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521 Have Eyes but Can’t See Mount Tai

"This is a spirit fruit?"

Li Yunmu glanced at it and was immediately attracted by the red translucent color. He knew that since it had caught the eye of God Flowing Wind among all the other heavenly materials, it certainly had to have some unique effect.

In the Origin World, there were spirit plants, spirit herbs as well as spirit fruits, and they all had a thin halo covering their surface. This halo resembled a faint rainbow when illuminated by the sun and could be recognized easily.

Ordinary ingredients, treasure ingredients, and spirit ingredients were the three classes used by the people of the Origin World to determine their grade.

There wasn't a need to speak about ordinary ingredients. They were only effective toward the constitutions of ordinary people under normal circumstances. They also had some basic effect on physical flux experts, but it was far lesser than what ordinary people would gain.

Treasure ingredients were already quite valuable. One could not hope to purchase them without at least three hundred contribution points. There were even some fabulous treasure ingredients which could reach a four digit price in contribution points in the auctions of the Origin World.

They were like a dream come true for physical and normal flux experts. Even if a great flux expert used them, they would still receiving an outstanding effect.

As for spirit ingredients, they were known as the best among cultivators. There was no need to talk about the tremendous effect on flux experts and great flux experts, when even if sage flux experts would use them. If they obtained some and used supplementary herbs to refined them into a pill, the heavenly treasure would increase their cultivation substantially.

That being said, the large fruit emitting a faint halo in front of their eyes was the best quality spirit ingredient, since ordinary spirit ingredients wouldn't catch the eye of God Flowing Wind.

Thus, Li Yunmu kept fervently looking at the smooth rosy fruit.

"It's called Flood Fruit, and it was kept concealed in a jade box by Black Spirit Valley," God Flowing Cloud introduced it.

"Flood Fruit? I haven't heard of it."

Li Yunmu shook his head. While doing so, he asked the system to search its database, but it didn't find any clues.

But less he could find about it, the more expectant Li Yunmu became.

"Probably the majority of today's cultivators won't wouldn't have heard about flood fruit because it was used in ancient times." God Flowing Wind smiled, then continued after a pause. "Right now, you know it by the name of red god fruit."


Once Li Yunmu heard the name red god fruit, he felt like he'd been struck by a thunderbolt. Even Li Qinghong who was listening by his side couldn't help crying in surprise and forgetting to close her little mouth.

Red god fruit!

The little thing before them was surprisingly the red god fruit. Li Yunmu felt as if an explosive had detonated near his ear. After all, the red god fruit was extremely famous. It was a legendary object among cultivators.

Not only Li Yunmu, but even Li Qinghong was full of incredulity. The legendary red god fruit had surprisingly appeared in front of their eyes in such a mundane place.

They had eyes, but they hadn't been able to see Mount Tai.

"Impossible. It is emitting the spirit halo, so it is only a spirit fruit and not a god fruit."

Li Qinghong fiercely shook her head.

The three grades of ordinary, treasure, and spirit ingredients were the most commonly known among the cultivators. But there was another grade of ingredients which was better and more domineering than those under the name spirit. It was called god.

It wasn't that god ingredients weren't acknowledged by cultivators, but that they were almost extinct and no longer flourishing in the Origin World.

And the red god fruit belonged to the category of god ingredients. It wasn't a spirit fruit, but a god fruit.

According to legend, if ordinary people took a bite of it, then within a single night, their physical strength would cross the threshold of sage flux expert.

An ordinary person could join the powerhouses of the world in a single night. Under normal circumstances, how long would this process take? Then how exaggerated was the power of that single bite?

The god ingredient was an extinct treasure bestowed only to those who had the favor of heavens.

Flood fruit, red god fruit?

At this instant, Li Yunmu didn't care about the name. He only wanted to ascertain that it was really the legendary god fruit.

There was another question as well: why was such a terrifying treasure hoarded by a third tier sect occupying a corner of the world? Even if Black Spirit Valley had some unique terrifying secret, they would never have the ability to obtain such an object.

"If I'm not mistaken, the reason why it's releasing the spirit halo is due to a protective measure. Most people have heard the name red god fruit, but how many of the fruits exist in the world? How many cultivators would have been lucky enough to see the genuine thing?"

After God Flowing Cloud finished speaking, he lightly touched the large red fruit. He used some sort of unknown secret technique, and the next instant, twelve-colored mysterious light illuminated a radius of a hundred meters around the fruit.

This changed the large red fruit, which was originally emitting a faint halo, beyond recognition.

After God Flowing Wind used the secret technique, the unique god fruit finally revealed its true colors.

If not for God Flowing Wind, they would've probably remained in the dark about it. But at that instant, both Li Yunmu and Li Qinghong were convinced of him being right.

Because this sort of brilliance couldn't be faked. And the fruit not only produced an extraordinary sight, it even filled the air with an extremely unique odor.

The two subconsciously took in a deep breath, but there wasn't any effect. This was because the god fruit kept its inner energy locked firmly so that it didn't scatter.

But no effect didn't mean that this sort of god-gifted odor could be neglected. It would make it obvious even to a pig or some brainless livestock that the fruit was extraordinary.

"If I eat it right now, which level would I reach?"

Li Yunmu had already began to breathe heavily.

"In terms of cultivation, you could easily enter the sage flux expert realm, and even reach the middle of it. Given Master Yunmu's combat strength which far surpasses that of cultivators at the same realm, your combat prowess would become comparable to that of great circle sage flux experts."

The four layers of classification for sage flux experts in the Origin World were initial stage sage flux expert, mid stage sage flux expert, late stage sage flux expert, and peak sage flux expert.

The great circle sage flux expert was actually known as peak sage flux expert!

This realm was only one step away from the legendary deity realm. Regardless of where such a person went, they would be considered among the peak existences of the Origin World.

If Li Yunmu possessed this sort of strength, why would he need to worry about Underworld Serpent or Origin God Sect? After reaching such a height, even the greatest of powers would have apprehensions against offending him.

All of a sudden, Li Yunmu felt like he was dreaming!

"I advise you to not get excited early."

God Flowing Wind's words splashed a bucket of cold water over Li Yunmu's head, extinguishing the wisp of fire which had barely alighted in his heart.