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548 Bound to Be Extraordinary

The western boundary of Lanlou was one of the countless snow-covered mountains in the territory of Flying Snow Mountain.

After bidding his farewell to Hai Yue and the other two women, Li Yunmu quietly hid himself in an unremarkable mountain in the Flying Snow Mountain Range. No one in the sect would know that he was hiding in its territory since he had fooled the warning system of their sect protecting great spell.

The reason why Li Yunmu had been able to infiltrate Xie Qianxue's sect so easily was only one, and its name was Little Qing.

She possessed the bloodline of an ancient devil beast and had the innate divine ability to morph. It, of course, was not as simple as it sounded.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be considered as a divine ability but just a low grade one.

Li Yunmu had exploited Little Qing's morphing ability and imitated the presence emitted by Xie Qianxue as well as the identification machinations unique to Flying Snow Mountain. With that, he had been able to sneak in without much trouble.

At that moment, he was sitting quietly against a wall in a cave on an unremarkable mountain.

Before long, an extremely elegant female returned from outside and reported in front of him. "Master, I have gained an approximate understanding of their current circumstances."

Once Li Qinghong returned to the mountain, her body shook and flashed once. A cyan light fell from her clothes and in a blink, it transformed into a cyan-colored little snake which scuttled to Li Yunmu's arm.

Little Qing's morphing ability had allowed her to walk freely through Lanlou for the past few days days without anyone in this enormous alliance discovering that she was a foreigner.

"Oh, do tell then," Li Yunmu said without moving from his position.

"Ruyan Lanzhi is affiliated with a power called Red Smoke Valley. Based on its comprehensive strength, Red Smoke Valley is ranked in the eleventh position among the thirty second tier powers. Three months ago, she had opened all the one hundred and five cultivation points at an astonishing speed and was promoted to a core disciple. Furthermore, she was also accepted as a legacy disciple by a sage flux expert elder.

"A month ago, she congealed her flux expert armor with resources far surpassing that of ordinary core disciples and advanced to the great flux expert realm. The expert armor she congealed should be treasure armor, and her present cultivation should be at the second rank. Her position and strength among the young generation of Red Smoke Valley is second only to the legacy disciple Hong Chen of the valley master.

"Xie Qianxue belongs to the Flying Snow Mountain Sect which ranks at the seventh position. More than a year ago, the sect master of the Flying Snow Mountain Sect made an exception because of unknown reasons and accepted her as a third successor disciple. Her present strength is unknown, but based on the information gathered by this subordinate in the past few days, she is yet to advance to great flux expert realm.

"It is extremely possible that she is attacking the final three flux points to reach the great circle, so her cultivation has come to a halt. Xie Qianxue's status in the Flying Snow Mountain Sect is rumored to be above the other two successor disciples. It is also said that the title of the heir of Flying Snow Mountain Sect would also fall on her.

"As for Hai Yue…"

When Li Qinghong mentioned Hai Yue's name, her expression turned complex.

"What about Hai Yue?"

Li Yunmu slightly raised his head.

"Compared to the success of Ruyan Lanzhi and Xie Qianxue, Hai Yue's current accomplishments are even higher. She belongs to the most formidable power of the alliance, Orchid Lake. By now, she has already been confirmed as the next leader of this power. Moreover, it is also rumored that half a year ago, she had battled against several third ranked great flux experts of the same sect on her own.

"Her present strength is even more deep and immeasurable. One month ago, Lanlou parliament even announced that she had been chosen as one of the candidates who could become the next ruler.

"Because Hai Yue receives secret protection from the Lanlou parliament even at the Orchid Lake, no detailed investigation could be conducted. However, I suspect that she had also congealed… innate expert armor."

Once Li Qinghong finished speaking, her complexion turned unsightly.

Clearly, Hai Yue's astonishing accomplishments and tremendous increase in strength in less than three years had given a psychological blow to her.

Some people were inevitably bound to be extraordinary. Hai Yue had been like that e on Earth, and even after descending to the more powerful Origin World, her background and accomplishments ensured that she would become a dazzling star.

"Innate expert armor!" Li Yunmu hissed through his teeth before taking in a deep breath.

Li Qinghong's personal conjunction was most likely correct. Only the fact that Hai Yue congealed an innate expert armor could explain how she could battle against several third rank great flux experts as early as half a year ago.

Also, her congealment of innate expert armor was the only explanation why she had been chosen as the successor for the Orchid Lake and even included in the list of candidates for rulers by the Lanlou parliament.

All of that could only be accomplished with innate expert armor!

But there was one question: where could she have gotten the resources to congeal the legendary innate expert armor?

It has to be known that only one in millions and millions of cultivators encountered such an opportunity. Even if Hai Yue was the holy daughter of the evolved humans, wasn't it a bit too outrageous?

After all, Li Yunmu had received the seeds of World Ancestor while also possessing the Black Devil King Armor, Snake Goddess' scale, three parts of Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit and so on. All of them were supreme treasures. If he had lacked any one of them, it would have been difficult for him to congeal the innate expert armor.

Li Yunmu was greatly surprised.

But despite that, he didn't feel that the news brought by Li Qinghong were a threat to him.

Even if Hai Yue had congealed innate expert armor, he didn't fear it in the least. After all, not everyone possessed Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique which allowed their flux energy strength to surpass the universal limit of flux experts.

Similarly, ownership of innate expert armor didn't mean that the person's flux energy strength would be amplified twenty-nine times, which was extremely close to the amplification provided by the divine grade innate expert armor.

Thus, after receiving all the news, Li Yunmu was still able to maintain his calm. Only his suspicions had grown.

Hai Yue, what exactly had she relied upon to condense the innate expert armor? Even if the seagod's people had supplied her with the greatest treasures on Earth, they were talking about innate expert armor. The requirements for congealing it were extremely harsh, so how could she congeal it by just relying on some precious treasures?

"Master, I can think of one possibility!"Li Qinghong suddenly said with surprise in her own voice.

"What is it?"

"Witch Deity Suit!" Li Qinghong said while emphasizing on each word.