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539 The True Targe

From the crowd, two Devil Pythons suddenly stood up and rushed forward. However, they weren't aiming for the object which was the center of everyone's attention, the Pangu True Armor.

Instead, they went for the young Sound woman who had previously been protected by the Deus youth.

In lieu of this sudden change in the situation, Li Yunmu instantly sensed some major affair about to happen. The true goal of the two groups was probably not to snatch the Pangu True Armor and run away, but to assassinate the young Sound woman.

And at that instant, the young Deus was late with his reaction. The three sage cat powerhouses joined their hands to attack him, but this time, their aim wasn't to escape but to slow him down so he wouldn't be able to return to the woman.

"Ah, save me quickly!"

Color drained from the face of the young Sound woman. The two Devil Pythons emitting killing intent had already leaped in front of her.

The Deus youth was more than ten meters away and was being obstructed from being able to help her. Li Yunmu could already tell that the furious young Sound woman was going to die without any doubt.

And he was not the only one with such thoughts. The people from the other alien races and those who had conducted the auction were also certain that she couldn't be rescued.

This was truly pulling the carpet from under her. Someone had used the three Heavenly Cat powerhouses to target the Pangu True Armor, which was bound to attract the attention of the Deus youth so the two Devil Pythons who were lying in wait could have an opportunity to attack.

Li Yunmu checked the strength of the two Devil Pythons, and they were both great flux experts. Even if they wouldn't be higher than the fifth rank, this level of strength was sufficient.

After all, there were only a few maids around the Sound woman who were from the same race and could provide no protection.

The Sound maids were just a joke. Everyone, including Li Yunmu, simply ignored their existence. After all, everyone was clear that there weren't many high level powerhouses among the Sound.

Given their weak innate bloodline, there wouldn't be more than ten great flux experts among all of their people.

But the next instant, everyone found out that they were mistaken.

"Take a hike, how could our queen be assassinated by little kittens and snakes like you?"

The moment the young Sound woman was in imminent peril, one of the maids took action. Li Yunmu couldn't even clearly see her moves.

A cold light flashed, and the two formidable Devil Pythons who were aggressively rushing over suddenly lost all the drive.

That was due to them being dead. The assassins who had attacked without any warning were killed by a single maid.

"What guts, daring to deceive me. You're all courting death!"

After the assassination failed, the Deus youth breathed a sigh of relief and grew furious.

The assassins had made a complete fool out of him.

He, a majestic Deus, had surprisingly been deceived by some lowly cats. If the young Sound woman didn't have an additional hidden protector, wouldn't the crafty machinations of the other party had been successful?

Boom, boom.

With unprecedented rage and resentment, the Deus youth sank into a berserk state. A golden light shone from his body.

Instantly, his presence became a lot more terrifying.

Initial sage flux expert… mid sage flux expert… late sage flux expert. In a few moments, his presence rose repeatedly, rising to the extreme which caused palpitations to everyone present.

If it had been an ordinary human flux expert, the crowd might not have been so terrified, but they were witnessing a late stage sage flux expert from the most powerful Deus bloodline in the world.

Everyone on the scene was swept away. Li Yunmu, who was also watching the proceedings, was forced to retreat by several steps, destroying countless chairs.

He was not the only one though. The spectators from all alien races were forced to retreat by the murderous intent in the air. Only six genuine powerhouses could keep their feet firmly planted in their original location in the entire auction house.

Li Yunmu swept a glance over the room and found that one of the six people was the human powerhouse whom he had previously identified. He clearly knew that this character was a late stage sage flux expert.

Even so, while facing the Deus youth whose strength had already swelled to late stage sage flux expert, this powerhouse creased his brows slightly and in the end took the initiative to retreat.

Clearly, he wasn't thinking of getting involved in the berserk Deus youth's battle.

"All of you Heavenly Cats need to die."

The Deus youth whose strength had increased greatly looked at the three sage cats who had humiliated him with a fiendish expression on his face.

But at this time, a boom rang out from above the auction house as uf a fierce person had stamped on the roof. A seemingly savage person pushed through with his berserk strength.

"Child of Deus, don't kill the three of them, but deliver them to me."

A terrifyingly huge hand which emitted a halo and was filled with threatening intent attacked with a loud sound.


When the two attacks which held enormous strength met, Li Yunmu used all of his strength to shield Wang Ren, the ordinary teacher, and retreated from the scene. Once the two attacks dispersed, he finally saw the identity of the person through the roof broken by the explosion.

"Sire, you finally came!" the female Pangu warriors present on the scene shouted out with excitement.

The extremely tyrannical character was so muscular, people would raise their eyebrows upon seeing him. However, the presence emitted he emitted alarmed Li Yunmu.

He was a great circle sage flux expert!

He was definitely a great circle sage flux expert, which Pangu called a Pangu sage among themselves. In Li Yunmu's view, this character which was a true legend was only a step away from entering the deity realm.

No wonder, no wonder…

Only a genuinely terrifying character on the level of a great circle sage flux expert could use a punch with just the exact strength to negate the power of the Deus youth's offense.

"You, why are you blocking me?"

The Deus youth was forced a few steps back by the power of the punch. He was about to flare up, but the opponent gave him a meaningful look.

The Deus youth, who was awfully arrogant, instantly calmed down from his berserk fury. He took a deep breath, and although his expression was still filled with unwillingness, he didn't dare to move.

"They have broken the rule of my people, so I shall deal with them," the Pangu powerhouse declared to the entire auction house without giving any face to the Deus youth.