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518 Special Status

Each of the soldiers in the two rows possessed a strength comparable to that of great flux experts. Frankly speaking, this troop was truly a little bit exaggerated.

It has to be known that among the human powers, regardless of which tier of power it was, fifth or higher ranked flux experts were considered as core disciples. But here, they were simple guards.

With five hundred oxen strength, god only knew what terrifying impact force these people would produce with their hatchets.

Seeing all those soldiers arranged by the gate, Li Yunmu understood why human powers were apprehensive toward Pangu who possessed a population of some forty millions.

After the guard's question, Li Yunmu and Wang Ren took out their identity tiles.

When Pangu soldier looked at Wang Ren's identity tile, the tense expression on its face instantly relaxed.

It was especially obvious when he realized that Wang Ren wasn't only a completely innocent ordinary human, but also a scholar who had previously engaged in teaching. A hint of rare respect appeared on the face of the large soldier.

"Teacher, have you come to take permanent residence in our Pangu City? We greatly desire for people like teacher to come and settle here. If you decide to do so, we would even provide teacher with a generous allowance. Moreover, teacher would never need to worry about his security," the leader of Pangu City's guards suddenly said in an extremely cordial tone as if trying to curry favor with him.

When Li Yunmu heard about the benefits and privileges offered to Wang Ren from the mouth of the crude soldier, he felt like he was in the company of a unicorn.

What the actual f*ck.

An ordinary teacher could surprisingly receive such great privileges after coming to Pangu City.

When Li Yunmu, a great flux expert gave his status tile to the guard of Pangu City, the man's expression sank quickly, which was something that happened quite rarely.

Li Yunmu even suspected that if he hadn't been together with Wang Ren, the soldiers wouldn't have allowed him into the city.

"You, you are a human great flux expert? Why have you come here? Which human power are you affiliated to?"one of Pangu soldiers inquired without any politeness in his voice.

If a guard in any human city of the Origin World had dared to take this attitude, their career would've ended there and then. That is if the great flux expert wouldn't have killed them on the spot.

After all, Li Yunmu was a great flux expert whose position was far higher than just any flux expert in the Origin WOrld.

But unfortunately, he was in Pangu City which was located in the Ancient Land in the far east.

Li Yunmu could only bitterly smile in his heart. It seemed like great flux experts weren't popular in all the regions of the Origin World. Clearly in the eyes of Pangu, the combat strength of great flux experts wasn't much different from their ordinary guards.

"This elder brother's name is Li Yunmu, and he protected me while on the journey. Without him, I probably would've been dead long ago. He is a rogue cultivator and won't cause any trouble in Pangu City. I can vouch for him."

While Li Yunmu was thinking about what to say, Wang Ren was one step ahead of him and replied in his place.

It has to be said that this time, Wang Ren, an ordinary person, clearly held a much more respected position than Li Yunmu in the eyes of Pangu soldiers.

Once they heard him vouch for Li Yunmu, the dark expressions on their faces instantly softened. It was especially so when they heard that he had protected Wang Ren. From then on, their became much more lenient.

But the leader of the city guards still had a hint of suspicion. "According to his status tile, he was branded a traitor of a third tier sect not too long ago. What sort of crime did you commit that your human sect is hunting you?"

The head guard didn't dare to be careless.

"No crime. It was because I discovered a treasure that I got into a conflict with a descendant of a sect elder and was forced to kill him."

Li Yunmu might not be able to enter the city for it, but he wouldn't let them wrong him. So he stated the facts of the matter with an attitude that was neither servile nor overbearing.

Normally, the information on his status tile should've been updated to that of a silver-ranked member of Underworld Serpent long ago.

However, because he had to secretly infiltrate Origin God Sect, his latest status hadn't been updated. In this region though, it only made his life more convenient.

Otherwise, if Pangu soldiers found out that he was affiliated to Underworld Serpent, a first tier organization which specialized in assassination and espionage, the matter would have become even more complicated.

"Oh, then it was just your human betters publicizing their personal grudges. You, nicely done."

"Good, seems like you have protected this teacher during the journey to Pangu City, so you can obtain entrance to the city for the time being. However, we request that you don't break any regulations."

Wang Ren with his identity as a teacher possessed an important status, which had helped Li Yunmu pass much more easily than he had expected.

After some thought, he said, "Protecting teacher Wang Ren on his way here was something I did in passing. I have obtained some harvest while traveling in the world and would like to sell a large amount of wealth in the city."

"That can be done as long as you don't commit any crimes. I will pass your request to my superior."

Sure enough, after hearing that Li Yunmu wanted to conduct business in the city, his expression softened even more. His tone also became more polite.

Li Yunmu said that he understood and moved forward.

It seemed like Pangu were relatively poor. However, they were making all effort to draw support from skilled humans and settle the problem which had haunted them for a long time.

The position of a teacher was especially looked upon with respect.

The following procedures weren't a problem. With Wang Ren's guarantee, Li Yunmu entered the city without any hitch, even obtaining treatment which surpassed what any ordinary cultivator would receive.

Once they entered the city, Li Yunmu said, "This time, I must offer my gratitude to you, Brother Wang."

"Lord, don't speak these words. If I, Wang Ren, hadn't been saved by you during the journey, my life would've ended long ago."

Wang Ren offered his gratitude instead of accepting Li Yunmu's.

His words were also true. Before, Wang Ren hadn't traveled alone; after all, in the Origin World, there were many vicious beasts and other monsters in the wilderness as well as powerful bandits. No one would dare to travel without flux experts for protection.

But the three flux experts hired by Wang Ren's group were killed by vicious beasts on the journey long ago. Li Yunmu had happened to pass by when only Wang Ren was left and saved him.

He had to admit that Wang Ren's luck was quite good.

"Lord, where do you plan to reside now? Do you want to come with me?" Wang Ren asked after some thought.

"If that's not a bother, we could rent a small courtyard together. I won't be staying here for long," Li Yunmu agreed.

He wasn't an idiot. Since Wang Ren had a special position in the city, joining him would naturally allow him to conduct his affairs with more ease.