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484 Loss of Contact with Li Yunmu

Yuan Biyao was certain that after any flux expert from the outside personally witnessed the strength and reserves of the Origin God World, they would lose all hope and wouldn't try to escape.

After all, the only path to the Origin World was through the twelfth layer of World Ancestor's twig which meant the bloom.

What sort of people lived in that region?

They were the upper echelons and imperial clan of the Origin God Sect. Every person who had the qualification to stay there was at least a sage flux expert.

Naturally, people like Yuan Biyao who were related to Yuan family as well as some of the servants who were ordinary people were an exception.

The bloom of the ancestor tree could be said to be the most formidable region where all the powerhouses of the Origin God World were concentrated.

Even the gold serpent kings of the Underworld Serpent probably wouldn't have the slightest chance to infiltrate that place.

Because of that, Yuan Biyao was certain that with time Li Yunmu would fall into complete despair and wouldn't even think of escaping her world. He would even stop hoping to flee from her grasp.

Since the other party had caused her Lin Qingyang to disappear, she would only be compensated if the other party would substitute for her Lin Qingyang.

According to Yuan Biyao's thinking, she would slowly grind down Li Yunmu's resistance until he admitted defeat. After that, she would slowly guide him and turn him into her Lin Qingyang to the extent that both his words and actions would be exactly the same.

In the Origin God World, she had complete confidence in achieving this because she was its princess. A true princess and not the countless princesses of imperial clans.

As for Li Yunmu's background, she'd heard that he had arrived from an outer plane. Even if he had joined Underworld Serpent later on, Origin God Sect's power was definitely greater. She was certain that Li Yunmu would have realized that already.

After a lot of hesitation, the servant still chose to speak up. "Princess, you truly intend to recruit him. You should know that when Prince Yuan heard that you recruited an outsider man, he was very resentful."

"No need to bother about him. Even my father, the emperor, cannot meddle in my affairs, let alone him."

A hint of fierceness flashed through Yuan Biyao's face. From the looks of it, once she returned to the Origin God World, her identity and temperament had undergone an enormous change. But probably it was more accurate to say that she had been this sort of person from the start.

Her innocence and kindness were only reserved for the real Lin Qingyang.

But unfortunately, he hadn't known what sort of status she possessed and acted indifferent toward her.

"Is there really no need to worry about him? I'm afraid that Prince Yuan will send people to find some trouble for him."

"Prince Yuan trying to find trouble for him is also good. It would teach him a lesson. Oh right, he hadn't tried to get in contact with any other women during this time…"

While the crazy woman Yuan Biyao was asking about Li Yunmu's situation, the man in question had already entered the holy land of the one hundred and fourth flux point and began to attack it.

As long as he could cultivate all of the one hundred and five flux points, he could exploit the benefits of the Origin God World and cultivate the final three flux points which were very difficult to obtain in the Origin World.

Li Yunmu had indeed completely renounced the idea of trying to escape before he cultivated all the flux points. But this didn't mean that he had fallen into despair and wasn't thinking about struggling.

Rather, he was profoundly aware that regardless of how much a person schemed or planned, they wouldn't be able to do anything without enough strength. Regardless of whether it was the Origin World or the Origin God World or even Earth, strength reigned supreme in all worlds.

Time continued to pass.

In the Origin World's Whale City, An was sitting with her brows creased.

How long has it already been?

Two months had passed since Li Yunmu was recruited by the mysterious second tier Origin God Sect. But Underworld Serpent's secret communication technique still hadn't returned with any information.

Could it be that the Origin God Sect could even block our Underground Serpent's exclusive communication technique?

Before long, a member of Underworld Serpent with golden thread covering her chest silently entered the room and reported, "Miss An, the main headquarters have once again enquired regarding our spy…"

If Li Yunmu had been there, he would've certainly been very astonished. Although he knew that Miss An's position in the Underworld Serpent wasn't low, he wouldn't have guessed that she would be accompanied by a gold ranked member.

After some thought, An decided to reply with the truth. "No need to hide anything. Inform that main headquarters that our spy's operation has failed. There's been no news from him, and his whereabouts are unknown."

In fact, after Li Yunmu had boarded the oceansky ship of the Origin God Sect, she had dispatched people with all sorts of tricks to follow them secretly.

However, at one moment, the oceansky ship had miraculously disappeared without any trail. This sort of coincidence combined with main headquarters' interest in the Origin God Sect gave An a feeling that she was faced with something nowhere near as simple as she'd been led to believe.

By then, she had already lost and didn't have any backup plans left. She could only inform the main headquarters about the situation and get them involved. The only unfortunate thing in that was that her new recruit Li Yunmu had also gone missing.

After all, he could refine extreme grade power grain as well as had contact with an ancient sea devil beast clan. Regardless of however she considered it, both of the things were greatly useful to her.

"Alright, I will do that."

The gold ranked member retreated, and An immediately contacted another person.

"Madam An, were you looking for me? Please give me your instructions!"

An thought for a bit, then commanded, "Old Yan, if suitable, help me show some consideration for two people. But don't leave any tracks when you take care of them."

"Other plane descenders? Both of them are minor people who have entered second tier sects after this year's inner sect battles and are in the region under my responsibility. I know what to do."

When Old Yan looked through the information, he was quite surprised. He couldn't think of any reason why Madam An would want to pay so much attention toward two outsiders, both of whom were just flux experts.

After disconnecting the call with Old Yao, An lowered her head and immersed herself in other matters of the organization. She had a feeling that Li Yunmu wasn't that simple.

In the short time he spent in the Origin World, he had first built a relationship with the Hall Clan after which he had also developed a friendship with sea breeze whale clan. On top of that, he could refine extreme grade power grain, which clearly showed his talent.

There wasn't any information about his current situation, but An decided to show consideration for his two followers, which could be considered as an investment.

Focused on that, she had no idea that her choice would save Li Qinghong's life.