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When Li Yunmu left the chest sea point's holy land without wasting another moment, Yingying who had been watching in secret was shocked to the core.

My god, he surprisingly used up the resources prepared for ten people by Origin God Sect for attacking flux points.

Yingying had no words to describe the bizarre situation which she had just witnessed with her own eyes.  

It has to be known that the resources Li Yunmu had just used up were prepared for ten people. How enormous was that amount? Its worth couldn't be described by ordinary numbers.

The maid could already imagine that when the princess heard about this matter, she would have a headache. After all, with such a large amount of resources consumed suddenly, she would have to cover up Li Yunmu's mess.

While Yingying was feeling worry for her master, Li Yunmu entered the cultivation land of abdomen sea without stopping. After the last time, he had become much more familiar with the process.

With the assistance from the eight energy balls installed around the holy land, he began to crazily attack the abdomen sea main point once more.

If he hadn't cultivated Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets as well as many other top-notch body tempering techniques, or if he didn't possess a life-saving cultivation method, or if he hadn't cultivated the Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique, he would've died long ago. His body would have exploded if he lacked even one of the three.

However, there could be no 'if'. All of the above mentioned skills which allowed him to obtain an advantage over same layer cultivators were his foundation which he had built over many years.

By the time Yingying decided to report his bizarre situation to Yuan Biyao, he had already began to store energy without stopping. In a blink of an eye, his cultivation of abdomen sea main point was complete.

If it had been anyone else, they would probably require half a month at the least for that. This was based on the resources supplied by the Origin God World to attack flux points.

When Yingying finally found Yuan Biyao and fearfully informed her about Li Yunmu's cultivation situation, he had already successfully cultivated abdomen sea main point.

His flux energy increased by another notch, rising from five hundred units to seven hundred and fifty. Clearly, the grade of flux energy from abdomen sea main point surpassed even the interlinked group of flux points in the chest.

Naval star point, only you remain!

In less than two days and one night, Li Yunmu had cultivated two of the three flux points which were considered as the most difficult and most hazardous. He was moving at the speed of a rocket.

On the third day, Li Yunmu had already entered the holy land of naval star flux point. It was the final checkpoint before he could step into great flux expert realm with the most perfect cultivation.

At first contact, Li Yunmu became aware that the naval star point's cultivation method was completely different from the other two flux points.

This time, there weren't eight energy balls to provide him with energy. Instead, an enormous stone crystal was arranged on the leaf.

It was azure and extremely enormous.

"This is… a devil beast's core!"

Once Li Yunmu's attentively observed the stone crystal for a good moment. He checked and repeatedly confirmed that it was the core of a devil beast.

Moreover, looking at its azure color, it should've come from deep ocean's sea devil beast.

After confirming this, Li Yunmu couldn't help but take in a deep breath.

What extravagance, they are truly too extravagant.

He hadn't expected that Origin God Sect would arrange such a luxurious environment for cultivating the final naval star point. They surprisingly used such a thing as a devil beast's core.

Devil beasts' strength was equivalent to that of sage flux experts. Moreover, according to what Li Yunmu knew, the strength of the devil beasts was even a grade higher than that of sage flux experts on the same layer.

This was because devil beasts possessed innately tyrannical bodies, terrifying physical strength, and bloodlines which made them much more formidable than sage flux experts. This was a publicly known fact.

Moreover, sea devil beasts were even more formidable than devil beasts living on land. Because they resided deep within the ocean all year round, both their bodies and physical strength were much more tyrannical.

Thus, upon seeing a sea devil beast's core, Li Yunmu was certain that there was certainly a deity level powerhouse in the Origin God World. The confirmation of this fact left him astonished.

But in any case, all of that was secondary to him. What mattered to him at that moment was how to use the sea devil beast's core to cultivate the naval star point.

Li Yunmu subconsciously searched the vicinity, but he could no longer find that little girl Yingying, so he could only rely on himself.

But this time, the situation wasn't as bad and didn't leave him without any ideas about how to proceed. He tried to move the flux energy in all the flux points in his body, and sure enough, when he moved all the flux energy he had accumulated, a bizarre thing happened.

An enormous suction force came from the sea devil beast's core floating in midair. In a flash, Li Yunmu was entered inside it.

Once he was within the core, he sensed that the space around him was filled with gentle energy. It was extremely soft, and when immersed in it, he felt like an infant lying in their mother's bosom.

Li Yunmu's consciousness gradually faded. The comfort caused him to fall asleep without knowing and put down all his defenses.

After a long time, he awakened and discovered that he had cultivated the naval star flux point. Moreover, each and every cell in his body had reached the most perfect state.

All the concealed injuries which had remained in his body from cultivating the flux points in the barbaric way were gone. Even Major Reversal had been unable to cure them, but now he could sense that all of them were gone.

In an instant, Li Yunmu understood what had happened.

The final cultivation holy land was clearly prepared by the Origin God World as the ultimate place for healing. After all, it was certain that some hidden injuries would remain in the disciples' bodies after cultivating chest sea and abdomen sea flux points.

And because of that sea devil beast's core, Li Yunmu was again in perfect condition. He also had a vague sensation that the upper limit of his flux energy strength had increased again.

So the reason behind Origin God Sect's cultivators breaking the upper limit of flux energy strength was the spell formation arranged here.

Li Yunmu gained a better understanding of the events.

He breathed a sigh of relief, but also a hint of disappointment at the same time.

He was relieved that Origin God Sect didn't have any parts of Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique. This made it so there wouldn't be any conflict between him and the Origin God Sect whose strength was immeasurable.

But he was disappointed because even the Origin God Sect which possessed such an enormous background couldn't get a hold of other parts of Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique. If it wasn't able to do it, then him trying to collect all the five parts may not be anything more than a pipe dream.