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576 Curiosity and Hesitation

Special energy: Fiend Origin

Rank: ??? grade.

Units: 20000

Properties: attach fiend, congeal fiend.

Attach fiend: attaching the fiendish energy stored in the Fiend Origin to the attack. The amplification will depend upon the amount of fiend energy used.

Congeal fiend: absorbing a large amount of fiendish energy to condense Fiend Origin's attribute. Every day, a certain amount of fiend energy will be automatically consumed.

Side effects: Long time usage of the fiendish energy will have certain influence on the host's nature.

Those were the characteristics of the Fiend Origin energy as listed out by the system. Naturally, the thing about which Li Yunmu was the most concerned was the last one. Although the system hadn't given any details, Li Yunmu could guess that the fiendish energy would turn him into an increasingly crueler person whose actions would become more and more unreasonable as time passed. The person would also grow increasingly more cold and detached.

In short, if Li Yunmu continued using the power of Fiend Origin or even got excessively dependent on it, he would transform into a monster. At that time, regardless of whether it was Earth or any other dimensional plane, none of them would be able to hold him!

Although the system hadn't listed the aftereffects of using attach fiend ability, Li Yunmu it could infatuate anyone by its ability to cut everything in its path like ants!

Given his tyrannical physical body, if he also gained such a domineering offensive power, then which person in the world be able to bar his way?


He released a breath of impure air and decided to renounce the alluring thought, resolving to seal the new power in his body for the time being. He definitely wouldn't use the fiendish energy, unless as a last resort!

After containing his thoughts with great difficulty, Li Yunmu opened his mouth after a long time.

"System, list out the properties of the new Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow. I want to see what sort of transformation had occurred!"

Battle Skill: Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow.

Level: extraordinary sage.

Potential evaluation: SSS+

Properties: soul hunting, fiend invasion.

Soul hunting: once Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow locks on a person, then as long as the person doesn't escape the arrow's range, they will be hunted down until Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow is destroyed or the target is hit!

Fiend invasion: Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow will produce illusions in target's mind and even impair their awareness. The precise effect will be based upon the target's willpower and strength!

Since Li Yunmu had comprehended Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow, he had never stopped tempering it. After all, this battle skill could be said to be the most powerful long range attack technique in his arsenal, but regardless of his efforts, this foundation skill had remained stuck at the integration level.

But now, it seemed that the fiend energy in his body had been sufficient to comprehend the skill, but not to advance it to the next realm. Thus, once Fiend Origin was condensed in Li Yunmu's body, the skill had reached extraordinary sage level in one stroke!

Clearly, the blood and flesh energy of the dead cultivators absorbed in the ten directional devil spell had been purified into the most primal type of energy. Because of it, when Li Yunmu used Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal and absorbed it, the system transformed it into all sorts of different energies.

The large increase in space elements had greatly shocked him. It has to be known that the space elements were far more difficult to accumulate than the experience and ability points.

As for the two skills mentioned by the system, Li Yunmu had already seen their details. Apart from not being able to use Fiend Origin for the time being, he was completely satisfied with the transformation in Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow. 

His extreme range with it had been quite terrifying before, but now the arrow would even weaken the enemy's awareness to a certain degree. Those with weak strength would move chaotically in Li Yunmu's range like headless flies, unable to escape their death!

The system hadn't mentioned anything about his physical body, but it had naturally received a great amplification as well. Only when compared to the two newly comprehended skills that the boost in his physical strength was not worth mentioning.

"Given my present physical strength, could I perhaps be able to compete against people like Battle God?" Li Yunmu mumbled to himself and looked below to observe the situation on the impregnable pass.

Li Yunmu was quite surprised to see that after he had pointed it out, the warriors of the allied forces had destroyed the impregnable pass which was originally quite lofty. Although some of the places remained, they couldn't suppress the people at the level of supreme transcending powerhouses. Only the ordinary fluxers of the allied forces would find their strength suppressed.

With the strength of the five supreme transcending expert fully unleashed, their true combat prowess wasn't very far from reaching half step deity. Moreover, they were five against one, so from the beginning of the battle, Battle God's side had completely suppressed God Undercurrent!

In the pass, regardless of whether it were the fluxers on Battle God's side or the troops of God Undercurrent, all of them had retreated from the battlefield where the blood of their comrades had been shed. After the impregnable pass was broken, the so-called powerhouses couldn't stay around any longer.

When Li Yunmu looked at the fight below him, he saw God Undercurrent who was being suppressed by the five people suddenly smile in a strange manner. The next instant, his right hand was covered in a layer of black liquid, and God Undercurrent shook it fiercely.


Incomparably terrifying power instantly exploded, and a sandstrom which filled the entire sky suddenly rose up. Even with his present vision, Li Yunmu was surprisingly unable to see through it. He was no longer able to know what was happening underneath!


As the sandstrom slowly settled, Li Yunmu couldn't help but inhale cold air. The whole ground underneath was covered by the pitch black liquid. Battle God's group of five which had held the advantage until then was surprisingly lying on the ground, gasping for breath based on their appearance.

The black liquid covering the bodies of the five supreme transcending experts seemed to be alive. Even from such a distance, Li Yunmu could sense their vitality being sapped quickly. If the actions of God Undercurrent weren't stopped, Earth's highest powers would probably cease to exist!

Li Yunmu was about to take action, but he suddenly recalled the five supreme transcending experts watching calmly when God Undercurrent was nearing him and relaxed.
He began to hesitate, unable to reach a decision. There was a good chance that Battle God and the others would still see him as an enemy in the future.