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579 System Takes Action

Li Yunmu, who had been standing underneath God Undercurrent, suddenly lowered his head. A cryptic datastream suddenly began to flow through his eyes, and he slowly raised his long thin blade.


God Undercurrent was startled. He stared at Li Yunmu, who was lifting his blade, with dread raising in his heart!

However, it lasted only for a fleeting moment, because Li Yunmu throwing off his restrictions was actually within his expectations. After all, regardless of how large the price was, Li Yunmu would definitely use the same trick to throw off his restrictions when his body was about to be seized.

Li Yunmu's body shook suddenly, and a layer of golden light covered his rosy skin. It was densely packed with golden runes, which resembled an ancient language from the cultivation civilization before the Dark Ages, but God Undercurrent couldn't read them.

Admiralty Cover was fully unleashed, covering Li Yunmu's whole body. Given his ancient god level power, God Undercurrent wouldn't be able to injure Li Yunmu unless he found a flaw in Admiralty Cover's perfect defense!

The thin long blade was slowly lifted above the youth's head, and its tyrannical blade intent engulfed everything beyond it like a tide. Based on God Undercurrent's senses, it wasn't the least bit weaker than the violent storm just a moment ago.

Although the blade's onslaught was terrifying, God Undercurrent ignored its crazed attack on the black liquid around his body since it wasn't lethal at his level of strength.

Yet he still instinctively retreated a few hundred feet. He was clear in his heart that Li Yunmu's next skill would be his true lethal move!

"A mere ant dares to seize the body to which I had attached myself?"

Li Yunmu slowly raised his head. Endless numbers were flowing through his eyes.

He tightened his grip on the blade hilt which was raised above his head, and boundless blade intent exploded once more. Its might was several folds more terrifying than before!

Even with God Undercurrent's defense, the black liquid covering his body began to fall apart under the invasion of blade intent released by Li Yunmu. Although the damage healed swiftly, God Undercurrent's enormous body was becoming smaller at a visible speed!

"You! You are not Li Yunmu!" God Undercurrent shouted out in shock. His expression instantly filled with fear. "What power is this? Even my divine power was wiped out. Moreover it is permanently wiped now. You… what exactly are you?"

"Me?"'Li Yunmu' asked rhetorically. He slightly raised his thin lips and sneered, "I am the reason you staked your life to seize Li Yunmu's body—his opportunity!"

When Li Yunmu was caught up by God Undercurrent's mental restrictions, the Shadow Hack System didn't act like before. Instead of using up all the accumulated resources to break him free from God Undercurrent's control, it assumed direct control of Li Yunmu's body.

After all, even if the system returned the body to Li Yunmu, he definitely wouldn't be able to escape.

Ghostly Image Substitution was powerful, but when faced with an opponent of God Undercurrent's level, even if Li Yunmu sacrificed his shadow to escape into the void, he wouldn't fare any better than Underground Serpent's assassin.

God Undercurrent's heart suddenly went cold. He had never expected that the opportunity obtained by Li Yunmu would actually have its own consciousness. Moreover, it could also assume control of the youth's body.

God Undercurrent had trouble trying to imagine what level of existence could have left such a thing, but he guessed that it would have lived before the Dark Ages. It had to be one of the legends from before the Dark Ages!

Thunder and fiendish energies slowly gathered at the edge of the thin long blade. Without giving God Undercurrent any opportunity to talk nonsense, 'Li Yunmu' struck as lightly as a feather.

That was the truth, the strike was as light as a feather. Anyone watching it wouldn't feel the slightest bit threatened by it.

Even so, God Undercurrent could clearly feel his death!

"I don't accept this! I also had a great opportunity, great fortune also smiled upon me, then why—"

God Undercurrent hadn't finished speaking when he was obliterated by Li Yunmu's strike.

Little Qing who had morphed into the thin long blade quickly rushed into Li Yunmu's heavenly world, terrified of the system who had taken control of its master's body. After the conclusion of the battle, it didn't want to stay around it for even a moment!

After the death of God Undercurrent, the mental restrictions he had placed instantly dispersed. Ling Shuang and the other formidable lifeforms of the Seventh Dimension under his control all recovered their consciousness.

The group of the most powerful lifeforms headed by Ling Shuang looked at the figure in the sky one after another with pale complexions. It was true that they had been under the control of God Undercurrent, but they had still possessed their consciousness. They could see but were unable to control themselves and would implement every order of God Undercurrent like an imperial edict.

The allied army had retreated, but they hadn't left the battlefield. Everyone still alive saw clearly how God Undercurrent was obliterated by Li Yunmu in a single strike!

Apart from Ling Shuang, all the powerhouses of the Seventh Dimension shuddered. They weren't clear about Li Yunmu's next action, for instance, how he would deal with them.


In front of a senior who could obliterate an ancient god level expert in one strike, could they escape? Wouldn't be just fleeing to a faster death?


While pondering over the way to deal with those who had seen its strength, the system suddenly looked up. It raised its right hand and cut space. Ignoring the spatial chaos in the void, it escaped right into it!

Instantly after, the system made a grab, and when it brought its hand back, it held a parchment!

After reading its contents, the system's strange smile froze. It was still thinking of how to squeeze more benefits from Li Yunmu's body. After all, since it had acted personally this time, it would definitely not do it free of charge!

If Li Yunmu hadn't been its master, it definitely wouldn't have bothered with such a trifling matter. However, if Li Yunmu perished, the system would fall asleep once more. Who knew how long would it take for it encounter a new master?

Humanity might already be destroyed by that time. If that happened, would the cultivation methods recorded in its database still have any meaning? If it couldn't take action when humanity was on the eve of a calamity, would its existence still have any worth?