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520 Underrated Black Ghost King Armor

"Master Yunmu, you must take a look to investigate it yourself," Flowing Wind said with a faint smile while trying to show off.

Li Yunmu had already began to flip through the pages. The system secretly scanned and recorded them until he reached the last page of the source manuscript.

The next instant, the extremely precious source manuscript was twisted and torn into shreds in the blink of an eye by great flux energy emitted from his hands.

Li Qinghong was completely unperturbed when she saw this scene because she was used to Li Yunmu doing such inhumane acts.

Flowing Wind's smile, however, froze. The source manuscript had been quite thick and contained complex content that touched upon all categories of cultivation knowledge.

Even if a great flux expert opened their celestial point, which made strengthened their brains and allowed them to reach new heights, it was still impossible for them to read ten lines at a glance and finish the manuscript so quickly. Because of that Flowing Wind was astounded by Li Yunmu's actions.

How could he know though that Li Yunmu had asked the system to scan it and record it. The source manuscript was saved perfectly within it, not missing a single image or word. Was there any necessity to keep the source manuscript then?

Even if something was extremely complex and profound, Li Yunmu wouldn't need to waste his precious time and go through a lot of trouble as long as he could decipher it with the assistance of the system.

As for keeping the source manuscript to sell it for a sky-high price? Although it sounded like an extremely good plan to quickly obtain a large amount of money, Li Yunmu didn't even consider it.

The fewer people knew about the unrivaled and profound secret method, the better it was for him. No matter for what price he sold it, the action would show his shortsightedness.

"Alright, this truly is very good. I hadn't expected that a unique sacrifice refining method with such a creative concept may exist in this world…"

After he was finished looking at it, he still didn't have complete grasp of the source manuscript, but he understood the basics of it. He finally understood why it had caught the discerning eyes of Flowing Wind.

"Yes, even with all the experience of God Undercurrent, I would still call this unrivalled sacrifice refining method absolutely unique. It's an extremely rare method," Flowing Wind said while nodding.

What sort of character was he? He was a wisp of soul separated from God Undercurrent. Perhaps he didn't know about some of the matters which God Undercurrent had intentionally blocked out, but Flowing Wind was still aware of tens of thousands of years of knowledge which he had gained during his existence.

The unrivaled sacrifice refining method contained information in regards to how cultivators could exploit some secret treasures and refine them with a dimensional space of matching attribute.

The core concept was using a treasure to place a world inside it.

This concept was in accordance with Li Yunmu's storage space—using an object to accommodate a small scale space.

But the sacrifice refining method stood for much larger spaces compared to the storage badge.

It mainly advocated for using special treasures to refine an entire dimensional space world. It wouldn't be just a miniature space which could only store dead or non-living things.

The one who used that method could refine a dimensional space or world.

It had been stated previously that there were countless dimensional spaces in the Origin World, but those which could be genuinely considered as such were extremely few.

Only first tier powers and sects had the strength and resources to support a world space. It was simply impossible for other powers to even think about owning one.

In other words, the sacrifice refining method advocated using an object to refine a world space whose surface area wasn't smaller than that of Earth. It might even be larger, and one could place all the life-forms, plants, and trees which existed in the world in it.

This idea was quite crazy, which was mainly because it actually worked. The creator of this method who was a deity had used facts to illustrate that this concept was feasible.

This left Li Yunmu extremely astonished, and even Flowing Wind felt that the method was really amazing.

"This special object…" Li Yunmu subconsciously muttered to himself.

"I heard Li Qinghong say that Master Yunmu's Azure Dragon Expert Armor could suppress the creatures of Black Spirit World from resurrecting and forcefully detain them in the special space of the expert armor. When I heard that, I thought that perhaps Master Yunmu's Azure Dragon Expert Armor could be one of such special treasures.

"Under ordinary circumstances, the special treasures which fulfill the requirements of this unique sacrifice refining method, based on what I know and see, should be pointing toward some innate treasures which could hold a world, including the heaven stone, origin dimensional stone, and universe cave sand. Very clearly, we have greatly underestimated the origins and abilities of the ghost king armor."

God Flowing Wind meaningfully pointed towards it.


Li Yunmu was shocked.

But Flowing Wind's conjunction was reasonable.

Of the above mentioned objects, Li Yunmu only knew about two. There wasn't any need to say more about the origin dimensional stone which formed the base of his heavenly world.

As to heaven stone, he had heard about such a thing. It was naturally formed precious spirit stone of the Origin World. Depending on its grade, it could even be compared to World Ancestor. Its application was quite similar to that of the origin dimensional stone.

After God Flowing Wind's words, Li Yunmu began to think about it and finally understood the general gist of what he'd tried to say. Black ghost king armor was indeed not as simple as he'd thought.

If it didn't possess properties similar to the above mentioned treasure and couldn't be used for refining, then why would it forcefully strip the demonic creatures of Black Spirit World of their ability to resurrect? Furthermore, how could it display the properties of the unique spaces?

"Yes, it should be pretty close to them. As for whether it satisfies the requirements or not, there's no harm in spending some effort and confirming it."

"Alright, when you speak of it this way, it is clear that I should be anxious to get rid of the Black Spirit World," Li Yunmu replied after some thought.

The boundary stele of the Black Spirit World was in his hands, but he wasn't afraid of people trying to snatch it away because he was in a formidable city of a foreign race, Pangu City.

Besides, with Wang Ren who was looked upon with importance in the city, he was completely unworried that one of the human powers might assassinate him and steal the boundary stele.

But he had just entered Pangu City and wouldn't have time to return to Black Spirit Valley for the time being to try and refine the Black Spirit World. Thus, he could only suppress his interest in his heart for the time being.

Once he did so, his attention fell on the second rare treasure, which was surprisingly a red translucent fruit the size of a child's skull.