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571 None of My Enemies Will Leave the Battlefield Alive

The five supreme experts of Earth turned into five rays of light and rushed toward God Undercurrent who had a smile plastered across his face.

Li Yunmu slightly retreated. He simply didn't want to be drawn into the battle between the six terrifying existences. After all, battling with any one of them would have serious consequences for him. Although it was impossible for them to directly kill him, the conflict with them would greatly slow down his recovery speed.

God Undercurrent's troops and the allied army had already began to fight in close quarters. Previously, the Earth's forces had to endure a bombardment to reach the wall, which made sure that even if they weren't dead, they wouldn't have any flux energy remaining in their body. This was the reason why when the two sides clashed previously, God Undercurrent's forces would massacre the fluxers of the allied army!

But this time was different. With a ferocious person like Li Yunmu destroying the defensive weapons, apart from a few unlucky fluxers who were turned into mincemeat because of the explosions, others didn't have even a hair damaged before reaching the wall!

After the forces of both sides collided, the ranks of the arrogant God Undercurrent's side were instantly thrown into disarray by the allied forces!

The sound of space being cleaved could be heard, and an arrow nailed a fluxer behind Li Yunmu to the stone rampart. When he glanced back, he saw its tail still quivering. Clearly, the strength poured into the arrow was close to the archer's full strength!

Li Yunmu slightly raised his eyebrows and looked back. He happened to see a tall female figure hidden among the crowd, but it immediately disappeared without any trace.

The fluxers from Earth both admired and envied Li Yunmu. There were even some who hated him, but after Li yunmu destroyed the defensive weapons, it was tantamount to saving their lives, so naturally those who were secretly grateful toward him were secretly protecting him.


After Li Yunmu exhaled a large mouthful of impure air, the cyan long spear in his hand suddenly distorted and turned into a cyan flux energy longbow.

The power of the black-red Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow caused anyone's heart to palpitate. It penetrated through the fluxers in its way and struck the two leaders who were preparing to counterattack. They had already repelled the allied forces three times.

With Blind Shot in addition to Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow's 'soul hunting' property, the entire impregnable pass and even the surrounding area turned into Li Yunmu's personal hunting ground. Some prey might not die from one arrow, but there definitely wasn't any prey which could avoid his arrows!

Some people inwardly sighed at Li Yunmu's terrifying recovery ability. Just a moment ago, a senior fluxer who was almost touching him had been nailed to the ston, and he instantly used the longbow to eliminate a number of enemy leaders holding small checkpoints which were hard to capture for the allied army.

"Everyone, this pass can not only suppress our strength, but even that at the level of Battle God. After conquering the wall, we don't need to rush toward the guards responsible for defending the wall if not necessary. Our priority is destroying this pass which would liberate our supreme transcending experts!"

Li Yunmu's calm voice startled God Undercurrent who was already in a bitter struggle. He hated that he had been unable to remove Li Yunmu from the world.

His strength had broken through the battle sage realm long ago, but Barbarian Niu's body was far from reaching deity realm. Because of that, the highest cultivation he could display was peak battle sage. Therefore, regardless of whether suppression of impregnable pass existed or not, God Undercurrent's strength remained at peak battle sage level. He was more formidable compared to Battle God, but he couldn't become more powerful than that.

If the impregnable pass was destroyed, the suppressing force field he had established with great difficulty would also vanish. At that time, Battle God and the other four would recover their peak strength. With his strength only at peak battle sage level, God Undercurrent would be forced to flee unless he wanted to perish in battle!

"Little bastard!"

God Undercurrent licked his lips. After forcing Sword Sage to retreated three steps with one punch, he coldly commanded, "Ling Shuang, stop that youngster Li Yunmu. Everyone else, use your full strength to protect this checkpoint. Before my battle concludes, no one is allowed to retreat even half a step! All the violators will be killed!"

Ling Shuang, who had a cold expression on her face, lightly waved her hand and commanded in a deep voice, "Barrier troops, attack!"

Before she even finished, several hundred fluxers clad in black armor made of dimensional beasts' leather walked forward. They unceasingly moved their blades. Each an every retreating fluxer died under their combat blades!

Under the threat of death and blood, the fluxers were enraged and rushed toward the allied forces one after another. They began to resist the offense of Earth's army once more!

While tightly holding the longbow in which Little Qing had morphed, Li Yunmu said in a deep voice, "Everyone, Senior Sword Sage's words weren't empty. Either we defeat God Undercurrent today or we return to Earth in a sorry state and wait for the enemy to settle accounts at an opportune moment.

"Does anyone want to return to Earth empty-handed? I, Li Yunmu, don't want to ever be humiliated in this manner, so today I swear that not one enemy soldier will be able to leave this battlefield as long as I'm standing.

"They can only retreat once they're dead!"

The morale of every fluxer of Earth rose sharply. Originally, the five supreme transcending experts couldn't hold their own against God Undercurrent, which had greatly harmed the army's morale, but Li Yunmu's words had caused it to swell up.

After Battle Sage Vega entered the battle, there was no one who could command and reorganize the allied army.

Those using light weapons were continuously advancing toward the enemy camp, hoping to penetrate even more checkpoints and provide more ground to their comrades fighting on the wall.

Those with long range weapons were glaring at the enemy like a tiger watching its prey, prepared to shoot anytime the enemy tried to recapture the wall. The most relaxed people on the battlefield were those using the heavy weapons, since they were simply targeting the checkpoints and bombarding them!

At this instant, people didn't care about gratitudes and grudges. Almost everyone's lives were bound to each other, and all of them were at ease with a comrade at their back. After al, this was a battle for the entire human race!

Perhaps humanity didn't have good roots and was fond of considering itself as the master of the world. It was also fond of fighting among itself for the smallest of benefits, but every time this race was at the juncture when its life and death would be determined, all of its people abandoned their hatred and joined together against a common enemy. This was the reason why humanity could inhabit the Earth for countless eras!