Shadow Hack
494 Another Trap
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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494 Another Trap

In the middle of the night, the village in the depths of a wilderness was silent. Regardless of whether it was people or other creatures, all of them were calm.

Li Yunmu's entrance into the region was akin to a giant beast intruding into the silence of the night.

In the Origin World, there were many similar villages in the wilderness. They were countless, and most of them were mainly formed by barbarians.


The sound of withered twigs being stepped on during such a silent night was quite ear-piercing. When Li Yunmu arrived in front of the entrance of the village, he could vaguely identify the words written on the village plate with his keen vision—Black Night Village.

At this time, one of the two barbarian soldiers who were responsible for guarding the Black Night Village woke up and asked in a tone filled with cautiousness, "Who is it?"

"A passerby. I wanted to asked something, is this eastern part's Ancient Lands?"

Li Yunmu was adorning black robe which hid even his face. It made him look like a devil.

The sudden appearance and the unsettling clothes made the two barbarian soldiers who had just woken up felt like they should be extremely cautious.

In the Origin World, barbarian villages had to face many life and death crisis, and the countless ferocious beasts were just one of them.

The main danger was actually their own species.

Sometimes, if their reply wasn't good enough or their luck ran out and they encountered an extremely cruel human, it could become the cause of the whole village's extermination.

But upon seeing that the less than two meter tall human clad in black clothes had made no movements apart from enquiring about the region, both of the barbarian soldiers breathed a sigh of relief. Strangely, the man didn't even seem to have any intention of entering the village.

"Yes, your distinguished self, this is indeed the Ancient Lands in the eastern region," one of the barbarian soldiers hastily replied.

"Oh, then how far is the Black Spirit Valley? I want a map of the local area."

Li Yunmu raised his hand and threw a small pouch toward the two barbarian soldiers. Inside the pouch, there were at least one hundred silver sand coins.

The two soldiers were completely astonished and quickly accepted the money. They then looked at each other, and one of them said, "I ask your distinguished self to wait for a moment. I will go and fetch the map."

Even if Li Yunmu was being ostentatious, they didn't dare to invite him into the village. They had many apprehensions regarding the mysterious person who had suddenly appeared from the wilderness in the middle of the night.

However, Li Yunmu remained indifferent and just smiled at them. It was the cruel truth of the world—even if the weak gathered together in one place, they wouldn't have the power to protect themselves no matter in which corner of the world they lived.

If Li Yunmu wanted to conceal his tracks, the people of the village before him would wake up to a nightmare in the middle of the night and would stop to exist before the sun rose in the morning. The barbarians in the village didn't have any right to their life in front of him, and it was the same for Li Yunmu when in front of the entire Origin God Sect.

Thus, even if he had returned to the Origin World, he didn't forget to hide his tracks. The black gown and the devil mask were quite commonly used by the cultivators of the Origin World to conceal their identity.

If someone was suspicious by nature, they would even make sure that the Night Black Village of one hundred something people wouldn't exist anymore.

But Li Yunmu didn't even consider acting in such a manner. Even if they weren't people of Earth, he didn't want to engage in such meaningless massacre.

Soon, he accepted the map of the region and disappeared into the night under the cautious gazes of the two barbarian soldiers.

Inside the heavenly world, Li Yunmu took out the map and scanned it once before unleashing his flux energy. The next instant, the map was torn into shreds.

With the existence of system, he only needed to look at it once for it all to be recorded by the system.

The system's previous judgement of their location hadn't been mistaken—they were indeed in the easternmost part of the eastern region, Ancient Lands.

But naturally, Li Yunmu was aware that the people of the Origin World hadn't reached the end point of their world in any direction.

The reason why Ancient Lands were considered as one of the easternmost regions was mainly because if someone continued moving eastwards, they would find themselves unable to go any farther.

The noteworthy fact was that the ends of the continent were unknown because according to rumor, even if deities personally charged into the far east to probe it, they never returned in one piece.

Because of that, the Ancient Lands which was one of the regions in the most extreme corner, were considered as the known eastern frontier since a long time ago.

Black Spirit Valley which Li Yunmu was enquiring about was located precisely at one corner of this region.

"Oh, seems like it's not far away. It's only a thousand or so kilometers away."

After scanning the map, he roughly estimated the distance between his current location and Black Spirit Valley.

At this time, the system's voice suddenly echoed in his brain, [If the map provided by those barbarian soldiers is correct, then the exact distance would be one thousand two hundred and thirty-six kilometers. If host rushes forth at full speed and faces no obstructions, host could reach the region in less than three hours. Host, do you intend to rush to Black Spirit Valley immediately?]

"No need to be anxious. It's said that Black Spirit Valley only has one third tier regional power?"

[Yes, based on what the people on Whale Island were talking, there is indeed only one publicly known third tier regional power in Black Spirit Valley,] the system replied.

"Publicly known…"

When Li Yunmu heard it, he became thoughtful.

After staying in the Origin World for so long, Li Yunmu naturally wasn't a fool to believe that the situation was so simple. Only one third tier regional power existed in the easternmost region which had been discovered long ago?

Besides that, since Zhan Wuya had chosen to conceal himself, there was certainly something there that wasn't known to most people.

Regardless of how one looked at it, Black Spirit Valley definitely wasn't as simple as it looked.

But naturally, it could also be that Li Yunmu was just being paranoid.

[Then host, what do you intend to do next?]

System seemed to be attaching great importance to this matter, sounding afraid that Li Yunmu might take some reckless action and fall into a trap.

Earlier, Demon's red crystal crane had not only informed Li Yunmu about the result of Underworld Serpent's investigation into the situation of descenders, but also presented him with some other facts as well. Surprisingly, while he was gone, Li Qinghong had replaced him in carrying out the plan.

Because of that, Demon said that Black Spirit Valley was where she was most likely present.

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