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565 Sword Draw VS Heavenly Blade


After sensing a human attack, Battle God, who had walked out of his camp, narrowed his eyes. His senses passed through countless army tents, locking on the azure figure rushing toward the camp, and he felt his breathing stop!

Even if Frontline God hadn't died at Li Yunmu's hand, it was obvious that they had traded blows. Battle God didn't doubt it in the least. Given his understanding of the sly fox God Undercurrent, he had definitely killed Frontline God after the traces of Li Yunmu's energy had entered his body!

Since Frontline God had traded blows with Li Yunmu, the young man's condition at that moment was quite wrong. Even if he possessed tyrannical physical body and didn't need to recuperate for a year and a half like ordinary fluxers, he would definitely need some time to rest, right?

However, given Li Yunmu's present state, he didn't seem to be injured in the least!

Outside the camp, Li Yunmu sensed that someone had locked onto him, but he didn't find that unexpected. After all, the supreme powerhouses of the five transcending powers were all present in the allied army camp!

At that moment, Li Yunmu had only one thought—first cut apart this tortoise shell and then think of other things!

One attack couldn't shatter the protective spell formation and had even counter-attacked him with enough power to blow him away. From the time he began cultivating, he hadn't eaten such a loss. If he couldn't shatter this tortoise shell for that, he would have no excuse for himself!

"Open formation, I will go to him."

With one step, Battle God reached the edge of the allied camp, and his resonant voice echoed through it. The next instant, Battle God swept past the tents and rushed straight at Li Yunmu. His imposing manner did not lose to that of Li Yunmu, even slightly suppressing him!

"Sword Draw!"

"Heavenly Blade!"

Two loud shouts echoed at the same time when Li Yunmu saw a silhouette rushing toward him. The opponent's speed was extremely fast, which preventing him from seeing their face clearly. He could sense, however, that the opponent wasn't weak. If he dared to meet his attack head-on, how could he be considered weak?

Li Yunmu didn't have the option of using an ordinary strike anymore and was forced to use his most formidable blade skill. At the same time, Admiralty War's dragon in his body roared and attached itself to the Heavenly Blade's cyan blade intent, making its might extraordinary!

Although Li Yunmu had observed the Heavenly Blade in his mind and practiced it several times, he had no idea that its full-powered strike could resonate with Admiralty War's dragon. With the two skills combining, his might rose to next level!

Battle God might have been empty handed, but in his realm, apart from supreme treasures like the Azure Dragon Deity Suit, other ordinary equipment was completely useless of him. Moreover, he didn't want to kill Li Yunmu but to confirm one thing—whether Li Yunmu could resist a strike from a supreme powerhouse!

Sword Draw was the most basic type of blade skill. According to legend, when it was cultivated to the peak, just unsheathing the blade would release a power equivalent to the power used by Pangu to cleave apart heaven and earth. Li Yunmu had never seen it before, but unfortunately for Battle God, he used it against a blade skill which had reached excellence!

When the blade energy produced empty handed collided with the blade energy of the heavenly blade with a golden dragon tangled around it, the dispersed energy actually spread over a thousand kilometers area after the collision. Even the color of the cyan energy film protecting the allied camp lightened several times. It actually wasn't far from collapsing completely!


Li Yunmu became inwardly apprehensive. Admiralty War's dragon mainly focused on defense, but when combined with the Heavenly Blade's blade energy, it would even be able to force Frontline God to retreat. After all, he would not be able to break this blade energy and have to rely on his flesh and treasures to resist it!

But the senior who met his attack directly surprisingly shattered his golden dragon heavenly blade attack empty handed by just motioning the moves of pulling out a blade. What sort of terrifying existence was this?

"Ha ha." Battle God smiled faintly and raised his head in high spirits. "Li Yunmu, seems like we have greatly underestimated you. With a seriously injured body, you used a strike which could threaten even me. Seems like Frontline God's defeat at your hands wasn't due to a fluke."

Even if there was a smile on Battle God's face, Li Yunmu could clearly sense the killing intent flowing like water from him. The strike which he had accidentally learned had surprisingly even caused the famed Battle God to feel threatened.

What did this imply? It clearly implied that there was a possibility of Frontline God dying at his hands!

Moreover, when Li Yunmu heard Battle God's words, he clearly understood that the news of Frontline God perishing had already spread to the Seventh Dimension.

He sent Little Qing back into his world, and his Azure Dragon Expert Armor also gradually dissipated. Although the collision with Battle God didn't result in Li Yunmu's complete loss, his complexion paled greatly.

When a formidable fluxer who possessed vigorous energy had the color drain from his face, it could only mean one thing—Li Yunmu's injuries had become far worse after Battle God's strike!

When confronted with Battle God's gaze which was full of killing intent, Li Yunmu could only shake his head lightly and calmly say, "Frontline God and I indeed traded a blow, but he heavily injured me in one strike, so a life and death battle was out of question. Frontline God's death is God Undercurrent's doing."

"You saying that doesn't make it true." Battle God lifted up his chin and arrogantly said, "I only know that Frontline God went to deliver a part of the Azure Dragon Deity Suit to you and that the power you displayed just now could indeed threaten a battle sage!"

"Whether you believe or not, that's up to you," Li Yunmu said coldly while shrugging. "I didn't come to the Seventh Dimension to prove anything. My only goal is to retaliate against God Undercurrent. If you want to block my path, then I cannot do anything but..."

After speaking up to this point, Li Yunmu suddenly raised his voice, "Everyone should have seen my strength and potential. If you want to attack me, best have complete certainty in being able to kill me; otherwise, regardless of who it is or what sort of power they have behind them, I will make them pay the price!"


This word rose in heart of every powerhouse who witnessed the exchange between Battle God and Li Yunmu. Yet he could even compete with Battle God on even equal terms, so why wouldn't he be arrogant?