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492 Leaving the World

"What do you mean where did it go? Obviously it was poured into my flux point."

Li Yunmu was dumbfounded. Even now, he still didn't understand the situation completely.

Soon, the two of them along with Yuan Biyao's personal maid Yingying entered the woods in the night.

At the foot of the ancestor tree, there was a two-headed giant salamander at the head of a luxurious chariot waiting for them.

When Li Yunmu saw Yuan Biyao drag him to the beast chariot, he couldn't help but ask, "Are you really taking me to see the ancestor of your Yuan Clan?"

"Are you truly an idiot or just faking stupidity? If I hadn't mentioned the name of that old man, how could those elders let you leave so easily."

Yuan Biyao rolled her eyes at Li Yunmu.

After that, the two of them rode in the chariot silently. While sitting still, Li Yunmu could sense that they were galloping at an unimaginable speed.

Yingying who was driving the chariot was issuing continuous commands in a melodious voice in an intermittent manner. After being berated by her, the two-headed salamander began to rush with even more speed.

During the journey, Li Yunmu felt a strange urgency as if Yuan Biyao was fighting with time.

After a long time, she finally spoke. "Stay here. Don't ask anything and also don't try to resist the beast chariot's protective shield. After you return to the Origin World, immediately return to Underworld Serpent. As long as you go back, Origin God Sect won't take the large risk to capture you."

"What, are you actually going to release me? Don't you hate me? Don't you want to take revenge against me? Besides, what exactly did I do that even alarmed the Origin God Sect to the point that they insist on capturing me?"

Li Yunmu didn't understand anything. But he knew that the crazy woman before him was doing another crazy thing at that moment.

Surprisingly though, for him, no, probably for the person whose image was still etched in her heart, she had dared to fight against Origin God Sect.

Although Li Yunmu understood the status of a person from Yuan Clan in this world, she would still have to pay an extremely high price. Who knew whether she could survive paying it or not.

"Don't ask many questions or I might change my mind."

While facing Li Yunmu's ever present curiosity, Yuan Biyao was extremely gloomy.

She had never thought that someone against whom she wanted to take revenge by trapping him in her world would instead take advantage of the situation and draw her to clear his mess.

Seeing the other party's ugly complexion, Li Yunmu nodded. He also didn't want to attract more trouble for himself, but in the end, he still said one sentence out of goodwill, "Fine, but you're acting in such a presumptuous manner. Are you sure it'll be alright?"

Yinging joined their conversation at that moment. Her melodious voice echoed from outside the chariot. "You only need to think about yourself. It is still unknown whether you can escape from the Origin God World or not. It truly is a big trouble, princess. People from Origin God Sect are already chasing us."

From the beginning, Li Yunmu had an extremely odd feeling regarding her. The vague presence from her made him feel like she didn't look her true age.

Yingying's presence was surprisingly similar to the little shadow ancestor which he had brought up previously. Could it be then that she wasn't a human?

"Yingying, deal with them."

Yuan Biyao's body tensed up. Although she belonged to the upper echelons of Origin God World, she couldn't help but get nervous when she heard that the people of Origin God Sect were chasing her.

After all, even after spending the last month in seclusion at the twelfth layer of Origin God Sect, her personal strength was barely able to keep up with that of Li Yunmu.

In fact in terms of combat prowess, even ten Yuan Biyaos wouldn't necessarily be an opponent for Li Yunmu. The reason for that was that after Li Yunmu had cultivated all the one hundred and eight flux points and reached the great circle, his strength had reached a heaven-shaking level, far surpassing the strength of cultivators on the same level.

Although Li Yunmu didn't understand why exactly he'd caught the gaze of Origin God Sect to the point that they wanted to capture him, he could guess a number of things.

Apparently, the source of his trouble was his cultivation of the final three flux points which caused Origin God Sect to treat him with great importance.

"Alright, take care… I've wanted to have a battle with these ascetics for a while."

Soon, a chilly but melodious voice came from outside the beast chariot.

Li Yunmu raised his ears and made all effort to peep on the actions of Yingying who could battle against the high level cultivators from the sect. However, despite everything, he could only hear rustling sounds together with the muffled noise of something snapping.

It was hard for him to sense anyone's movements.

But according to what he knew, the ascetics of the Origin God World were affiliated to the Ascetic Courtyard of Origin God Sect. Each of them possessed extreme loyalty toward the sect, and the weakest of them had the strength of mid great flux expert.

In other words, each of the people behind them possessed deep and unmeasurable strength. If they were compared with the fluxers of Earth, then the strength possessed by each one would be close to a domain sage powerhouse.

Clearly, the Origin God Sect had many apprehensions regarding Yuan Biyao's existence which is why it hadn't dispatched more powerful pursuers.

However, regardless of whether it was Yuan Biyao or Li Yunmu, even one ascetic would be an extremely powerful opponent to them.

What a pity. If only I'd had some time to congeal great flux expert's battle armor and succeeded in increasing my cultivation, then given my abilities, these ascetics might not have had an upper hand in battle against me.

Li Yunmu sighed inwardly.

He had to accept that in the time he spent in the Origin God World, his harvests were enormous. His cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds, especially after cultivating all the one hundred and eight flux points and reaching great circle.

Once his cultivation upgraded, his starting point would've far surpassed all the great flux experts at the same realm, and this was not even counting the combined strength of the eleven shadows.

And Li Yunmu wasn't just shooting his mouth. Based on Earth's cultivation system, his strength had already increased by a few realms.

After a long while, Yingying's voice came from outside. "Alright, they've been stopped. Princess quickly go to the entrance. For the benefit of the entire Origin God World, Yingying has to stop the beast chariot."

But whether it was an illusion or reality, Li Yunmu felt that Yingying's voice wasn't sharp and clear like before. It sounded rather hoarse and exhausted. But she seemed to be quite excited. Apparently in the battle which he couldn't sense, the little girl Yingying had beaten the ascetics.

And it wasn't just one or two, but at least seven or more. Instantly, Li Yunmu's curiosity toward Yingying shot sky high. What sort of existence was she? And what sort of reassurance did Yuan Biyao have that she dared to fight against Origin God Sect?