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567 The Prologue of the Battle

"Do whatever you're good at, but don't interfere with my movements."

After coldly leaving this line, Li Yunmu began to advance toward the impregnable pass step by step. Each of them easily covered more than ten feet.

After Li Yunmu was some distance away, Crow Sage swallowed his saliva and said with a lowered head, "Your Grace Battle God, this youngster is really rather arrogant. Even if your distinguished self has a forgiving heart and cannot bear to kill him directly, shouldn't you have taught him a lesson whatever his reasons?

Battle God didn't pay attention to Crow Sage's words and instructed in a loud voice, "Everyone, make your preparations. After twenty minutes, we will launch a full on attack on the impregnable pass. We have been stopped for here for too long, so this time, we must definitely capture it!"

With a person like Li Yunmu who had an extremely domineering body leading the charge, Earth's allied forces didn't need to be concerned about the annoying defensive weapons. As long as they could break through the impregnable pass, holding it down wouldn't be a difficult matter!

After Li Yunmu shook off Earth's allied forces, he couldn't get rid of his disgust for them. They kept repeating words like 'for the benefit of humanity', but in their heart, they didn't understand what was important and what was not. Just a bit of profit in front of their eyes would make them forget everything. Who knew how they had cultivated this far!

"System, if I forcibly break through this impregnable pass, how large is the possibility that I will perish here?"

"Based on the analysis, if host is determined to break through by himself, then the possibility of perishing is 37%!]

Close to 40% chance of dying caused Li Yunmu's heart to clench; however, he still hardened his resolve. According to his estimation, of the total 37%, close to 30% were because of God Undercurrent's residence being close to the impregnable pass!

Otherwise, there was no way that Earth's allied forces would have been held up for so long. Even the leaders of the six transcending powers had been unable to break through. This clearly revealed that just behind the checkpoint, there was an existence which struck fear even in the hearts of the leaders of the six transcending powers!

In the meantime, God Undercurrent, who was the cause of the apprehension in the heart of Earth's allied forces, was standing atop the walls of the impregnable pass, coldly watching the slender silhouette coming closer step by step.

"Should I say that you are too bold? Or should I say that you are too stupid? Even the top experts of the six transcending powers had been staying obediently at this pass without daring to move forward, but you want to break through on your own. Hmm…"

Before God Undercurrent finished speaking, his attention was caught by a silhouette emitting terrifying presence in the allied army's camp. Battle God, who was armed to the teeth, had risen in the air, and behind him were the top human powerhouses.

All of them were fully armed and filled with a terrifying killing intent, which could cause anyone's heart to palpitate. Even a formidable expert at the level of God Undercurrent couldn't help but feel his heart tighten at such a sight.

"Inform everyone to immediately go to the pass. They seem to have gone crazy all at once! We must hold this pass even if more than half of us fall."

God Undercurrent's gaze fell on Ling Shuang's body when he gave her the command while appearing to be completely calm. The controlled woman nodded and transformed into a ray of light that swept toward the resting area in the impregnable pass. After a few breaths, more than ten rays of lights rushed in different directions.

At the allied army's camp, Battle Sage Vega was watching the rays of light rushing in different directions. With the slightest change on her cold face, she commanded in a voice much more serious than before, "Ask for the help of soldiers, scouts, lone wolves, and ambushers in the vicinity of the camp. I don't need for all of them to stay, but at least half of them must."

Ten of the senior fluxers affiliated with Vega Temple quickly left the tent which was the core of the army.

If Battle God was the sharpest knife of the allied army, then Battle Sage Vega was the brain who controlled the entire situation. Whether it was due to her strength or intelligence, she was fully qualified to occupy this position. The many years she had spent defending the Central Continent hadn't gone to waste!

But with her strength and position, there were many things which she couldn't accomplish. In fact, rather than saying she couldn't, it would be better to say she didn't dare.

For example, she didn't dare to adopt Li Yunmu's attitude of facing ten million men on her own or turning all of the top powerhouses into her enemy without any hesitation. She couldn't ruthlessly retaliate against God Undercurrent either. That sort of domineering attitude, how many people in a generation could display it?

With Li Yunmu's interference, the prologue to the final battle which Battle Sage Vega and Battle God had awaited for a long time finally began.

The hearts of the top powerhouses had almost collapsed. Previously, they had tried to turn Li Yunmu into a criminal against the whole humanity just so they could return to Earth and protect their forces. They had acted as if as long as he died, all the problems which humanity faced would be solved!

But no one had expected that this 'criminal of humanity' would surprisingly dare to come to the Seventh Dimension and pick a fight with God Undercurrent, rushing off straight toward the impregnable pass which had been obstructing the army's advance for a long time.

When the 'criminal' attacked, all the top powerhouses who kept babbling that everything was for the benefit of humanity watched foolishly from the back. There was little doubt that their names would be muddled when they returned to Earth!

Before the Dark Ages, there was a saying, that there was no free lunch in the world. It was impossible for them to not pay the price for their actions!

The powerhouses behind Battle God and Sword Sage were like people strolling around in a park. With each step of Battle God, God Undercurrent felt the gaze upon him burn even hotter.

He was standing above the impregnable pass, thinking about how his strength had greatly improve. Yet it was still restricted at Frontline God's level. Under the pressure, it might raise up a bit more, but it would be only a minor improvement. The enemy, however, had five people. The difficulty of the battle rose vertically in a straight line, especially since Earth's allied forces had an existence called Li Yunmu.

It could be said that the battle's outcome was already set in stone, and it proclaimed human victory!

I'm being forced to eat sh*t here. Why did I go provoke this troublesome youngster!

God Undercurrent secretly blamed his own decision in his heart.

Who had known about Li Yunmu's temperament of not being afraid of the consequences. As long as someone provoked him, he would take his revenge sooner or later. However, God Undercurrent was clear that if he hadn't spread the information, Li Yunmu wouldn't have come in contact with him so early!