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566 Those who Walk Barefoot Don“t Fear People Wearing Shoes

When confronted with the group of completely silent powerhouses, Li Yunmu only sneered. At the time he had just started on his path of cultivation, the number of top powerhouses and sects under them whose malicious intentions he had resisted weren't few in number. Now though, after spectating the confrontation between him and Battle God, none of them dared to step forward.

All of their expressions held anger. Although there were also people with whom Li Yunmu had good relations, they were so few of them it would raise people's hackles. Among the gathered top powerhouses, Crow Sage had the ugliest expression. It wasn't long ago that he had set a trap to kill Li Yunmu.

Although other powerhouses weren't so senseless as to go and say something about him, it was highly possible that some of the clever ones or those who intended to form good relations with Li Yunmu would go and deliberately babble.

"You are Li Yunmu? You certainly are powerful." Crow Sage grinned and raised his tone to address everyone. "Originally, we thought that by relying on your strength, you had no way to kill Frontline God in a battle, but now…"

Since he had already offended Li Yunmu, he might as well offend him to death. Crow Sage thus found the perfect time when all the top powerhouses were gathered to land the first strike against Li Yunmu.

Although the battle moments ago had been brief, the majority of powerhouses had clearly seen Battle Sage not using his full strength when he unleashed Sword Draw. He hadn't even used a weapon, but Crow Sage still seized the moment.

Then, as long as Battle God confirmed that Li Yunmu killed Frontline God, then even if the youth had three heads and six hands, he couldn't overturn the rising tide!

Surprisingly though, none of the top powerhouses opened their mouth to agree with Crow Sage. It has to be known that although Battle God hadn't used his full strength, hadn't Li Yunmu come with a heavily injured body? If by any chance the youth survived the day, could they still hope for him to let them off in the future?

Furthermore, Battle God was a proud and arrogant person. Such an existence viewed raising his hand against a person lower than him as a disgrace. Besides, Li Yunmu was seriously injured, so the possibility of Battle God attacking him was next to impossible, unless…

"I see, you probably have already relied on God Undercurrent for help, right? Can it be assumed then that after plotting to murder Frontline God, you've now come to attack us? You say that you stand on our side, but when you returned to Earth, why didn't you establish contact with us straight away? Instead, you went on a rampage against fluxers in Lucky Wind City and acted like a hegemon on Earth!"

Seeing that people hadn't agreed with him, Crow Sage almost gnashed his teeth, but on the outside, he maintained his calm. He showed neither sorrow nor happiness while launching another blow against Li Yunmu.

Battle God wouldn't attack someone who was weaker than him, let alone someone seriously injured, even if that person had the strength to battle him. Crow Sage was well aware of this, so after his first strike failed, he opened his mouth once more and attempted to push Li Yunmu toward God Undercurrent's side. If he was turned into an enemy of the entire humanity, Battle God would not remain still. He wasn't someone who was completely inflexible with his ideals.

"What, you want to kill me?"

Li Yunmu slightly narrowed his eyes, a dangerous coldness flickering in them.

Originally, he hadn't planned to make such a bombasting entrance, like his previous exchange with Battle God. He hadn't even recognized that the person welcoming him was surprisingly the most powerful person under the deity realm on Earth. According to his original plan, he was only supposed to check out the people and the defensive weapons deployed before the impregnable pass.

But all sorts of coincidences had already pushed him to the stage, so Li Yunmu might as well do away with all politeness. After all, none of the top powerhouses was an amiable character, and since they were already full of malice toward him, this wouldn't change even in the future. If he didn't do anything, he would have to blindly submit to humiliation and once more become chess piece in their hands, waiting to be discarded once they extracted all worth from him.

"Li Yunmu, you are truly arrogant!" Crow Sage furiously criticized him without thinking anything.

He didn't believe that Li Yunmu could continuously use the previous strike which had stunned even Battle God. Besides, he was currently seriously injured, so it was impossible for him to display his full strength.


Li Yunu took a step, and it seemed as if the entire heaven and earth shook. The terrifying physical strength began to flow out of his body, ready to erupt at any moment!


Battle God who had been silent suddenly opened his mouth to berate them. Instantly, the terrifying aura congealed by Li Yunmu dispersed like clouds after a mad squall. Even his heart which was filled with killing intent gradually cooled down.

Li Yunmu was completely clear in his heart that although Crow Sage harbored malicious intentions toward him, his words weren't wrong. He had indeed acted arrogantly. This was the main camp of the allied forces of the entire humanity where all the top experts had gathered. Even Crow Sage who could only be considered among second or third tier fluxers and whom Li Yunmu didn't place in his eyes was an extremely powerful existence!

After scattering Li Yunmu's killing intent with a shout, Battle God turned his head and gave an indifferent look to Crow Sage. "Whether for good or bad, you are a senior expert, so you should treat others with the same courtesy. Do you think that apart from you, everyone here is an idiot? You were trying to use someone else's knife to kill him, but don't you think you tried to use the wrong person's knife?"

Upon hearing such words, Crow Sage lowered his head in shame. His both cheeks burned hotly, and even a hint of lingering fear took root in his heart. His desire to see Li Yunmu lose was so intense that he had even lost his reason.

He had surprisingly dared to use the master of a transcending power as his tool... attempted to exploit Battle Sage's power to kill Li Yunmu...

After reprimanding Crow Sage, Battle God slowly turned his head back and focused his gaze on Li Yunmu before coldly saying, "I still don't believe you, so I hope that you can provide an explanation for your actions after returning to Earth. Otherwise..."

"Or else there will be a price to pay, right?"

Li Yunmu slightly squinted his eyes like a cat enjoying the sunshine.

He had the confidence to say this line because given his physical strength, even if the masters of the five transcending powers attacked him together, it would not be enough. They could seriously injure him, but it was impossible for them to instantly kill him. The small amount of time would be enough for him to make his escape!

There was no place in the world where Li Yunmu couldn't go with the Void Disk in his hands!
He could only be stopped if a deity personally took action and absorbed him into their world before he could respond!