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536 The Final Item Appears

Before the young woman's words could fade, the other woman from Sound raised her peddle into the air.


Upon seeing it, Li Yunmu couldn't help but secretly curse her in his heart. If she wanted to bid, she should bid. Why was she trying to trick people with lies?

It was clearly a spirit grade animal egg, so how could it have turned into something extraordinary or special just by him bidding on it?

At that instant, Li Yunmu hated the young Sound woman to death for disrupting the situation.

In reality, even if it was a spirit grade beast egg of serpent type with unknown nature, there was still a certain amount of risk involved. It was impossible to know if it possessed an evolved bloodline.

That was why when Li Yunmu raised the price to thirty million in one breath, the powerhouses of the other races began to hesitate about whether to renounce or continue with bidding.

The price of thirty million sacred pangu coins surpassed the worth of a spirit grade beast egg, even if it possessed an evolved bloodline.

The majority of the people looked towards the married Sound woman and then at Li Yunmu who was sitting motionless. The powerhouses who were intending to continue bidding saw the determined expressions on the faces of the two and decided to renounce.

"Thirty-five million."

Although the powerhouses had backed off, this didn't mean that Li Yunmu had also given up.

The young Sound woman was attentively watching his expression. But it was useless, since Li Yunmu had a poker face. He wasn't smiling or showing any anger; there simply weren't any emotions on his face. This made it difficult for everyone to guess the thoughts of this youngster who had suddenly started bidding.

As a matter of fact, the strategy of using a taut face had been prepared by Li Yunmu for when he bid on the Pangu True Armor. Using such a tactic would allow him to hide his thoughts from everyone else.

Li Yunmu didn't react to the young woman's words, making everyone even more perplexed about why he was willing to spend such a high amount of money and continue participating in the bidding war for the serpent beast egg.

"Thirty-six million."

Li Yunmu followed up without any hesitation, raising the price by another four million in one stroke. But the increase of four million sacred pangu coins didn't faze the young Sound woman.

She instead found it even more amusing and increased the price by a million.

"Fifty million."


At this time, Li Yunmu didn't follow convention and increased the price not by four million or seven million, but full fourteen million.

Everyone raised their eyebrows, and the auction officials grew excited. They were no longer able to hide their fervent gazes aimed at Li Yunmu.

Ruthless—this single word rose in the minds of everyone present.

They had encountered a truly ruthless person. If that didn't fit, then he could also be called a maniac. Many people once again looked towards Li Yunmu to check his expression. They wanted to understand why he was willing to throw so much money on the spirit grade beast egg.

But the people on the scene were disappointed. Even if Li Yunmu had ferociously raised the price by fourteen million sacred pangu coins, his expression didn't change in the slightest.

The young Sound woman's complexion turned somewhat unsightly at that moment. Li Yunmu's way of spending wealth finally left her speechless.

Even if the young Sound woman was wealthier, she didn't want to get entangled with a maniac. She covered her mouth and smiled, withdrawing the half raised peddle after thinking for a long while.

"Spirit grade unknown serpent beast egg for fifty million, going once? Going twice? And sold!"

When the auction master struck the hammer the final time and declared that the serpent beast egg was finally sold to Li Yunmu, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He had finally got his hands on the serpent beast egg. Yet for it, he had thrown away all his resources and could no longer compete in bidding for the grand finale, the Pangu True Armor.

But despite having his suspicions, Li Yunmu didn't repent. Since God Flowing Wind had taken such a big risk to personally show up, it was without a doubt that the serpent beast egg was extraordinary.

Naturally, being a spirit grade object, it was already considered extraordinary. But Li Yunmu knew that it was even more extraordinary than an extraordinary treasure.

Pangu's auction was very efficient. Before long, the serpent beast egg was delivered to Li Yunmu. With all the powerhouses watching him attentively, he placed it into his storage badge without even glancing at it.

"This handsome young man, don't you want to take a look at the spirit grade serpent beast egg which you purchased for fifty million?"

The devilishly charming voice of the young Sound woman came from the front of the auction hall.

However, Li Yunmu stayed silent while looking at her with a profound gaze.

The less one spoke, the less mistakes they would make. At that moment, Li Yunmu was fully immersed in playing the role of a silent and mysterious youngster. Regardless of how many times the young Sound woman tried to initiate conversation with him, he acted like a stone statue.

After that, more than ten objects were auctioned, including rare treasures from all races. Li Yunmu didn't know whether there was something like the serpent beast egg among them because God Flowing Wind had already returned to the heavenly world. But he wasn't too disappointed, since he had squandered away all his wealth already.

Thus, he remained completely calm.

If he didn't want to personally lay his eyes on the legendary Pangu True Armour, then probably, he would've already returned from the auction.

Finally, after a long time, the grand finale for which everyone had been waiting began.

A few female Pangu warriors appeared while cautiously holding a true armor flickering with dark golden light. At that instant, a hint of intoxication appeared in the eyes all the bidders participating in the auction. 

Everyone faintly sensed holiness and bloodthirstiness, two opposite presences coming from the true armor. Instantly, someone who had previously come in contact with the Pangu True Armor couldn't help but speak with madness in his eyes.

"This presence… That's right, this is a true and authentic Pangu True Armor. I really hadn't expected that the Pangu would consent to selling it to outsiders."

Even Li Yunmu who had put up a poker face couldn't help but feel a hint of regret after laying his eyes on the legendary Pangu True Armor.

In a single glance, he understood how formidable was the true armor. The rumored supreme treasure of the Pangu truly outdid itself.

There were ordinary, sage, and true weapons.

Clearly, it was a twelve-patterned Pangu True Armor, so what exactly was its origin?

Speaking of which, Pangu True Armor was considered as an extremely rare treasure among Pangu because it could only be formed by their powerhouses.

After a great circle sage flux expert who had half a step into deity realm and had cultivated a formidable body reached nirvana, the armor could be extracted.

You hadn't read wrong, this was the origin of the twelve patterned Pangu True Armour congealed from the flesh and blood of a pangu powerhouse with half step in deity realm.

In the entire race, the number of people who possessed twelve-patterned armor perhaps wouldn't surpass ten. Then what circumstances could have forced the Pangu to auction one to outsiders?