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497 Going Through all the Resources

This sort of formidable ability of special nature would give the flux expert armor a very exclusive upgrade. On top of that, the most important fact was that it was an ability and not simple strength or combat effectiveness.

It was extremely possible that the special nature of such an ability might not be suited for battle. With every evolution, one would come in possession of even more strange abilities. This was called treasure congealing.

The flux energy amplification rate of great flux expert armor congealed using treasure congealing was 10% higher compared to opulent armor.

Just because of this reason, even if the other characteristics of treasure congealed armor weren't counted, the starting point of people who congealed this armor would be higher simply based on the flux energy amplification.

So what then? What about the armor which Li Yunmu was seeking to congeal? Naturally, it wasn't treasure congealed armor.


There was no reason for Li Yunmu to renounce the best method of congealing armor and congeal a low level great flux expert armor, right?

Actually, it was very simple. Besides the three types of methods mentioned earlier, there was still a fourth type of method for congealing the great flux expert armor.

The reason why it wasn't listed was because this method wasn't recognized by the cultivators of the Origin World. Moreover, probably not even one in ten thousand people possessed the required resources and qualifications to realize it.

No, in fact, probably even in one million people who congealed great flux expert armor, there might not be a single person who possessed the qualifications and ability to congeal the fourth type of great flux expert armor.

It was called innate expert armor!

There wasn't any need to explain it much, since just from the name, the dominance of this expert armor could be seen, as well as the difficulty in obtaining the qualifications to congeal it.

If Li Yunmu hadn't made a trip to the Origin God World, then perhaps even with years of accumulation and foundation he could've built while his cultivation had been stopped at flux expert realm, he might still not have come into possession of the strength and resources required to congeal innate expert armor.

But right then, he was pretty certain he could do it. When Li Yunmu took out the object required to congeal this type of expert armor, a complicated expression appeared on his face. It was a thumb-sized transparent bottle which emitted green light.

Yes, it was the five drops of leaf juice of the ancestor tree which Yuan Biyao had given him not long ago.

However, when Li Yunmu carefully observed it, he'd found that there weren't just five drop of leaf juice as he had believed previously. Instead, there was also a fruit seed in the little green bottle.

When Li Yunmu saw that small fruit seed, his breathing instantly became heavy.

If it was what he thought it was, then it was a seed produced by the fruit of the ancestor tree. According to legends, the vitality of an entire plane was required to grown a new world tree.

It could then be classified as a personal world tree!

Even if Li Yunmu was an idiot, he would still understand that such a seed had an indescribable value. Yet he planned to use the five drops of leaf juice and the seed as materials to congeal innate expert armor.

It was an extravagance that couldn't be put into words. But if not for the ancestor tree's seed, he would have no hope to be able to congeal the innate expert armor which not even one in a million were able to congeal.

Before long, Li Yunmu took out rare heavenly treasures from his storage space. Instantly, his surroundings filled with dozens of magnificent lights.

"System, what are my chances of success in congealing the innate expert armor?"

When Li Yunmu had taken out his wealth, all the resources he had accumulated for a long time, he finally asked the system to find his odds for success.

[Congratulations host, with the usage of World Ancestor's leaf juice and seed, according to system's calculation, your chances of success in congealing the innate expert armor have reached 40%."

"Surprisingly they're that high?"

Even Li Yunmu himself was astonished. By adding two different materials from the ancestor tree, he had surprisingly raised the originally less than 10% chances to 40%.

He had prepared a hundred tons of sacred steel, one hundred tons of silver sand, and ten tons of gold granules.

This large amount of silver sand and gold granules had been obtained from selling the fur, horns, and meat of the monsters he had killed while hacking in the mid sea region on Blue Moon Island.

Although the prices of the materials weren't high by themselves, the amounts that he needed were enormous. It has to be known that the ten shadows together with three hundred ape gods had only collected enough after killing vicious beasts for days and nights without stopping.

He had sold them all then and invested the money in his future cultivation.

But even after he had exhausted all his options, he could only achieve treasure congealing. However, after he added the two materials from the ancestor tree, he had reached 40% chance of success in congealing the innate expert armor.

Only after personally experiencing this did he realize about what sort of an unimaginable resource was a twig of World Ancestor.

Yet even though he had 40% chance of success, it still wasn't enough.

Soon, Li Yunmu also invested all the sacred life water which he had obtained from Earth. From his original amount, he now had thirty drops left.

"How about now?" Li Yunmu asked again.

The system remained silent for a good while before replying after performing a lot of calculations. [45%.]

Thirty drops of sacred life water could only increase his odds by less than ten percent. This was outrageous. It has to be known that sacred life water was a major trump card which Battle Sage Vage had been saving for many years.

If on Earth, even if someone wanted to use the domain of a capital city to trade for thirty drops of sacred life water, people would think before exchanging. Yet they could only increase his chances by 5%.

"Insufficient, so insufficient. What if I use the twelve rainbow light king's crystal armor as the base for congealing the armor, what would be my chances of success then?" Li Yunmu asked.


This time the system's reply was quicker. Perhaps, it had performed the calculations regarding this question previously.

"So little? Even after adding in the twelve rainbow light king crystal armor, I could only increase the odds by 3%?"

Only after genuinely trying to congeal innate expert armor did he understand that it was simply an endless pit. Heaven only knew how hard it was to actually succeed.

[If host's twelve rainbow light king's crystal armor had the twelve lights condensed, then it would increase the chances by ten percent, but host doesn't have even one light...]

Li Yunmu understood what the system was implying.