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After a month, Li Yunmu finally opened his eyes on the holy land of one hundred and fifth flux point. Right away, an incomparably pure flux energy erupted from his body.

Its purity even awoke the other cultivators cultivating on the same leaf from their meditative state.

That was because Li Yunmu was disturbing the movement of flux energy of World Ancestor's leaf in the vicinity.

This disturbance left all other cultivators extremely astonished. But Li Yunmu quickly realized what was happening and restrained his flux energy, thus removing the disturbance.

He definitely couldn't let the fact that his flux energy strength was far more formidable than that of the other cultivators of the same layer to be revealed.

"System, how's my present strength?"

After confirming that the others weren't paying anymore attention, he quickly enquired about his strength.

[Host, your flux energy strength has reached three hundred and fifty points. Your physical strength has also increased greatly; it has reached one hundred and fifty oxen.]

The system's reply shocked Li Yunmu. With the cultivation of Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique every day, the upper limit of his flux energy strength was growing increasingly higher.

After cultivating one hundred and five flux points, the upper limit of his flux energy had long surpassed the limit faced by the other cultivators of the same layer, to the extent that it was almost double.

One hundred and fifty oxen was normally the bottleneck for physical strength of third rank great flux experts. However, he had reached that threshold before he had even stepped into great flux expert realm.

It wouldn't be outrageous to say that regardless of whether it was his flux energy strength or physical strength, his general strength far surpassed that of cultivators of the same layer.

But that wasn't the most important part, what mattered the most was that he had finally cultivated all the one hundred and five points required to become a great flux expert.

The majority of cultivators in the Origin World didn't have any foresight and ambition, and they would immediately break through to great flux expert realm... but Li Yunmu naturally wouldn't make such a choice.

Quickly, his gaze fell on the final three tree leaves in the depths.

Based on an estimation with a naked eye, the final three leaves of the eleventh layer were far larger than the one hundred and five before them

He could vaguely guess that the final three leaves were much more than just a few kilometers in length.

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and began to walk toward the one hundred and sixth tree leaf which represented one of the final three flux points.

"Halt, you need to show a recommendation letter to enter the place to cultivate the final three flux points."

Li Yunmu had to admit that the cultivation holy lands of the final three flux points were indeed very different from the previous one hundred and five.

This fact was clearly illustrated by the strength of guards guarding their the entrance.

"Additional recommendation letter?"

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that there would be other conditions to enter there.

"That's right, you must obtain a recommendation letter from an elder class powerhouse or obtain enough merit points by killing insect devils to enter the final three flux points," one of the two guards said with a wooden face.

When Li Yunmu heard his words, he sighed. Sure enough, the three main flux points which were guarded by the people standing at the top of the pyramid of the Origin World were not as easy to obtain as he had imagined.

Even in the Origin God World which had its own rules, not all flux points were open to everyone as he had heard from rumors. Yet what sort of existence were those merit points from insect devils?

Given that he possessed the shadow hack system, this condition sounded like the easiest one to fulfil for him. Regardless of the number of merit points required, he could easily obtain them by hacking all day and night.

But he couldn't squander his precious time. He thought for a moment, and an idea struck him. He then took out the recommendation letter given to him by Yuan Biyao.

"Is this sufficient?" he asked.

"Eh? Whose recommendation letter is—"

The guard took a cursory glance. After discovering that it was just a recommendation letter for a status tile, he was about to reject it without any hesitation.

Yet the next instant he caught sight of the signature at the bottom and immediately stopped speaking.

"Eh, this…. Although it is not the sect's recommendation, it's alright, you can go."

The two guards looked at each other, not daring to say anything more. They moved to the side, opening the path toward the chest sea flux point's holy land.

Li Yunmu secretly observed changes in the attitudes of the two guards and again experienced the terrifying influence of Yuan imperial clan.

The two guards had the strength of great flux experts, but when they saw Yuan Biyao's name, they could only concede and move out of the way.

But Li Yunmu didn't think much about it. Since he was allowed to go inside, he walked in without a look back.

Once he entered the chest sea holy land, the first thing he discovered was that the surface area was much larger than on the other leaves.

But what caught his attention even more was that this region was completely different from the holy lands of the one hundred and five flux points.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…

There were eight brightly glowing light balls. Each of them floated above the leaf in a specific location.

While hovering over the leaf, they looked like eight lustrous pearls.

Li Yunmu also noticed that there were no other cultivators on the entire leaf unlike before, where he'd seen many other cultivators meditating.

From that, it could be seen that even in the Origin God World, the final three flux points couldn't be easily accessed by anyone.

Li Yunmu looked around for a while, then finally calmed himself and began to attack one of the final three flux point.

A quarter of an hour passed, then half, then two hours, and three… Li Yunmu woke up from the meditative state at that moment, but he was completely depressed. He just couldn't find the right way to attack the chest sea main point.

Even if the density of flux energy on the leaf of World Ancestor was extremely high and Li Yunmu continued absorbing it for half a day, he still couldn't budge the chest sea point in the slightest.

"Impossible, why is it so difficult to shake this flux point? If even my flux energy strength isn't enough, then how do other people cultivate?"

For a while, Li Yunmu kept pondering.

"If you keep attacking the flux point with brute force, then even with the assistance of the holy land, you probably won't be able to open it in your lifetime."

"Oh? You mean that my method of attacking the flux point is wrong?" Li Yunmu subconsciously asked.

Once he did so, he was stunned to discover that at some point in time, a young lady wearing a green maid skirt had appeared not far from him.

When did she appear? Moreover, how come I didn't sense her arrival?