Shadow Hack
540 The Construction of the Blood Nes
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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540 The Construction of the Blood Nes

The Pangu powerhouse suppressed the Deus youth and grabbed the three sage cats with a single hand like they were three small ants. After that, he leaped back and rushed out through the hole created above everyone's head.

After that, the sound of footsteps came from outside, and one after another, squads of Pangu soldiers rushed in. It seemed that Pangu City's guards had finally hurried over once everything had already been settled.

With their presence, all the people and their matters were put in order after a strict interrogation.

Li Yunmu and Wang Ren also weren't any exceptions. However, since Li Yunmu hadn't made any moves during the whole affair and hadn't indulged in any suspicious activities, he was quickly released from the scene.

After returning to their small courtyard, Li Yunmu only felt a faint sense of regret apart from the shock from personally witnessing the strength of a terrifying great circle sage flux expert powerhouse.

This time, he hadn't succeeded in gaining hold of his ultimate target, the Pangu True Armor.

But when the situation in the auction house developed without restraints, he had personally experienced the innate valor of the Pangu and Deus.

He was especially amazed by the great circle sage flux expert who had shocked everyone on the scene and made the final decision. Even if Li Yunmu was far from the center of the battle, he could still profoundly sense the tyrannical combat strength.

If the former was an enormous giant who could overturn the heavens, then Li Yunmu felt like he was only a midget in comparison.

The disparity between them was this enormous without the least bit of exaggeration. Even if his present combat strength would allow him to battle with a mid stage human sage flux expert for a period of time, he still felt helpless in front of the great circle Pangu sage.

If he hadn't personally experienced it, Li Yunmu probably wouldn't have been able to imagine that the disparity between them was so large.

Although the difference between late stage sage flux expert and great circle sage flux expert was only that of a small realm, it was as terrifying as the difference between heaven and earth.

The difference between the late human sage flux expert whom he'd seen in the auction previously and the great circle Pangu expert couldn't be explained based on numbers alone.

If the late stage human flux expert or the Deus youth burst forth with their full strength, it would almost be equivalent to the battle sages of Earth. In comparison, the great circle Pangu powerhouse was on an even higher level surpassing the battle sages and quasi deities of Earth.

In the last couple days, Li Yunmu had believed that after he obtained Azure Dragon Expert Armor, he possessed the strength to defend himself against sage level powerhouses. But only after personally experiencing the day's event did he come to know that his present combat strength was barely sufficient to fight against mid stage sage flux experts. He couldn't even compare to a late stage human sage flux expert, let alone talk about great circle sage flux expert.

Not to mention that races like Deus and Pangu possessed innate tyrannical bloodlines. The great circle Pangu powerhouse who had suppressed everyone at the end had been clad in a twelve-patterned Pangu True Armor, and the weapon he was carrying on his back also had twelve patterns.

Only during the auction did Li Yunmu get to experience how enormous was the gap between Pangu and human powerhouses on the same level.

"They are really worthy of being among the five most powerful races in terms of comprehensive strength with measly several million people."

Li Yunmu could finally comprehend why humanity with its several hundred billion members was so apprehensive about this alien race which possessed an innately tyrannical bloodline.

Once Li Yunmu returned his courtyard, he remembered the unknown serpent beast's egg purchased from the auction. He hurriedly said a few words to Wang Ren and entered seclusion.

The instant he returned to his own residence, Li Yunmu quickly entered his heavenly world and summoned God Flowing Cloud.

"So what's the matter with this serpent beast egg? I want an explanation."

Li Yunmu looked toward the fragment of soul separated from an ancient god whom he had subdued into becoming his follower.

"There are two reasons why I told you to get it. The first reason is that I realized that Master didn't possess enough resources to ensure your win in the bid for Pangu True Armor. The second reason was that the strategic value of this serpent egg in combat wouldn't be any lower than that of the twelve-patterned Pangu True Armor. Thus, I asked you to change your target to this serpent beast egg which no one recognized."

When God Flowing Wind saw that Li Yunmu had returned with the serpent egg from the auction, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"You mean to say that this spirit grade serpent egg is that valuable? How could it compare with the twelve-patterned Pangu True Armor?"

Li Yunmu's breathing became heavy, but he was still somewhat unconvinced.

After having personally witnessed the great circle Pangu expert suppressing everything, he found it impossible.

It has to be known that a twelve-patterned Pangu True Armor was congealed from all of the vitality of an expert who had no hopes of reaching deity realm.

It was a true armor congealed from the body of a great circle Pangu sage, so how many of them were present in the world? The whole process of congealing and materializing even required the long period of eighty one years.

"Although it is slightly inferior to a twelve-patterned Pangu True Armor, the disparity isn't large. Please take a look, Master Yunmu."

At some point in time, God Flowing Wind had started to arrange something.

He first brought out all the resources Li Yunmu could offer, then began to command the three hundred ape gods to make some arrangements.

Li Yunmu wasn't someone who suspected people, since such people lacked the determination. Thus, he kept attentively watching the proceedings without saying anything.

After watching for a long while, he finally began to make out the general outline of what God Flowing Wing was trying to do. He was commanding the ape gods to construct what seemed like an ancient altar.

"What I have laid down is actually the blood breeding nest from the ancient times which has been forgotten in times gone by. Only this way could we hatch this spirit grade beast egg."

God Flowing Wind commanded the three hundred ape gods to excavate a large pond which he filled with blood, then went around by himself to arrange eight devil beast cores around it. While commanding the ape gods, he was also explaining his actions to Li Yunmu.

This was because he'd noticed a hint of pain appear on Li Yunmu's originally emotionless face.

Yes, when the eight enormous devil beast cores with a diameter of several meters were used by God Flowing Wind, Li Yunmu indeed had a pained expression on his face.

It has to be known that the eight devil beast cores were the major part of Black Spirit Valley's total wealth. Li Yunmu hadn't used them, but he'd also hadn't dared to reveal them in the auction.

Yet now they were being used as one of the materials to create the breeding nest for a spirit grade beast egg?

Although Li Yunmu felt his heart ache, he didn't stop God Flowing Wind from continuing. On the contrary, once he realized what expensive materials were being used, his expression became increasingly more dignified.

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