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550 One out of a Hundred

The system had upgraded to the seventh level because Li Yunmu had accidently cleared some unknown condition. With it, the system had finally advanced to the seventh level after remaining at the sixth level for a long time.

Clearly, the three functions above the skills should be the new changes which had come from the latest upgrade.

The first function was forgetting comprehended skills. After close inspection, he found this function was exactly as the name implied. It assisted the host in forgetting the surplus useless or not important skills.

This would clear up the long list in his arsenal, so when the shadows were killing monsters, they wouldn't be slowed down by an excessive amount of foundational skills. With that, the proficiency of the necessary skills would increase much quicker.

Naturally, this forgetting function wasn't without its merits. If he chose to forget some comprehended skills, their proficiency would be converted to comprehension points based on their grade.

The second function was to fuse comprehended skills, and it was even easier to explain. He needed to choose at least two skills from the pile of comprehended skills, and as long as they fulfilled the criteria, they could be fused to create a new skill. Naturally, whether the new skill was stronger or weaker compared to the original ones could only be determined after Li Yunmu tested it out.

The third function was breakthrough. After a simple glance, Li Yunmu discovered that not every comprehended skill could have a breakthrough. There were two conditions which needed to be fulfilled for it to be possible.

First, the proficiency level of the comprehended skill had to reach the highest ninth level, extraordinary sage. Only then could it make a breakthrough to the next stage, which naturally implied a qualitative transformation.

The second condition was enough comprehension points. Where did they come from? They were the compensation for forgotten skills.

Li Yunmu carefully researched the three functions for a long while before finally deciding to act. He chose to forget the skills which were completely unusable or didn't have much of an impact at his current cultivation.

After making the plan in his mind, he commanded the system, "I choose Charged Assault, Heavy Chop, Heavy Leap Strike, Violent Blade, these four skills to forget."

The reason why Li Yunmu chose these four skills was very simple, because Violent Blade Heavy Leap Strike was the skill learned by the system from the combination of the four.

Thus, he didn't need the superfluous Charged Assault, Heavy Chop, Heavy Leap Strike. Even Violent Blade was the same. It wasn't that Violent Blade which had enormous potential wasn't important to him, but that as long as he had Violent Blade Heavy Leap Strike, he still had the knowledge of the above four skills.

Because of that, as long as he forgot them, then when shadows single-mindedly focused on hacking, they would only use the Violent Blade Heavy Leap Strike. This would increase the proficiency of the combined skill.

[Host has chosen to forget Charged Assault, Heavy Chop, Heavy Leap Strike, and Violent Blade. The system asks the host to confirm his choice once again. If you choose to confirm, there would be no way to restore the forgotten skills,] the system aptly reminded him.


Following Li Yunmu's reconfirmation, Charged Assault, Heavy Chop, Heavy Leap Strike, Violent Blade instantly disappeared from the panel of his foundational skills. A series of the system's notifications followed right after.

[Ding, Charged Assault which you've chosen to forget is a D grade skill, proficiency of extraordinary sage, so you obtain one thousand contribution points.]

[Ding, you've chosen to forget Heavy Chop, because it is a D grade comprehension skill with the proficiency of extraordinary sage, you have obtained one thousand comprehension points.]

[Ding, you've chosen to forget Heavy Leap Strike. Because of it being a C grade comprehension skill with a proficiency of extraordinary sage, you have obtained ten thousand comprehension points.]

[Ding, you've chosen to forget Violent Blade. Because it is a B grade skill with proficiency of excellence, you have obtained seventy thousand comprehension points.]

A series of notifications flashed, resulting the new stat comprehension points instantly raising to eighty two thousand from zero.

After read through messages, Li Yunmu instantly understood how the forgetting worked. The number of comprehension points returned depended upon the grade and proficiency of the foundational skill.

Compared to Violent Blade, the skill which was B grade, Charged Assault and the others had lower potential and didn't provide him with many comprehension points. The majority of comprehension points had been obtained from forgetting Violent Blade.

After gaining a rough understanding of how everything worked, Li Yunmu continued to forget even more skills. Those who didn't possess sufficient strength or weren't required at his level he chose to forget one by one.

Forgetting Fist Skill… forgetting Tyrant Fist Skill…forgetting Kick Skill… forgetting Cricket Cut Kick… forgetting Heavy Kick… forgetting Basic Archery Technique… forgetting Heavy Archery… forgetting Spear Foundation Technique… forgetting Rapid Spear Technique… forgetting Dual Blade Technique… and so on.

Finally, after Li Yunmu had chosen to forget the majority of low potential skills, the amount of comprehension points he collected rose to 1.78 million.

Although the skills which he had chosen to forget included myriads of low potential worthless foundational skills, there were just way too many of them.

All them had been instinctively comprehended by the twelve shadows while hacking monsters, and their numbers surpassed several hundreds, which had just been forgotten by Li Yunmu.

In the end, there were only a little more than ten foundational skills with high potential were left on the panel.

Arrow Evasion, A grade crisis anticipating and evasion skill.

Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike, A grade final combination skill.

Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms, B grade arm resistance skill.

Insect Step, A grade agility skill.

Flash Step, A grade movement skill for eruption with speed.

Absolute Defense Tyrant Boxing, A grade bombarding fist skill.

Thunderous Pressure Kick, A grade high damage bombarding technique.

Blind Shot, S grade excess distance sight archery technique.

Three Part Origin Arrow, A grade tactical control archery technique.

Violent Blade Tyrannical Heavenly Chop, A grade energy storing high damage blade skill.

Unique Shadow Heavenly Blade Chop, S grade united shadow chop.

Shadow Carapace, S grade shadow life-saving technique.

In an instant, the originally several hundred skills were cleared by Li Yunmu, leaving behind only eleven most formidable foundational skills. All of them were B grade and above, and the three skills with the highest potential were even S grade.
After a careful observation, the majority of the skills comprehended by the shadows during their battle showed up to related to the skills Li Yunmu used personally.

The highest number of skills among those he retained involved blades. They were followed by fist and kicking skills, and finally, there was archery and escaping techniques.