Shadow Hack
538 The Situation Changes Again
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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538 The Situation Changes Again

No one had expected such an action right when the auction seemed to have ended.

"What are they doing? How could they even dare? Where did they get the guts for something like that?"

The majority of people in the crowd were stupefied. It had to be known that they were all in Pangu City. It was a territory of the race which ranked as the fifth most powerful among the thousand races in terms of bloodline strength.

In the land of such terrifying people, even the indisputable kings of the Origin World, the Deus, wouldn't have the courage to steal the Pangu True Armor, let alone Heavenly Cats which ranked below the first five hundred in terms of strength.

Yet it was exactly what had happened.

With that single order as a warning, the three Heavenly Cats suddenly rose from their seats and rushed toward the auction stage at a speed of thunder. They aimed straight for the Pangu True Armor won by the young Sound woman.

"What are they doing?"

"Heavenly Cats, you are courting death!"

Since the auction was in their territory, the Pangu hadn't brought many guards in case the bidders decided to attack.

They had believed that it was completely unnecessary and that no one would dare to cause trouble in their land. Yet the sudden change in situation forced the two Pangu experts on the stage to respond.

The two kuang pan warriors immediately jumped in front of the true armor and slashed toward the heads of the three Heavenly Cats, who were pouncing in their direction, with two similarly large Pangu hatchets.

Although the defense of the auction wasn't great because of the careless thinking that no one would dare to cause trouble, the two men were kuang pan warriors. They had ten-patterned or higher grade weapons, so they were sufficiently formidable.

Pangu warriors were separated into gu pan, kuang pan, and sheng pan warriors. The two guards were kuang pan warriors, which in human terms were great flux experts.

However, the two high level kuang pan warriors with ten-patterned hatchets were comparable to two tenth rank great circle great flux experts who were half a step into the sage realm.

Although the two hatchets which the two warriors possessed weren't as ferocious as the ones sold in the auction, they weren't far from them. The two ten-patterned weapons were among the sage grade weapons, since they were above eight patterns.

At that instant, the two warriors lifted their hands, and even Li Yunmu who was sitting far away, was enveloped in the threatening intent of their pincer attack.

Before Li Yunmu had devoured the red god fruit, which allowed his flesh and Great Sun Tyrant Body Refining Secrets to reach a major threshold, he would have had no other option but to move his head to avoid the threatening intent from the ten-patterned kuang pan warriors' hatchets.

But the next moment everyone was left astonished.

Once the attacks of the three Heavenly Cats and ten pattern kuang pan warriors met, a loud boom rang out. Two fierce chops filled with violent killing intent were forced back by the Heavenly Cats with petite bodies. Moreover, the power from their attacks hadn't diminished and sent the two bulky warriors into the wall.

"Not good, these three are sage cats."

With one attack, both of the ten pattern kuang pan warriors were blown away.

Everyone, including Li Yunmu, instantly realized the strength and cultivation of the three Heavenly Cats.

Sage realm!

The Heavenly Cats had surprisingly dispatched three sage level experts. They were among the very few powerhouses of the Heavenly Cats which were ranked below the first hundred among the thousand races.

Clearly, regardless of whether someone was a sage cat, sheng pan, or sage flux expert, all of them were just different names for the sage realm given by different races.

The three sage flux experts wouldn't be considered as a great force for humans, but for the Heavenly Cats which were ranked below the first hundred among the thousand races, it was a very formidable force.

"Let's move," one of the three sage cats loudly shouted after succeeding in the counterattack.

Such a sudden change had left even the Pangu auction master without any initiative, since the Pangu had never believed that someone would dare to act like this in their own territory.

But how could the young Sound woman be willing to watch calmly as others robbed her?

"Quick, stop those three daring fools from that lowly race."

The young Sound woman was certainly not going to allow the Pangu True Armor which could already be classified as hers to be stolen by others.

She only needed to stop the three sage cats for a short while, then the genuine powerhouses of Pangu would rush over and she would not need to do anything more.

The Pangu would definitely not tolerate others running amuck in their territory.

"Hmph, three gutsy fools, even daring to rob the Deus, just leave them to me."

As soon as the young Sound woman's charming voice echoed in the auction hall, the Deus, who had not allowed anyone to sense his presence, finally took action.

Everyone only saw a white flash, and the deus had already cut off the path of escape for the three crazily retreating sage cats.

In a blink of an eye, the four of them entered a high speed combat, and a series of peng, peng, peng, peng sounds echoed in the auction hall.

Within a few breaths, the four of them had already exchanged more than a hundred attacks. Surprisingly though, the three sage cats couldn't take even half a step forward despite fighting together. The Deus had barred their path of retreat all by himself.

Li Yunmu took in a deep breath. Was this the legendary bloodline considered as unmatchable under the heavens?

He was finally able to sense the young Deus during his exchange with the three sage cats.

Just like Li Yunmu, the Deus youth had recently advanced to sage realm. Yet with only his personal strength, he was able to intercept the three sage cats with complete ease.

Only now, after personally experiencing it, did Li Yunmu gain a profound understanding of how terrifying was the Deus bloodline. It has to be known that of the three sage cats, two were mid stage and only one was at the initial stage.

Despite that, the Deus youth who had recently entered sage realm was easily able to intercept and stop the three while battling on his own.
Just when all the clients believed that the sage cats were stopped, the situation changed again. A sudden storm broke out in the auction hall.

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