Shadow Hack
537 The Sudden Change in Heavenly Cats“ Plan
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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537 The Sudden Change in Heavenly Cats“ Plan

The armor was the main target of all alien races as well as the human powerhouses who had hurried over from all regions.

That was why Li Yunmu's previous concerns about whether his fifty-three million contribution points would be sufficient or not to clinch the deal weren't without reason.

Since the Pangu had decided to obtain even more grain and had even taken out a precious treasure like the Pangu True Armor to be auctioned to outsiders, the base price was also determined to be at thirty million sacred pangu coins.

This was a price which even ordinary sage flux experts would find difficulty in procuring. However, it was only a starting price for all the races and powerhouses gathered in the auction house.

"The supreme treasure of my race with twelve patterns has the base price of thirty million. The following bid shouldn't be lower than one million sacred pangu coins. The bidding begins now."

The auctioneer had barely finished speaking when the bidders began to raise bids in succession. Before even the time required to drink a cup of tea passed, the price of thirty million had jumped to fifty million.

Before long, it went from fifty million to seventy million sacred pangu coins.

Li Yunmu felt quite depressed regarding this. In a flash, with everyone staking their all in bidding, the price had quickly surpassed the limits of his wealth.

Even if he sold the nine treasure maps at the last moment, which allowed his wealth to rise to fifty-three million contribution points, it wasn't enough. If the amount was converted to sacred pangu coins, it would be a bit over seventy million sacred pangu coins.

Inwardly, he felt somewhat fortunate for obtaining the serpent beast egg. Otherwise, even if he had all his capital with him, he would have been just a minor character with his seventy million sacred pangu coins when every race's formidable powerhouses were competing over the amor. There was no one to blame for it, since his measly wealth couldn't compare with the profound reserves of the bidders.

"What a pity, given how formidable my innate expert armor is, if I could've absorbed this true armor, my defenses might have reached an indestructible level."

Li Yunmu sighed with regret.

Before him was a treasure which could have boosted his combat strength. Even if the true armor couldn't evolve his Azure Dragon Expert Armor to the next stage, it still would've been greatly beneficial to him.

Unwillingness flashed through Li Yunmu's eyes. But he still didn't show anything on his face and waited until the final winner of the true armour appeared.

The price of seventy million sacred pangu coins was only the warm up.

As increasingly more low-profile mysterious bidders began to bid, and the price of the twelve-patterned Pangu True Armor continued to rise. It went to eighty million, ninety million…

"One hundred twenty-two million!" a familiar voice shouted out. The young Sound woman was among the final four powerful competitors.

Apparently, obtaining the true armor was a must for her. When she had been bidding with Li Yunmu on the spirit grade serpent beast egg, it wasn't actually for real since her true aim for coming to the auction was another item.

Her real goal was to get her hands on the true armor.

"One hundred twenty-three million."

Ba Wang firmly clenched their teeth, and a member from their group stood up under the gazes of everyone to announce the new price. However, few in the crowd were optimistic about their chances.

It wasn't that they weren't optimistic about the strength of one of the top ten most powerful races, but they they didn't think highly of their financial power.

As a matter of fact, the price had already reached an extremely ridiculous stage.

"One hundred thirty million."

The Heavenly Cats once again increased the price to a new height. The unknown Heavenly Cats were shining brightly in everyone's eyes.

No one had expected that they were capable of reaching this stage. After all, the Heavenly Cats' comprehensive strength was not in the first hundred among the thousand known races.

They couldn't be regarded as weak, but they definitely couldn't be considered as shining bright. Moreover, in the past several hundred years, the entire race had been very low profile, so no one thought that they would suddenly stand out on that day.

"One hundred forty million."

The young Sound woman bid again without any thought to obtain her target. Her actions clearly illustrated the enormous financial ability of the Sound.

The matrilineal Sound might be weak, but their innate talent in making musical instruments made sure that they were always overflowing with wealth.

Naturally, if the Sound could only manufacture musical instruments used by ordinary people to enjoy themselves, they definitely couldn't have amassed enormous wealth.

But since heavens made it so that only they could create musical instruments which were effective for cultivators, they were quite popular. It was an ability unique to their race.

If they hadn't received the protection of Deus, however, this weak race wouldn't have been allowed to exist. After all, they didn't have strength but possessed the ability to make a lot of wealth. This would have naturally invited a disaster upon them.

Li Yunmu had finally experienced the tremendous financial power of the Sound. Just a single young woman forced everyone in the auction to lose all hope.

Sound didn't have power but possessed enough wealth to rival an entire nation.

"One hundred fifty million."

The Heavenly Cats were quite tenacious. They were the only ones still competing with the Sound woman.

If Li Yunmu hadn't remembered wrong, then the spirit grade serpent beast egg which he had just bought from auction had been brought by the three Heavenly Cats.

No one could have expected that they were this determined to obtain the true armor.

"Ha ha ha, I truly hadn't anticipated the low-key Heavenly Cats would also possess such wealth."

The young yin woman laughed lightly and lifted up the peddle without paying any attention to it.

"One hundred and eighty million sacred pangu coins."

When the young Sound woman called out this price, the sound of sharp inhales echoed through the entire auction hall. Li Yunmu raised his head and looked at the woman with a bitter smile. Although he had believed that after robbing Black Spirit Valley he had become wealthy overnight, it seemed like he was still a small player among the genuine high level characters.

"One hundred and eighty million, going once, one hundred and eighty million going twice, and sold!"

In the end, the three Heavenly Cats suffered a defeat after the young Sound woman made her final bid.

The fierce increase of thirty million sacred pangu coins had broken the competitor's willpower.

This was an extremely enormous amount of money.

One hundred and eighty million sacred pangu coins, what did this imply?

This amount of wealth was enough to nurture the number of great flux experts required to cross the threshold of a second tier power and even be known as one of the most powerful ones.

But it had been used to win a twelve-patterned Pangu True Armor. Li Yunmu didn't know whether it was worth it or not, but if he'd had this much money, he definitely wouldn't have hesitated to throw it at the auction. Given the defense and strength of the Azure Dragon Expert Armor, his strength would rise to the next level if he assimilated a twelve-patterned, incomparable true armor.

With such strength, Li Yunmu would become even less afraid of consequences in the Origin World. It would have definitely been worth it for him, but he didn't have this sort of money.

Thus, everyone, including Li Yunmu and the Heavenly Cats, could only watch helplessly as the Sound woman snatched the unique true armor.

Everyone thought that the auction was done, but suddenly everything changed.

"Attack!" one of the three Heavenly Cas shouted out fiercely.

It was a surprise attack!

In the end moments of the auction, the Heavenly Cats attacked to snatch the Pangu True Armor.

Upon seeing that, all the people present thought that the Heavenly Cats had gone crazy, completely crazy. They had surprisingly dared to attack with the intention to steal a supreme armor sold in an auction in Pangu City?

This caught everyone off guard. After all, no one normally dared to court disaster by choosing this path. Yet the Heavenly Cats, which weren't very powerful, did just that. With it, they showed that they had gone completely mad.
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