host's heavenly world.

2: Convert all space elements???

3: I only let it out for you to take a look and don't intend to give it to you right now. Are you angry yet?

When Li Yunmu looked at the first point, his heart filled with fiery passion. After all, the most powerful move of deities was to collect their enemies into their heavenly worlds, where they were gods!

Yet if Li Yunmu found himself in such a situation, he could unleash Great Devouring Technique and absorb the power of the opponent's heavenly world. With his defense, he could probably resist the attacks of those gods and also swallow their kingdom.

In the future, who would dare to stand in front of him?

Even if deity level powerhouses didn't dare to accept Li Yunmu into their kingdoms, he could enter the clans which had a long history and forcefully intrude into their private heavenly worlds to swallow them and strengthen himself!

This was such a formidable cultivation method!

But when he saw the third point, he couldn't help but wish for the system to take material form so he could give it a ruthless beating!

Despite being angry, Li Yunmu still planned to calmly discuss the conditions for the Great Devouring Technique. Now that he had almost reached the peak in all aspects, even a first rate supreme transcending expert like Battle God might not be able to win against him. With all that accomplished, Li Yunmu hoped to urgently raise the level of his heavenly world.

"System!" he called.

However, even after five breaths, the system, which had always been available, surprisingly didn't reply to Li Yunmu. He stared into the air, totally confused.

All the accomplishments he had were due to the system, apart from the opportunities he had obtained while in life and death situations. Before the system, he had needed to immerse himself in bitter cultivation and slowly accumulate flux energy. If it disappeared now, although Li Yunmu wouldn't lose his current combat strength, it would probably become much more difficult for him to advance by leaps and bounds in the future.


Following a sharp sound of someone clearing their throat, Ling Shuang who was wearing a white long skirt and holding a bowl filled with pitch black liquid appeared in Li Yunmu's vision.

"What exactly happened?"

The instant he looked at her, he knitted his brows, and his heart filled with doubts.

He didn't feel strange that he was safe and sound. If someone said that even with the system's greatest power his life couldn't be saved, then he would have long ago disappeared from the world!

But Ling Shuang's appearance put him at a loss. He had used up all his experience points to congeal the shadows, so it was impossible to remove her from God Undercurrent's control. Moreover, the system would definitely not take Ling Shuang along while escaping out of the kindness of its heart.

If Ling Shuang had returned to normal, then either God Undercurrent wasn't anxious to seize his body and instead thought of another trick to make sure Li Yunmu dropped his guard, or God Undercurrent had perished!

If asked to believe the former, then even if beaten to death, Li Yunmu wouldn't accept it. After all, as long as God Undercurrent was still alive, Li Yunmu wouldn't relax his vigilance even for a single moment. Moreover, God Undercurrent had received the backlash of his power at that time, so why hadn't he used the opportunity when Li Yunmu had lost consciousness to seize his body?

"The senior who had taken control of your body said that killing God Undercurrent had caused him to consume a lot of energy, so he will have to hibernate for a period of time. He asked you to live peacefully and not stir up any trouble."
Ling Shuang first repeated the system's warnings, then placed the bowl of pitch black liquid in front of Li Yunmu and said in a deep voice, "That senior asked us to prepare this for you. He urged us repeatedly to make sure you drink it on time since it will be beneficial for you."