Shadow Hack
541 The Appearance of an Enormous Egg
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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541 The Appearance of an Enormous Egg

"Good, now pour the giant beast blood and fill the pond."

Following the commands of God Flowing Wind, the several hundred ape gods began to pour down giant beast blood into the recently excavated pond.

Soon, the more than ten meter wide hole was filled with giant beast blood.

When Li Yunmu saw this scene, he felt greatly distressed.

After all, he had collected the enormous amount of giant beast blood by secretly letting out the shadows into the wilderness so they could kill numerous monsters every evening in the past few days.

There had met with ordinary beasts, vicious beasts, giant beasts, devil beasts...

In terms of human strength classification, they were comparable to physical flux experts, flux experts, great flux experts, and sage flux experts.

Before Li Yunmu's strength had advanced to the great flux expert realm, his shadows had been unable of killing the giant beasts with their strength.

Right now though, a third of his entire giant beast blood supply was poured out because of one casual sentence from God Flowing Wind.

When the pond was filled and the eight devil beast cores were set in their locations, God Flowing Wind took out the blood of an evolved devil beast and used it to draw some patterns around the blood pond and devil beast cores.

In almost a day, the blood breeding nest from ancient times was shaped.

Only then did Li Yunmu have the opportunity to ask his questions. "Only an ancient blood bleeding nest created from such precious ingredients can hatch this spirit grade beast egg?

As a matter of fact, it wasn't a big surprise that Li Yunmu was so confused. Although the spirit grade beast egg was precious and had cost him fifty million sacred pangu coins to snatch it away from the hands of the young Sound woman, it wasn't that money-eating.

When contrasted with the materials used to arrange the blood breeding nest, the situation became relatively strange. After all, God Flowing Wind had used eight devil beast cores to create the blood breeding nest.

Although devil beast cores were dead and had far less value in battle when compared to a serpent type beast with the potential to reach devil beast realm, they were still eight devil beast cores!

If Li Yunmu hadn't robbed Black Spirit Valley's treasury, which contained treasures surpassing his imagination, he wouldn't have been able to kill a single devil beast, let alone speak of obtaining its core.

After all, the devil beast level creatures were similar to sages in terms of strength. Moreover, devil beasts who could condense a devil beast core in their body would usually be equivalent to mid stage sage. It was a known fact that monsters who had recently entered the devil beast realm didn't have the enormous amount of power required to condense their own cores.

Moreover, regardless of whether it were land or the more formidable sea devil beasts, their enormous beastly bodies were innately formidable compared to human-shaped creatures. That being said, even if Li Yunmu could fight against a mid stage sage flux expert, he still wouldn't be certain about being able to kill a devil beast who had condensed a beast core. This was a fact.

Because of that, regardless of whether it was the eight devil beast cores or the large amount of giant beast blood, their value surpassed that of the spirit grade beast egg.

Was it really worth it to not balk at any price to create the blood breeding nest for the spirit grade beast egg?

Definitely not!

Moreover, Li Yunmu knew that hatching a spirit grade beast egg wasn't such a costly affair. As long as he kept it around and made a mental connection with it, the egg would hatch in time once he dropped his blood on it.

However, the so-called spirit grade beast egg before him couldn't be of spirit grade; otherwise, God Flowing Wind wouldn't have made such a fuss. Li Yunmu had come to understand this, or else he definitely wouldn't have allowed God Flowing Wind to use such precious resources.

"Alright, it's a success. Now I only need a drop of Master Yunmu's blood," God Flowing Wind said in an expectant voice after finishing his preparations.

Without saying a word, Li Yunmu stopped using all the body-refining techniques and protective shields and moved the great flux energy in his body.


Li Yunmu was slightly injured and spit out a mouthful of bright red blood on the fist-sized spirit grade beast egg according to God Flowing Wind's orders.

The next instant, God Flowing Wind muttered something and unleashed the blood breeding nest he'd finished not too long ago.

A mystical thing happened at that moment.

The fist-sized spirit grade beast egg seemed to have come alive. It immersed itself within the giant beast blood in the blood pond.

While absorbing it, the egg was also taking in the energy offered by the eight devil beast cores.

After absorbing both the beast blood and the devil beast core's energy, the beast egg which, was fist-sized originally, began to grow at a speed which was visible to the naked eye.


It was unfathomable!

Li Yunmu's jaw fell down, and he couldn't close it for a long time. The fist-sized beast egg had expanded like a balloon being filled with air in almost no time.

It swiftly reached several meter diameter while flickering with multicolored lights.

"This is the true appearance of the spirit grade serpent egg?"

At that instant, Li Yunmu finally understood everything.

The multicolored mysterious lights emitted by the enormous beast egg didn't mean that it was a spirit grade serpent egg, but rather an unknown beast egg of god grade. In other words, once it hatched, the combat pet would have the potential to enter deity realm.

The difference between the potential to reach sage realm and deity realm was only of one major realm. But this difference of one realm was like the difference between heaven and earth. When Li Yunmu saw the large egg emit the multicolored light, his breath caught in his throat.

"Master Yunmu, using eight devil beast cores for it was worth it, right?"

God Flowing Wind exposed a hint of a smile while voicing his question.

"Worth it, more than worth it. My heart ached before, but now I don't regret it at all."

Li Yunmu began to laugh happily.

It has to be said that it was a great fortune.

Everyone, including the Heavenly Cats who had put it up for auction, had believed that the egg was only a spirit grade serpent beast egg, so none of them could have expected that it was surprisingly a god grade beast egg.

Based on Li Yunmu's knowledge, only a couple first tier powers would possess the qualifications to nurture a monster that possessed the strength of ancient devil beasts in the vast Origin World.

There were ordinary beasts, vicious beasts, giant beasts, devil beasts, ancient devil beasts…

Among the lifeforms of the Origin World, ancient devil beasts were considered as the most powerful existences. No one had truly explored the depths of the oceans which were countless tens of thousands of meters deep, but if they were to do that, they would probably see ancient devil beasts ruling over the deepest abyss of the Origin World.
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