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481 Tree Climbing

Cultivators didn't need to pay any money for eating in restaurants or staying in a tavern because no one dared to offend them. After all, cultivators could kill them anytime they wanted.

However, the strange matter was that the people of this world found it completely reasonable. In their eyes, this was what was supposed to happen since it was cultivators' privilege.

Even if they kill someone's entire family, the common folk could only blame it on their bad luck. In short, it was a twisted viewpoint, which, given his experience, Li Yunmu naturally understood. There wasn't any need to give much explanation since it had been deliberately created by those who wielded power.

Why? Because this was an easy way to control the people.

Upon hearing about the imperial clan, Li Yunmu thought of something and asked, "Is the surname of your imperial clan Yuan?"

The shopkeeper immediately lowered his head, not daring to discuss it.

But the reaction confirmed Li Yunmu's guess as being correct. He then asked another thing. "Does you imperial clan have a princess named Yuan Biyao?"

The heads of the shopkeeper and the others lowered even more. They were about to kneel down in front of Li Yunmu.

"What a gall, how could you so casually investigate about princess Biyao?"

A person wearing the attire of a bailiff appointed by the emperor entered the restaurant. After hearing someone talk about the people of imperial clan unbridledly, his face turned ugly and he brought out his blade.

"Take a hike."

However, Li Yunmu's reaction speed was much quicker. He threw his chopsticks, and everyone could see a layer of energy covering them. They flew like arrows and sent the bailiff tumbling away.

"He's a cultivator," the people dining in the restaurant cried out in surprise.

The Origin God Town which was located at the foot of World Ancestor wasn't unfamiliar with cultivators. The reason they cried out in surprise was because of the special status of cultivators.

The bailiff, who was thrown away, didn't suffer many injuries. Li Yunmu wasn't a monster who would massacre people because of one sentence. As he thought that, he realized something which he had regularly experienced after descending.

Cultivators and ordinary people seemed to live in completely different worlds. Although they ran past each other all the time, there wasn't any meeting point between flux experts and common people.

Anyway, bailiff's anger allowed Li Yunmu to find out what he wanted. He finally knew the true identity of Yuan Biyao.

He also gained information about the Yuan Family and how important its name was in this world where tens of thousands of people resided.

"Settle the bill for me and lead me to your household registration office so that they can allot me a residence."

By the time the bailiff crawled back up, Li Yunmu had already walked out of the restaurant with his command echoed behind.

"Yes, my lord."

After that, Li Yunmu stayed in the town for two more days. Once he understood how his current world worked, he left the town to go to the Origin God Sect.

During the two days, his understanding of the imperial clan increased, and he understood what sort of power it possessed.

The influence of the imperial clan was far more formidable than that of any of the ancient dynasties of Earth which Li Yunmu knew.

He also understood why the Origin God Sect remained so low key in the Origin World despite being so formidable.

Apparently, they weren't an unparalleled existence within the Origin God World. There was another race which threatened their existence all the time.

Its people were known as insect devils. They were organisms which were strongly related to the strength of the Origin God Sect. They even had the strength to fight on par against it.

In the beginning, they had come from outside the Origin God World through the fruits of the ancestor tree. The rise and fall of the Origin God Sect were both related to World Ancestor. The trifling twig had bought enormous benefits, but in order to protect them, the world had been exhausted in fighting against the insect devils.

As for what sort of creatures were the insect devils, it required some extra research.

After making some discreet enquiries, Li Yunmu found that they were creatures born from the ancestor tree. They went through a long period of evolution before taking shape of various humanoid insect devils.

Their strength was quite unevenly distributed.

The most plentiful type was also the lowest class of insect devils. They had no intelligence and relied completely on their instincts. They were called ancestor insects by the people of the Origin God World.

Their numbers were really large, and they had a very fast reproduction rate.

The ordinary guards of the villages and towns of the Origin God World could battle against them with their cold weaponry.

The most formidable insect devils were those who had evolved into humanoid form. Not only did they possess the five senses, their intelligence wasn't one whit less lower than that of humans.

The individual strength of the most formidable insect devils was also no less than that of sage flux experts. Moreover, they were also many in number.

Thus, it was quite a strenuous task for the Origin God Sect to deal with them. This was also the reason why the cultivators received such a heroic treatment in the Origin God World.

After all, only they had the ability to protect the people.

In such a situation, ordinary people could only place their hopes on cultivators, which resulted in the entire Origin God World revering them with something akin to fanaticism.

With such ambient atmosphere toward the cultivators as well as the cultivation holylands in the form of the ancestor tree's leaves, it could be said that the number of flux experts, great flux experts, and even sage flux experts being produced in the Origin God Sect was even more terrifying than that of top notch first rate sects!

Although Li Yunmu didn't know about the strengths of top notch first rate powers, he was clear on the fact that the Origin God Sect was definitely more powerful than Underworld Serpent.

If the strength of the entire Origin God World was also counted, then the Origin God Sect could only be even stronger and not weaker.

When Li Yunmu arrived in front of World Ancestor, only then did he realize how terrifyingly large it actually was.

The Origin God World had only a twig of it, but when Li Yunmu arrived in front of the tree, he sensed the insignificance of humanity.

He stepped on the twig and began to climb upwards. Yet it didn't feel like that. Instead of feeling like he was climbing a twig, he felt as if he was climbing an unusually strong wooden wall. The thickness of the branch far surpassed his imagination.

It had the diameter of more than a hundred meters, so the person climbing would only see a wooden wall before themselves.

Li Yunmu kept climbing for a very long time while the system kept recording the data. After a very long time, he finally reached the point where his surroundings were filled with clouds.