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549 Integrating Comprehended Skills

"Witch Supreme Battlesuit?" Li Yunmu cried out in alarm.

The five supreme battlesuits on Earth were Azure Dragon Deity Suit, Barbarian Battle Deity Suit, Witch Deity Suit, Hegemonic Deity Suit, and Dual Star Deity Suit.

Since Witch Supreme Battlesuit had silently fallen into the hands of the evolved humans, it could be foreseen that Hai Yue could rely on it to congeal innate expert armor. Still, she would have to possess at least four or maybe even all five parts to do it. Otherwise, the mystery of the resources used by Hai Yue to congeal hr innate expert armor couldn't be solved.

Li Yunmu had been completely unprepared for this information that Li Qinghong had brought to him after her investigation.

He believed that Hai Yue's group of three women took the big picture into consideration more than Man Tian and the others, and their ambitions also weren't very great. This fact was clearly illustrated by Ruyan Lanzhi opening only one hundred and five flux points and then deciding to advance to great flux expert realm. It was clear that this woman had renounced her family's right to fight for control of Earth.

However, the relationship between Li Yunmu and them hadn't yet reached the stage of absolute trust.

"It seems that the gathering of descenders after two months won't be as simple as I'd hoped…"

The unexpected event of Hai Yue congealing the innate expert armor was sufficient to give a warning to Li Yunmu.

Since it was their final moment before return, he didn't want all his hard work to be useless at the final juncture.

Suddenly, a hint of decisiveness shone in his eyes.

Perhaps that that moment he ought to make a choice between long term and short term goals. At that thought, a hint of firmness appeared on his face.

"Alright, there are still two months left. I hope that I am not too late. During this time, you mustn't leave the snow mountain. There's no need to monitor their movements. I need to enter seclusion!"

Light flashed past Li Yunmu's eyes when he told Li Qinghong to stop monitoring the three women.

When all was said and done, the way the situation would develop would depend only on his personal strength.

If he possessed absolute strength, all the unexpected accidents or external forces would become meaningless. With that thought, Li Yunmu entered seclusion, sealing himself off from the outside world.

"Systen, list out my personal information."

After making the decision, Li Yunmu didn't hesitate, and the next instant, his personal profile appeared in his consciousness sea.

System: seventh level.

Host: Li Yunmu.

Shadows: twelve.

Experience point: three hundred ninety-six million.

Ability points: Two hundred seventy-eight million.

Space elements: one thousand and eight.

Comprehension points: zero.

Heavenly world: two sun.

Cultivation: first rank great flux expert. Flux energy strength - nine hundred and three. Physical strength - one thousand five hundred.

Bloodline: Great Sun Flood God Bloodline.

Comprehended foundational skills: Arrow Evasion Step (great heights), Cricket Cut Kick (extraordinary sage), Charged Assault (extraordinary sage), Repeated Chops (extraordinary sage), Repeated Leap Chops ( extraordinary sage), Violent Blade (excellence), Insect Step (great heights), Fist Skills (extraordinary sage), Tyrannical Cross-Shaped Arms (extraordinary sage), Tyrant Fist Skill (extraordinary sage), Flash Step (integration), Kicking Technique (extraordinary sage), Repeated Kicks (extraordinary sage), Thunderous Heavy Kick (excellence), Basic Archery Technique (extraordinary sage), Heavy Archery (extraordinary sage), Blind Shot (integration), Three Party Origin Arrow (reaching perfection), Absolute Defense Tyrant Boxing (reaching perfection), Violent Blade Tyrant Heavenly Chop (experience makes progress), Unique Shadow Heavenly Blade (small success), Shadow Carapace (integration).

Cultivation methods: Aurora Killing Justice, Chaotian Eight Steps, Great Sun Secret Technique, Wing God Tornado Kick, Spirit Pincer Steps, Spirit Pincer Ripping Technique, Ghostly Image Substitution, Ghostly Evasion, Ghost King's Body Refining Secrets, Devil Soul Refinement, Ghost Inheritance, Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal.

Body Refining Techniques: Admiralty Cover, Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, Cross Cover Armor, Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

Special cultivation methods: Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique, Infant Soul Preservation

Instant killing technique: Danger Critical Strike (Extinguisher).

Even Li Yunmu himself hadn't realized that the number of his foundational skills and cultivations methods had already risen this high.

Among them, there were some which he had comprehended and cultivated a long time ago when he was on Earth. But there were also some which he had comprehended or fortunately obtained after coming to the Origin World.

Li Yunmu hadn't once arranged the complicated cultivation methods and skills which he possessed. In the three years after descending, he had been focused on opening flux points and achieving a quick breakthrough in cultivation.

By then though, he had finally reached the great circle and opened all the one hundred and eight flux points. Furthermore, he had congealed the most formidable type of innate expert armor and entered the ranks of great flux experts.

If he wanted to advance his cultivation to the next stage, it was clearly more difficult and would be extremely slow.

After all, once he reached the great flux expert realm, then unless he possessed a systematic cultivation method of a first tier power, his desire to increase his cultivation to the tenth rank great flux expert would be extremely difficult to achieve.

With this being the case, he could only focus his attention on the skills which he had comprehended independently or perhaps increase his cultivation of the various techniques.

Although his cultivation couldn't rise to the next level in a short time, cultivation wasn't the only thing that represented battle prowess.

Before Li Yunmu had seen it, he hadn't been aware. But once he saw his personal profile, he was extremely stunned. He had been releasing the twelve shadows to sneak into the wilderness to continue hacking, and the number of his experience and ability points had surprisingly reached a few hundred millions.

Originally, he didn't plan to use his experience and ability points right away. He wanted to wait until the system upgraded to the tenth level so he could use the accumulated points to exchange for an even higher end energy unit.

He remembered that the system had previously divulged that he could currently only utilize two types of energy units, so he would need to exchange for an even higher grade energy unit to increase the cultivation of techniques which were classified as deity level cultivation methods.

But clearly, he couldn't wait for such a long time, so he decided to use the point which he had accumulated for a long time to increase his strength.

The next instant, his gaze fell upon another icon above all the comprehended skills.

While hacking during the past few years, the shadows had comprehended many new skills above the foundation skills which he had comprehended in the past.

His proficiency in them ranked from low to high in ascending order as follows: Basic Comprehension, Small Success, Experience Makes Progress Easy, Integrating and Linking, Reaching Perfection, Outstanding, Excellence, Great Heights, Extraordinary Sage. Altogether, there were nine grades!

Based on the, it was clear that when his proficiency reached the ninth grade, extraordinary sage, it represented that he had reached the limit of the foundational skill.

However, when Li Yunmu focused his attention of the various skills in that list, he noticed some changes that came when the system had recently upgraded to the seventh level.

And those changes included three new abilities. The first was forgetting comprehended skills, the second was fusing comprehended skills and the third was breaking through comprehended skills.