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522 The Sudden Absorbtion of the Red God Frui

Li Yunmu's heart almost stopped. He was aware that such an enormous heavenly fortune couldn't be absorbed by him without any hitches. As a matter of fact, he already felt that his karma was extremely great.

He had obtained the system which in itself was an unfathomably deep fortune.

"So, what conditions need to be fulfilled to absorb this red god fruit?"

Li Yunmu was interested, and so he began to probe for answers. His guess wasn't completely unreasonable because if anyone wanted to use spirit ingredients or something even higher level, they required all sorts of other medicinal ingredients as an additional medicine. What then about a legendary god ingredient which had already gone extinct?

Flowing Wind didn't bother with suspense and just said things as they were.

"Yes, if Master Li Yunmu wants to absorb it, you must capture a red god monkey and use its brain to act as an additional medicine which will allow you to absorb all of the red god fruit."

"Red god monkey…"

When Li Yunmu heard the name, he turned silent. He truly hadn't expected that the effects of the red god fruit were anything more than legends told by the people of the world. Yet in none of them had he heard anything about the fact that he must use the brain of a red god monkey to enjoy the red god fruit.

But Li Yunmu had heard about a life-form such as a red god monkey.

Simply put, it was actually the red god fruit's accompanying beast. The creature's lifelong duty was to supply the red god fruit with all the resources it required to mature.

Because of that, it wasn't actually classified as a real life-form, but rather as a combination of ethereal body and soul.

Red god monkeys couldn't influence the real world, and they didn't even possess formidable strength. If any ordinary person knew about the method to capture an ethereal body life-form, they could do it without much trouble.

However, the reason why red god fruits had gone extinct long ago was actually because of red god monkeys. Once these strange life-forms disappeared, red god fruits couldn't escape the same fate.

Once Li Yunmu remembered that, he shook his head with a bitter smile.

What was this? He had been provided with a chance by the heavens and obtained a supreme treasure which could astonish the Origin World, but it was all an enormous joke, a completely wasted opportunity to advance.

His circumstances weren't much better than those of the upper echelon of Black Spirit Valley who had taken the god fruit for an unknown spirit fruit and kept in reserve.

Li Yunmu was extremely clear that if he looked to capture a red god monkey, it would be a hopeless task.

He couldn't be completely certain that red god monkeys had gone extinct, but he definitely wouldn't meet one in a short time or maybe ever.

"Are there no other ways?"

Li Yunmu was unwilling to give up.

"There is, but if you decide to go through with it, you will need to waste resources recklessly. Master Yunmu, you can absorb the red god fruit by relying on your constitution, but I can assure you that compared to absorbing it with additional medicine, the efficiency would be lowered by ten or maybe even more than a hundred times!"

God Flowing Wind sighed with regret.

"That will do. Compared to holding onto the extravagant hope of finding a red god monkey, it would be better to use it to increase my strength right now. If the effects are lowered then they are lowered. At least I'll gain something instead of it just sitting in the corner."

This was Li Yunmu's decision. It was fortunate that he was a pretty decisive person.

As a matter of fact, he wasn't the least bit worried about his strength increasing quickly. It was the contrary in fact, he wished for his strength to increase as quickly as possible. He lacked time, the long time required to mature.

Given his combat strength, each and every iota of increase would imply a lot more chances to survive and greater ability to resist the pressure in the Origin World's many powerhouses.

Once he thought along these lines, what doubts could hold him back?

Given the medicinal efficacy of the red god fruit, an ordinary person could become a sage flux expert in one night. Without the additional medicine however, it wouldn't be able to display its greatest power.

But as long as his constitution was able to draw even a part of the original medicinal power, his strength would increase substantially.

After making his decision, Li Yunmu didn't bother with whether it was correct or not. He also didn't care about the aftermath. He only fisted his hands and hardened his heart.

This was an important matter. Even if he possessed a god fruit, it wouldn't mean anything if he died with it in his bag.

Li Yunmu's thinking was quite thorough. He clasped the red god fruit in his hands and immediately relied on his body's constitution to support as much of the medicinal power as he could.

When God Flowing Wind saw this scene, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Li Yunmu's decisive action was equal to ruining the fruit in front of his eyes.

"Master Yunmu, you really didn't think it over. If by chance you find a red god monkey later, you could come extremely close to deity realm within a single night," God Flowing Wind said with an aching heart.

"You don't need to give extra advice. I have already made my decision, for which I can only rely on the strength which I possess right now."

Li Yunmu waved his hand, preventing the other party from giving any more advice.

The next instant, he raised his head and lifted the red god fruit. He pressed it and opened his mouth to swallow the juice.

However, something which caught him off guard happened at that moment

When Li Yunmu had faintly pinched the fruit, he hadn't used his full strength, but he had used the strength of some forty-fifty oxen. But even with this, he surprisingly barely left the marks of his five fingers on the red god fruit.


The fruit was really worthy of being called a god ingredient nourished by the world. Although it resembled a ripened tomato from Earth which was mainly composed of water and pressing which would be disastrous, it was nothing like that.

Li Yunmu had used some thirty tons of power, but he had only left behind some shallow marks. Moreover, they disappeared within a few seconds.

Li Yunmu didn't believe that the fruit could resist his strength. The next time, he didn't hold anything back and used his full one hundred and sixty-two oxen strength.

There was a small 'zii' sound.

Li Yunmu's finger pressed in deeper, but the thin layer of skin on the surface of the red god fruit was like the most terrifying protective carapace in the world.

He couldn't squeeze out even a single drop of juice.

Finally, he became even more ruthless, and the great flux energy strength of three thousand five hundred erupted together with one hundred and sixty-two oxen physical strength.

At that moment, the god fruit surrendered.

A single trifling drop of juice fell into Li Yunmu's mouth due to gravity.


The next instant, Li Yunmu felt that instead of a drop of juice he'd swallowed a drop of some explosive liquid.

Berserk energy exploded in his body without any warning or alarm signal.

It made Li Yunmu realize why Flowing Wind had reminded him repeatedly to be careful. As for what amount of juice from the red god fruit his body could support, that would depend on the strength of his flesh.