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523 Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets Reaches Major Threshold

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that if the red god fruit had fallen into the hands of a race with innately formidable flesh, like Pangu, it would've been the greatest treasure in the world for them.

But unfortunately, this matter was taking place in Li Yunmu's heavenly world. Even if Pangu were monitoring him, they wouldn't know that at this instant he recklessly wasting resources to the point that it would make people furious.

Just a single drop was like a volcano which had erupted in Li Yunmu's body.

But how could he be similar to ordinary great flux experts? He had cultivated and used ability points to upgrade many high level body tempering methods, so how could a trifling drop explode his body.

He had an excellent idea, and in an instant, several peak body tempering cultivation methods were unleashed to their peak.

Li Yunmu went berserk and entered his most formidable state, activating Admiralty Cover, Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets, and Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

He immediately pinched the fruit again and swallowed a second drop, then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh… Half a day passed like that without him knowing.

Li Yunmu's naked upper body had turned red at some point.

Under the stupefied gazes of God Flowing Wind and Li Qinghong, he didn't fear that he would explode, ruthlessly swallowing the seventh drop of the red god fruit.

As the two of them feared that his body would burst because of the frantic energy, he suddenly began to shine with a bright red light.


A heat wave suddenly burst forth in all directions, with him as the center.

Both Li Qinghong or God Flowing Wind who had recently become able to affect the real world sensed the power of the majestic heat wave, and their complexions changed immediately. They were forced to retreat.

Boom, boom.

The first wave of heat was followed by another one.

Suddenly, the serene blue sky of the heavenly world was covered by a dazzling red which illuminated the entire place.

God Flowing Wind took a look at it and grew scared. The majestic red light drained the color from his face.

"Ah, ahh, ahh, ahhh, ahhhhh..."

As a sun rose into the sky of the heavenly world, God Flowing Wind which was a soul lifeform felt like he was melting.

What sort of power was this exactly?

It was ferocious and immeasurable. It was a nemesis of the spirit and soul type as well as demonic and sordid lifeforms.

No, if these types of lifeforms encountered the sun, they wouldn't have the qualifications to be its nemesis.

The red sun's bright light was only a warning. At that instant, God Flowing Wind knew that his judgment day had arrived. He would be obliterated right there and then. Even if he was a part of God Undercurrent's soul, he wouldn't be able to resist the brilliance of the predator light.

Just when God Flowing Wind felt incomparable despair, the space near his side trembled, and the red light was no more. The entire world instantly calmed down.

God Flowing Wind felt that he had been extremely close to meeting the death god and was glad to whoever had saved him

That person was naturally Li Yunmu, the master of heavenly world. In his world, the only person who could saved anyone was he alone.

But the person who had almost completely obliterated his soul was also Li Yunmu.

What sort of terrifying power had he used exactly? It was the first time that God Flowing Wind had felt true dread from the bottom of his heart towards Li Yunmu.

Even if Li Yunmu hadn't done it intentionally.


At the crucial moment, Li Yunmu had moved God Flowing Wind into an independent space, promptly saving his life.

After that, the red sun rose above the heavenly world's lands. Once it emitted as much red light as it liked, it returned to blend into Li Yunmu's body.

He opened his eye and awakened with pleasant surprise evident on his face.

This wasn't without reason.

After absorbing the red god fruit's power, his Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets had risen from minor threshold to major threshold.

What did this imply?

It implied that his flesh had reached an unprecedentedly terrifying level and climbed to a new peak.

It has to be known that when his cultivation of this body refining cultivation method was at minor threshold, his tyrant body possessed absolute defense against cultivators of the same level.

The powerhouses of the Origin World were even more terrifying, but after his cultivation had risen to a major threshold, he gained some capital to walk tall among them.

The Origin World was enormous and immeasurable, and he finally had the capital which removed many of his apprehensions.

Apart from that, what caused Li Yunmu to be greatly surprised was the fact that he had ruthlessly absorbed seven drops of red god fruit.

That was right, seven drops.

God Flowing Wind had estimated that with his strength and his body's tolerance, he could barely absorb two drops, and that would already be heaven-defying.

The entire red god fruit contained seventy two drops. If Li Yunmu could forcefully absorb two drops, it would be tantamount to absorbing one-thirty-sixth part of the energy which could be absorbed with additional medicine.

That would've already surpassed God Flowing Wind's estimation of him only being able to take in one-hundredth of the energy.

But Li Yunmu hadn't only absorbed one-thirty-sixth of the effect. Instead, he had absorbed something closer to one one-tenth. In other words, just by relying on himself, he had absorbed one tenth of the medicinal effect of the red god fruit. If this wasn't crazy and heaven-defying, then what was?

Li Yunmu's strength had increased considerably based on that, so if this wasn't enough for him to be pleasantly surprised, what would be?

But only he was aware that the reason why he had absorbed seven drops was because of the red sun which he nurtured in his chest. It was the most crucial factor.

Coincidentally, the red sun was extremely compatible with the red god fruit's energy. Because of that, his Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets had reached a major threshold.

"System, quickly scan my current strength," Li Yunmu ordered with impatience, unable to wait.

He wanted to know what had happened after he had absorbed five more drops of the red god fruit compared to what was expected. Which stage had his strength reached?

One thing was certain though. If he hadn't dared to be confident in his ability to battle with a genuine sage flux expert before drawing the red god fruit's medicinal power, now he was absolutely sure he could do it.

Even if he couldn't obtain the maximum increase in strength provided by the red god fruit, his Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets had reached a major threshold. Because of that, he was absolutely certain in giving a sage flux expert a run for their money.

Sage flux expert... He hadn't expected that there would be one day when he, Li Yunmu, would finally reach this stage, and that it would happen so soon.