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545 Retreating from the Precipice

The next day at dawn, Li Yunmu packed his things and quietly left Pangu City.

After coming out of the seclusion from the heavenly world, he made some discreet enquiries about the events after the auction. Wang Ren informed him that the Pangu True Armor had been obtained by the young Sound woman.

It was harder to learn about the reason why the trifling Heavenly Cats had surprisingly dispatched three sage cats without any hesitation and even joined hands with Devil Pythons to assassinate the young Sound woman.

Even if Wang Ren had a special position in Pangu City, he was still an ordinary person and couldn't know about the hidden motives behind the strange matter in the auction.

He could only obtain that information from rumors flying all through the city. It was said that the young Sound woman was the focus of the Dark Union.

As for the what was the Dark Union exactly?

Neither Li Yunmu nor Wang Ren knew much about this. Li Yunmu could only find a little information in the system's comprehensive database.

The Dark Union didn't refer toward some particular lifeform, but the members from any of the alien races which had been exiled or banished for following the dark path. It was a union established by those people.

Their objective was said to be the overthrow of the people ruling the Origin World and the destruction of the alliance of powers who governed over everyone. The Dark Union wanted to replace them at the top.

The main members of this organization harbored this thought in their hearts and were traitors with great ambitions. However, everyone else simply called them degenerates.

The Dark Union actually accepted the degenerates from all alien races. The organization was quite loose, but it still brought many ambitious and formidable people under one umbrella.

Some of them were powerhouses who'd never accepted the restrictions and rules of the Origin World. They did as they pleased since they possessed extremely formidable strength. Because of that, the Dark Union was able to hold on for a long time even while facing the joint attacks of every formidable race in the Origin World.

With time, it was only becoming more formidable and undisciplined.

The Dark Union was probably among the very few powers which could be considered as surpassing the first tier.

But whatever those people called themselves, the Dark Union or degenerates, it didn't mean anything to Li Yunmu for the time being. None of it had any relation to him. After all, his only thought right then was to finish his arrangements and return to Earth to eliminate God Undercurrent. This had been like a sore point in his heart for a long time.

But before that, he still had to make a trip back to Black Spirit Valley.

This was because he had to absorb and fuse the Black Spirit World into his innate expert armor so that it could evolve.

His previous plan had been very good, but plans couldn't always keep up with the changes. The miscalculation in regards to Pangu True Armor's price was enough to make Li Yunmu accept the disparity between his strength and that of the higher class characters in the Origin World.

Thus, when he went back to Black Spirit Valley, he moved extremely quietly and low-key.

At night, he quickly transversed the terrain while sitting on his Cyan-Feathered Giant Snake. While saddled on Little Qing for a day and a night, he saved a lot of time. If he'd had to hurry over by himself, he wouldn't have been able to complete the journey in such a short time even if he could fly with the help of Azure Dragon Expert Armor.

He had to admit that possessing a giant beast grade combat pet was very troublesome. In order to defend it from the eyes of others, Li Yunmu had to take the longer route so as to avoid the gathering points in the wilderness or places where transfer channels were established.

He was quite confident though that as long as he didn't use any transfer channels and wasn't recorded as traveling, he would evade the Origin God Sect and Underworld Serpent as well as any other power of the Origin World that might wish to track him.

He was well aware that regardless of how enormous those powers were or how many regions their feelers covered, the Origin World was simply too vast. No power or person could truly control every corner of the world. Even if they were a deity, it would still be impossible!

Furthermore, even if they learned of his location, he had means to quietly slip away before they could reach him.

Li Yunmu's avoidance of all human habitats and resolution to only travel through wilderness caused a major headache to all the powers trying to chase him.

But his heart still wasn't at peace. He had a strong feeling that there was a good chance that some sort of trap would be waiting for him at the Black Spirit Valley.

Whether he would return to Black Spirit Valley or not, no one knew the answer to this.

But if Li Yunmu was in their place, he would guess that the assassin wouldn't be able to abandon the enormous treasure that was the Black Spirit Valley and avoid the place eternally.

Thus, he was quite certain that his enemies who wanted to capture him were guarding the tree stumps and waiting for their rabbit.

Sure enough, the closer Li Yunmu got to Black Spirit Valley, the fiercer his senses began to tingle. The sense of insecurity and crisis clouded his mind, forcing him to halt in his tracks.

"I cannot move forward… The feeling that as long as I enter a hundred kilometer radius I would definitely perish is just too strong!"

Li Yunmu reined in the great snake Little Qing and stopped with gloominess covering his face.

Fortunately, he had experienced the failed assassination at the Pangu auction, which had allowed him to experience the true disparity between him and the powerful people of the Origin WOrld.

Otherwise, if he hadn't gotten the wake up call, then given the substantial increase in his strength after he had congealed the innate expert armor, he would've disregarded everything and recklessly entered Black Spirit Valley.

He couldn't be considered as weak. Most people would count him among the Origin World's powerhouses, since his strength was sufficient for him to battle against a mid stage sage flux expert.

However, the events at Pangu auction had made him realize the terrifying strength of an absolute Pangu powerhouse which was a great circle Pangu sage. The little bit of arrogance which had taken bud in Li Yunmu's heart had been nipped at the budding stage.

"I can't go forward. The plan needs to be changed!"

Li Yunmu made a prompt decision and glanced at the mountain in front of him. Black Spirit Valley was right behind it.

His single glance made him shiver, and he immediately commanded Little Qing to turn in another direction.

He was decisive, but not formidable enough. As he continuously retreated, he silently pondered. What Pangu True Armor or absorbing of the Black Spirit World? If he could've done that, he would have become more formidable… but he couldn't accomplish it.

It was the only way for him to remain alive.
"One day, I will kill my way back."

Li Yunmu was unwilling, but he still retreated step by step.