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524 The Appearance of Bloodline Power

The system spent a relatively long amount of time in scanning Li Yunmu's body. Only after a while did it reply with a sigh.

[It truly is miraculous. The system never thought that such a formidable fruit could exist...]

"So? Quickly tell me, how much has my strength increased."

Li Yunmu was extremely curious about the effects of the red god fruit or the flood fruit as the God Flowing Wind called it.

It didn't have the slightest effect towards flux energy, but it could substantially transform a person's constitution, allowing them to possess an incredulous amount of strength.

Within a night, the fruit could change an ordinary person till they were equal in strength to sage flux experts, and this wasn't just an exaggeration. It provided an explosive boost purely to the physical strength.

It wasn't a fruit which would increase one's cultivation, but after consuming it, the person would possess superhuman strength, and their constitution would be substantially upgraded as if they had undergone a genetic mutation.

Originally, Li Yunmu had believed that he would only be able to absorb two drops of the red god fruit, but he had managed to take in whole seven of them. At that moment, he really wanted to know the exact increase in his physical strength.

[Congratulations host, your the strength of your flesh has reached one thousand five hundred thirty-five oxen. In terms of physical strength, your genuine combat strength can be compared to a sage flux expert who had recently broken into this realm.]

The system didn't sigh this time and just replied in its previous tone, thoroughly describing the extraordinary medicinal effect of the red god fruit.

"One thousand five hundred oxen, my god!" Li Yunmu cried out in surprise.

Although he could clearly sense the power surging throughout his physical body, it wasn't the same. When he heard that his physical strength had risen from one hundred and sixty oxen to one thousand five hundred, he was incredulous.

He felt as if he was in a dream.

It has to be known that if he used his full strength to launch a fist, its offensive power would be at least cross three thousand tons, or maybe even more.

If he kicked with his full strength, then the resulting power would be even more terrifying. The attack's offensive power would reach at least five thousand tons.

In other words, Li Yunmu could definitely cause a mountain to crumble with one kick, given his terrifying strength. If he wasn't a superhuman, what else could he be?

There wasn't the least bit exaggeration to this fact.

But this was surprisingly not that important. The crucial part was in the system's next words.

[The substantial increase in your strength is secondary. After the system performed a scan on the body of the host, it found something. Host, your blood vessels as well as the cells have undergone a strengthening transformation. This was the reason why the system had sighed previously about such a miraculous fruit existing in this world.]

"Oh? System, what's the meaning of these words?"

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that the system wouldn't pay attention to the substantial increase in his strength would rather care more about the change in his body's constitution.

Anyway, it had undergone a tremendous mutation?

[In simple terms, host, you have gained a bloodline power,] the system explained.

"What, I now possess a bloodline power?"

Li Yunmu was extremely stunned.


"But I haven't received the inheritance of any sort of bloodline. Moreover, with my present cultivation realm, it shouldn't be possible."

Li Yunmu calmed down a little. He was absolutely clear that the threshold of receiving a bloodline power in the Origin World was stepping into sage flux expert realm.

Similarly, even on Earth, the threshold for inheriting a bloodline was stepping into the domain sage realm. It has to be said that although the cultivation systems of the two worlds weren't completely identical, but in terms of strength, they could be easily compared. Both of them required people to cross a certain threshold to be entitled to inheriting bloodline powers.

As for the people of Desolate Continent like Man Tian or Coiling Tiger, they could naturally cultivate and absorb the bloodline inheritance, but that was because their innate constitution was special. Otherwise, people of Earth wouldn't have called the residents of Desolate Continent and people living in the ocean as evolved humans.

Despite that, although people like Man Tian and Coiling Tiger possessed the advantage of special constitution which allowed them to absorb bloodline inheritance, their cultivation realm was simply too low. Because of that, the quality of the bloodline inheritance which they absorbed was extremely poor.

As their strength increased, they would continue to absorb one after another high level bloodlines which would substitute their precious original bloodline.

Li Yunmu clearly understood the difference between the absorbed bloodline inheritance of Desolate Continent's people and a person with a bloodline power as mentioned by the system.

What exactly was this difference between bloodline inheritors like Man Tian and bloodline possessors which the system mentioned?

The difference was that one wasn't formed while the other had already formed. One of them received a bloodline power from other people, which became more formidable depending upon the strength and their body constitution.

As for the other, the bloodline power generated from within the body classified people as bloodline possessors. As for Man Tian and the others, they could only absorb other people's bloodlines to improve their inheritance.

And the system had pointed out that Li Yunmu was a bloodline possessor, which meant that his descendants would inherit his bloodline powers.

Thus, the difference between the two was truly great.

In any case, Li Yunmu had never even dreamed that after swallowing seven drops of the red god fruit's juice such enormous changes would occur in his genetic code.

He was extremely clear that the blood flowing through his body before was the most ordinary type of human blood without any special properties or any hint of bloodline power.

But now, he had successfully turned into a bloodline possessor. If one day he married and had children, then they, and even his grandchildren and even more distant descendants, would automatically inherit it. The only difference would be that the later the generation, the weaker the inherited bloodline power would be.

[There's no mistake, this was the reason why the system had scanned your body for so long. The system is absolutely certain that you have gained a bloodline power. Although it is very weak right now, it will get enriched as your body grows stronger.]