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482 Reason for Being the Cultivation Holy Land

The ground got farther and farther away. When Li Yunmu reached the clouds, the system informed him that he had reached the seventh layer. He was in the clouds, yet it was only a bit more than halfway up. 

He guessed that climbing to the eleventh layer was a test of endurance and courage for flux experts, so who could say how long would it take?

Finally, Li Yunmu reached the eleventh layer. When he climbed to the nearest leaf, he noticed that it represented the only flux point in the brain, the celestial point.

The tree leaf was three thousand meters long and almost nine hundred meters wide.

The people who stepped on it would never feel like they were standing on a tree leaf, but as if they had stepped on a floating platform.

This leaf which represented the celestial point had several hundred people cultivating on it. Clearly, they had just crossed the threshold required to cultivate and barely deserved the name of flux experts.

What was worth paying even more attention to were the clothes worn by the several hundred people. They weren't like the ordinary people which Li Yunmu had seen in the town, wearing similar clothes. Instead, they appeared more like the cultivators from the Origin World.

This betrayed that they had recently returned from the Origin World.

But what astounded Li Yunmu wasn't this. It was actually the system's sudden words.

[Reminder, a large amount of high quality universal flux energy has been accumulated on this tree leaf. It conforms with the optimum threshold to congeal the flux binding pill.]

[Congratulations host, as long as you occupy one of the tree leaves, a flux binding pill could be congealed.]

The system suddenly became excited.

And Li Yunmu's entire body quivered slightly.

Flux binding pills, ahh.

He hadn't expected that when he stepped on the first tree leaf, he would obtain such an enormous harvest. The thing before him sure enough deserved to be called the leaf of World Ancestor.

The conditions and refining method of flux binding pill were in his hands, which meant an extremely fast cultivation as well as an unending stream of wealth. As long as he could accumulate a large amount of contribution points, he could form a power of his own, and it would have endless potential for growth.

Why did the people standing on the top of the world controlled such enormous organizations while possessing the authority to draw regulations for countless powers without end?

Was it strength?

Yes, it was their tyrannical strength which couldn't be challenged.

But how did their strength became so tyrannical?

It came from their unbelievable wealth. They used their riches on their organization; otherwise, how could such frightening organizations be formed?

Everything was linked to money!

That was why the people standing at the peak had a tight control over the power grain, flux binding pills, flux points as well as a large amount of body tempering skills, flux expert skills, and all sorts of secret techniques which allowed them to control the entire cultivation system of the Origin World.

They were the true eternal masters of the Origin World!

As long as someone could obtain the monopoly on those things, they could become one of the most powerful people in the world.

And Li Yunmu had just secured such a future for himself because the system had finally informed him that he could produce flux binding pills.

Although he could only manufacture power grain and flux binding pills for the moment, this was tantamount to him entering through the door to the path of becoming one of the few people standing on top of the vast Origin World.

In an instant, Li Yunmu became impatient and unable to control himself.

But being anxious was useless. If he wished to occupy a leaf to cultivate, he had to obtain the strength of a great flux expert. Otherwise, he wouldn't possess the qualification to occupy any of the leaves even on the first layer.

Once he thought about it, Li Yunmu lost the interest in staying on the leaf of celestial point. He rushed toward the other leaves.

Although he didn't stay for long on any leaf in his hurry toward the farther parts of the one hundred and eight tree leaves, he still wasted a large amount of time. This was because each of the leaves covered an extremely large area.

Moreover, they weren't concentrated together, so Li Yunmu was forced to keep running along the twig.

After he passed through the enormous leaves without stopping until dusk arrived, he finally found the path to the one hundred and first leaf.

"Heaven frost point holyland."

Li Yunmu suddenly stopped in front of one leaf and raised his head to read the banner erected over it.

Heaven frost point, this is it.

Besides the final three points, he lacked five flux points to open one hundred and five flux points. And heaven frost point was one of the guardian points of the three main points which were in the chest sea, abdomen sea, and naval star.

In the Origin World, people called the chest sea, abdomen sea, and naval star flux points as sun, moon, and star points.

Among them, the chest sea and abdomen sea points had eight guardian points surrounding and protecting them. They formed a ring and stored flux energy. As for the final naval star point, it was an independent existence which existed one inch above the naval.

After repeatedly confirming that the leaf before him was precisely the place to cultivate heaven frost point, Li Yunmu walked inside it.

Once he stepped onto it, he discovered that there weren't many people cultivating on this leaf. In total, there were only thirty people.

They had completely forgotten about themselves and were cultivating without regard for anything.

Li Yunmu had purchased the method to attack heaven frost point long ago, so without saying anything, he also followed the example and found a quiet place to sit down. He then began to attack the flux point.

After a few moments, he was astonished!

Only now did he understand the reason behind why the Origin God Sect considered the one hundred and eight tree leaves as the holy land for cultivating one hundred and eight flux points.

Once he sat down on the leaf of the ancestor tree, he discovered that his speed of absorbing flux energy far surpassed his imagination.