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The reality was the same either way. Even if the Sound women were only used by Deus for carrying their offspring, the extremely high price as well as the calm voice instantly caused the fierce competition among the bidders to calm down.

However, before long, another voice raised the price to sixteen million.

Perhaps the Sound women which were under the protection of Deus could intimidate many people and alien races on the scene, there were still many formidable people who didn't fear their backer or their financial resources.

Soon, the price of the serpent egg rose to close to twenty million.

Li Yunmu became apprehensive, but even he didn't feel that this was a high price. If he wasn't targeting Pangu True Armor, he wouldn't have held back and tried to get his hands on the spirit grade serpent egg.

An egg of such level was a lot different from treasures. The latter was a nonliving object which could only increase the strength of cultivators by a certain amount.

The egg, however, meant that as long as the hatched lifeform reached adulthood, it would become a combat beast with the strength of a sage flux expert.

While Li Yunmu was marvelling at the capital of the other alien races, his complexion changed. At some in time, God Flowing Wind had quietly appeared at his side.

"Why did you come out? Do I need to spell it out for you that you mustn't underestimate the people of this world, especially here in the territory of Pangu?"

Li Yunmu creased his brows and scolded him via the connection between the two of them without making any movements.

"Master Yunmu, I am also not fond of taking unnecessary risks by showing myself, but you must certainly find a way to get your hands on this unknown serpent's egg," God Flowing Wind said in a hurry.

After he had cultivated the infant soul preservation to minor threshold, his mortal soul had reached an extremely high level, and the fact that he was a soul wouldn't be found out so easily. But even so, Li Yunum still didn't dare to reveal this portion of an ancient god's soul to everyone.

Otherwise, if this fact was found out by someone, it would be catastrophic for Li Yunmu. That was why although God Flowing Wind had great knowledge about the items being auctioned, Li Yunmu still made him hide within a treasure where his presence as a soul type lifeform would be unnoticeable.

God Flowing Wind could release a hint of awareness and sense the spirit grade treasures being auctioned. Yet Li Yunmu hadn't expected that the spirit grade serpent egg would attract his attention.

What was the soul up to now?

Once he heard that God Flowing Wind wanted him to think of a way to get his hands on the serpent egg, he became slightly angry.

"What are you thinking? Between the serpent egg and Pangu True Armor, we can only obtain one."

Li Yunmu couldn't control the shock he felt and took another look at the unknown serpent egg.

He actually couldn't imagine what sort of qualifications or special characteristics it had for God Flowing Wind to act in such a manner. It was completely unexpected as well as threw their previous plan to the side. The ancient god's soul fragment was actually wanted him to get his hands on this serpent egg.

"... serpent egg."

After Li Yunmu asked him to choose one of the two, God Flowing Wind clenched his teeth and told him to renounce the Pangu True Armor. 


Li Yunmu's mind was instantly thrown into chaos. It has to be known that the auction of Pangu True Armor was an opportunity which was extremely difficult to come by. Moreover, Pangu True Armor would allow his innate expert armor to evolve to the next step. Could this spirit grade egg of an unknown serpent beast do the same?

Just when he was thinking about asking why he had changed his intention just before the battle, God Flowing Wind spoke with alarm. "Not good, that White Feather's member has a probing tool. He almost discovered me. I am escaping. Remember, you must get your hands on that serpent egg!"

Before the words could fade away, Li Yunmu sensed his presence disappear. The ancient god's soul fragment didn't dare to stay in the secret treasure and instead returned straight to the heavenly world, completely removing his presence from the outside world.

Sure enough, the keen senses of the portion of soul separated from the ancient god were correct. After Li Yunmu focused on the auction after the exchange with God Flowing Wind, he sensed a formless presence. Two white lights suddenly shot from the eyes of the Deus protecting the Sound woman.

The Deus wantonly swept his surroundings, but God Flowing Wind had sensed the crisis a step in advanced and had already returned to the heavenly world. Thus, the probing of the Deus didn't yield any results.

But he was still unwilling to give up and swept the whole auction house with his eyes which had light resembling an electric flash. He still couldn't discover anything, and a slightly perplexed expression appeared on his face before he chose to drop it.

Deus were tyrannical.

If Li Yunnmu hadn't personally witnessed this scene, he wouldn't have known that this race ranked as the most powerful among the thousand races was so dominant. Even an ordinary individual among them possessed strength to which other races would find hard to compare themselves.

Li Yunmu knew that the White Feathers mentioned by God Flowing Wind were actually the Deus. This was because in the ancient times, that was their name. Clearly, they hadn't possessed the strength and status back then to take up this name.

Regardless of how it was, after Li Yunmu saw that God Flowing Wind hadn't hesitated to take the risk of exposing himself for the serpent egg, he knew what he had to do.

He immediately adjusted his mental state and after choosing another goal, he raised his peddle and indifferently announced a number under Wang Ren's astonished gaze.

"Thirty million."


It was the first time Li Yunmu made a bid, and it was like a bomb dropped on the originally tranquil scene.

From twenty million sacred pangu coins, all of a sudden, a nobody like him who didn't look that old had raised the price by seven million.

Instantly, the formidable experts of alien races as well as powerful human characters from all around the world raised their eyebrows.

Li Yunmu suddenly raising the price by seven million sacred pangu coins had instantly caused the people taking part in the bid to turn silent for a long time.

Just when Li Yunmu was thinking that he had won, the charming voice of the Sound woman echoed in the room.

"Interesting, I only thought of this egg as a spirit grade toy with some potential, but since this young smarty views it with such importance, maybe this unknown serpent egg has some special characteristics."