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493 Trapped Dragon is Freed

Suddenly, Li Yunmu had a vague feeling that Yuan Biyao's identity wasn't as simple as that of the princess of Yuan Imperial Clan. Otherwise, even if the influence of Yuan Clan's princess or emperor was enormous, it shouldn't be of such high importance to Origin God Sect.

"Alright, start the shield," Yuan Biyao expressionlessly said.

After that, Li Yunmu discovered that he couldn't sense anything from the outside. At that moment, the inside of the beast chariot had been transformed into an independent sealed world.

"This is the juice of World Ancestor's leaves which you wanted. It is enough for five people. Take it and leave."

Yuan Biyao took out a thumb-sized transparent bottle inside which a green-colored liquid was flickering.

It was the leaf juice of the ancestor tree which Li Yunmu had tried to acquire using every possible means ever since he had entered the Origin God World.

However, he had quickly discovered that although he could stand upon the enormous leaves of the ancestor tree, he had no method to obtain the leaf juice by himself.

It was because his strength wasn't great enough to even shake the natural energy barrier around the tree leaves of the ancestor tree. Not being able to obtain the treasure while being right on top of a treasure-trove had felt like mockery to him.

Yet he hadn't expected that the crazy woman would know about his attempts to obtain the leaf juice.


By then, Li Yunmu had given up on trying to understand the thoughts of Yuan Biyao.

She knew that he wasn't her brother Qingyang from the start, and she wanted to keep him around her for all his life so as to take revenge against him.

However, the next instant, she didn't hesitate to pay any price to extricate him, even daring to fight against Origin God Sect.

"Aren't you afraid that after I return to the Origin World, I will reveal everything about Origin God Sect to the upper echelons of Underworld Serpent?" he suddenly asked.

"Are you an idiot? If you dare to reveal any information regarding the Origin God World outside, Origin God Sect won't hesitate to send a deity level powerhouse to eliminate you as well as anyone related to you."

Yuan Biyao looked at Li Yunmu like he was a total fool. When Li Yunmu heard her words, he didn't dare to open his mouth again. He suddenly felt like he was really being an idiot.

If Origin God Sect was the Origin God Sect which he had infiltrated based on the information by Underworld Serpent, he wouldn't have cared about spilling all its secrets since that would present him with a lot of merit.

But the reality was that the so-called second tier sect was actually an enormously powerful and mysterious power. And Li Yunmu wasn't a fool who would invite a calamity upon himself by leaking this to the outside.

As long as he didn't reveal the secret of the Origin God World, Origin God Sect would possibly refrain from shooting the rat for fear of breaking the vase. They would know that he wouldn't dare to willingly take the step which they would hate.

While Li Yunmu was thinking about these concerns, his senses regarding the outside world were restored again.

"Alright, leave now, disappear!" Yingying shouted out.

Yuan Biyao looked at Li Yunmu with a complicated gaze. The moment he stepped out, the twin-headed salamander quickly left into the distance.

The carriage quickly disappeared from Li Yunmu's eyes. He calmed himself then and surveyed his surroundings.

He was quite familiar with the air around him, the air of the Origin World. He had really returned.

Before, he'd been rolling around from side to side while thinking of a method to return to the Origin World. Yet out of nowhere, the crazy woman who had wanted to trap him eternally helped him return. Because he caught the eye of Origin God Sect, she didn't spare any effort to get him away.

Li Yunmu truly didn't know whether to laugh or to cry at his situation.

However, neither Yuan Biyao nor the upper echelons of Origin God Sect had any idea about what sort of enormous impact would the escape of this sleeping dragon have on the Origin God World in the future.

Suddenly, Li Yunmu's complexion turned odd, and he knitted his eyebrows. He wondered whether such an escape would be good or bad for him in the long run.

Apart from experiencing a heaven-shaking transformation in his strength, Li Yunmu had also obtained another indescribable benefit before leaving.

It was the fact that he had linked the heavenly bridge to the Origin God World. In secret, he had connected it to the room where he lived in the Origin God Town among commoners.

None of the people in the Origin God World had even considered the possibility of such a thing happening. Even if the other party had already sealed all the pathways to itself, Li Yunmu possessed the sacrificial platform. Once he connected a place to it, he could draw the heavenly bridge and enter the place, for example the Origin God World in this case.

Even Underworld Serpent probably didn't expect that Li Yunmu would possess such an deity-level tool which could penetrate through worlds.

Origin God Sect, ahh, the mysterious Origin God Sect, I hope we meet again one day, Li Yunmu muttered in his heart while silently watching the surrounding wilderness.

Soon, he erupted with all his flux energy and rushed away at his highest speed. Although Yuan Biyao had sent him out, staying in one place for a long time wasn't good.

At that moment, Li Yunmu, who had just returned to the Origin World after several months, displayed the enormous change in his strength and revealed the power of great circle and one hundred and eight flux points.

Profound flux energy overflowed from his legs and like an ultra fast propeller, and he quickly surpassed the speed of sound. In a blink of an eye, he couldn't be seen anywhere near where he'd alighted.

At that moment in Green Goblin Mountains, Demon snapped his head up all of a sudden and looked in the distance through the darkness of the night.

"This is master! It really is master's presence! He has finally returned!"

A rarely seen excitement appeared on Demon's cold face.

Because of the bond between master and follower formed by binding the latter's soul imprint to the heavenly world, once Li Yunmu appeared, Demon immediately sensed him.

The next instant, Demon took out a red crystal crane and without any hesitation released it.


A muffled sound echoed in the darkness of the night. Li Yunmu had jumped down from a height of several ten of meters and was gazing at a village not far away.

He suddenly looked at the sky and asked, "System, what part of the Origin World is this?"

[Information insufficient for precise location, but based on the information from the database, the host should be in the eastern part of the Origin World named the Ancient Lands!"

"Ancient Lands? How certain are you about this guess?"

LiYunmu's voice turned somewhat cold.

System thought for a moment, then replied with certainty [According to the data collected about the nature of every region, the system is more than 90% certain.]

"What a great coincidence, Ancient Lands? Isn't this the place where the Black Spirit Valley is located about which Demon just told me? Zhan Wuya, I didn't expect that we would run into each other so soon. "

Li Yunmu calmly gazed at the night, then began to quietly walk toward the nearest village.

He hadn't thought that something would happen just before he returned to the Origin World.

Demon's red crystal crane had made him aware about some matters related to him which he had missed while being in the Origin God World for the last couple months.