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515 Entering Pangu City

Pangu City was the largest city of Pangu. It was their only sacred city, and the only one open for foreigners.

Upon entering it, Li Yunmu met an alien race for the second time after descending to the Origin World.

The first one was naturally Hall Clan, whose people had purple skin. They possessed a sort of unconventional yet breathtaking beauty as well as an ancient history.

Pangu, however, weren't as artistic in neither their racial appearance nor historical inheritance.

It wasn't beautiful, but formidable and barbaric.

Li Yunmu's first impression was that Pangu of the Origin World were valiant, valiant, and even more valiant.

He clearly remembered that in the mythology of former China on his Earth, there had been a deity called Pangu who had created many incredulous miracles.

But Li Yunmu didn't know if the legendary ancient deity of Earth had some connection with Pangu of the Origin World, or whether the matching names were just a coincidence.

However, he didn't have any desire to perform an in-depth investigation toward this issue.

He was aware that Pangu were extremely formidable. Even if they lived among countless formidable human powers, they were still considered an extraordinary power.

"Brother Wang, I heard that Pangu Sacred City prohibits human powers and sects from establishing their bases there. Is that right?"

Li Yunmu was sitting together with a young male dressed as an intellectual scholar in a beast chariot which was lined up to enter Pangu City.

While closely examining the huge ancient city, he probed his companion to gain some knowledge about it.

"Yes, no human organization can infiltrate this sacred city. Ordinary people like us can come here without feeling inferior or being afraid of offending any flux expert. It is Pangu's sacred city, but this ancient region in the easternmost part has another name among the ordinary people—we call it Paradise Sacred City."

Brother Wang whom Li Yunmu had 'accidently encountered' during the journey was speaking about Pangu Sacred City before their eyes with fascination and respect in his gaze.

In truth, it was also his first time coming to Pangu City, but his knowledge about it far surpassed that of Li Yunmu.

"Oh? You say that Pangu are completely different from us, but they would accept humans of the lowest class into their land. Why then do they reject our organizations so firmly?" Li Yunmu asked, continuing on the subject.

"Brother Lin, there are some facts which you should know to understand that. Since you mentioned that, you must first become aware of the basic requirements of Pangu…"

Wang Ren who had the appearance of a scholar began to speak with excitement after being incited by Li Yunmu.

Given that he was also about to enter Pangu City which he had admired for a long time, he didn't have any reservations regarding the strict human hierarchy and was talking non-stop.

Li Yunmu was willing to listen to the excited chatter of the other party to obtain more information about the domain.

Pangu City was indeed the same as was discussed by the people of far east. It was a grand sacred city which everyone yearned to enter. This applied not only to Pangu themselves but also the lowest class ordinary humans who lived in the vicinity.

Li Yunmu began to gradually understand the situation based on the information revealed by Wang Ren.

So that's why it's like this.

In the world, there was no underserved affection or admiration.

Pangu were no different. The reason why they were tolerant and magnanimous toward the ordinary humans was because of their needs!

Pangu needed knowledgeable ordinary humans who were proficient in all sorts of basic trades to come into their city. As long they possessed a specialized skill and were industrious, Pangu would be willing to admit them and let them work and live in peace.

It was all because Pangu were extremely lazy.

None of them were willing to work in agriculture or do any other basic trades. They required a large quantity of food however, and every year's winter was considered as most tormentous time for them.

Each and every winter, many of them would die of starvation. Yes, it was starvation and not simple freezing to death. That was because those with the formidable bloodline of Pangu didn't need to fear freezing.

All of their people were strong, valiant, and exceedingly tyrannical. This posed the question though, if the Pangu possessed such formidable bodies, why were they lazy to the extent that many of their people would starve to death every year?

The reason behind it was quite simple—because their laziness was relative. They put all of their energy into cultivation.

Yes, Pangu were actually this extreme. They would rather starve to death than halt their cultivation. Regardless of whether they were men or women, they would spend the majority of their time on bitter cultivation.

For this reason, Pangu were more than willing to accept the ordinary humans to come and settle in their territory. After all, ordinary humans, especially the ones who belonged to the lowest class, worked hard in order to survive.

In the past years, as the reputation of Pangu City giving preferential treatment to the bottom class humans grew, increasingly more people dragged down by having a family to feed rushed over.

Because in Pangu City there wasn't any particular hierarchical structure, the bottom class people could stay with their mind at rest.

But… Pangu showed completely different treatment to human cultivators.

There wasn't any great reason behind it except for the fact that Pangu didn't want foreign powerhouses to enter their territory. They already had enough strength and didn't want foreign powerhouses to struggle for the small number of resources in their territory.

When Li Yunmu heard this, his blood ran cold, and he immediately felt that something was wrong with such a situation.

It seemed like he had counted his chickens before they hatched and made a miscalculation. He shouldn't have come to such a place. Originally, he had thought that Pangu's territory would be the best choice to evade Origin God Sect and Underworld Serpent.

However, he came to realize that it wasn't as ideal as he had thought. The reason for that was simple—Li Yunmu's own status was that of a cultivator. He had never thought that something like that could ever inconvenience him.

If a great flux expert went anywhere in the human society, where wouldn't they be an existence detached from the world?

"Oh, Brother Lin, why did your complexion turn unsightly all of a sudden?"

Wang Ren discovered the change in Li Yunmu's expression and couldn't resist asking about it.

"Eh, to be honest, Brother Wang, I actually am also a cultivator. I'm afraid that I made the wrong choice by entering Pangu City."

Once the matters had come to this point, there wasn't any need for Li Yunmu to conceal them.

Originally, he had planned to infiltrate the city, where he could evade the omnipotent Underworld Serpent and also sell the large harvest obtained from Black Spirit Valley.

But who would've known that before even entering Pangu City, he would bump into an iron panel.